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How To Bet NFL Opening Lines/Odds

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Betting On NFL Opening Lines

The NFL is often regarded as the most popular sport in the United States. With a growing fan base and popularity, the betting odds are becoming more attractive each year.

This leads to better odds and opening lines. The term opening line is referring to the very first line of odds available to the market.

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The NFL is often regarded as the most popular sport in the United States. With a growing fan base and popularity, the betting odds are becoming more attractive each year. 

This leads to better odds and opening lines. The term opening line is referring to the very first line of odds available to the market. 

Top Tips For Betting On NFL Opening Lines

The opening line is a good indicator of which team the market thinks is the favorite, as well as the point spread. These odds will change as the market heats up, but do not let this intimidate you. 

The following are tips to keep in mind when looking at the opening lines:

  1. Find a sportsbook 
  2. Selecting teams to bet
  3. Type of bets to consider
  4. Why opening lines change
  5. Bankroll 

Find A Sportsbook 

Your first step to finding out the odds is with your trusted sportsbook. If you do not have a sportsbook, then you cannot place bets. Search online for the best ones and see how they compare, their payouts, and reviews. 

Once you have the sportsbook you like, you will be able to search NFL teams and matchups. They will have opening lines for upcoming games that you will be able to bet on. 

Selecting Teams To Bet On

Choosing the NFL teams and their matchups to bet on is totally up to you. Based on the season schedule, you can find value in teams that you think would win versus teams that perform poorly. 

Once you have a team you would like to bet on, you have a few different betting options to choose from. I would recommend that you do not fully rely on one or two teams. The NFL is composed of many great professional athletes, and no one team is the absolute best, so keep that in mind. 

Types Of Bets To Consider

The two types of opening line bets that you want to pay attention to are the moneylines and the point spread. The moneyline is the most common betting lines you will see, as they have a plus or minus sign attached to the number. For example, let’s use a couple of teams:


By looking at the moneylines, we can see that the Patriots are favored to win at -140. This means that you have to bet $140 to win $100. If you bet on the Colts, every $100 would net you $140. 

We can also see that the Patriots are favored to win by a touchdown, by looking at the minus sign and number associated with it. These odds will change as the game gets closer to time to play since the market will be placing bets until then. 

Patriots -6
Colts +6

Why Opening Lines Change

Odds are always subject to changes, so it is important to keep an eye on them. Each sportsbook will try to have the best odds available based on what the market is telling them. 

Using the example above, if people heavily start to bet in one direction on a team, then the odds will have to be adjusted. 

The main goal of the sportsbook is to have equal amounts of money coming in on both sides. They do this strategically to make sure one side is not heavily favored over the other. If you can manage to get your money early on a team that you have a good feeling about, you have the opportunity to make use of the lines. 


With the advantage of reading the opening lines, you have the opportunity to place appealing bets. But let’s not get too carried away here. You want to make sure you have the funds first to pull off a potential winning bet. 

Always make sure you have the extra money set aside to place such bets. You never want to gamble your life away due to a “what if” or hot tip. 

Money should be used in your priorities first, such as home and food bills. Safe and responsible betting is your key to long term success. 

How To Bet On NFL Opening Lines FAQ

What are NFL betting odds over/under?

The NFL has a type of bet called over/under. This bet is a guess of whether or not the two teams will combine to score over a specific number or score less than a certain number.

For example, the Colts might be playing the Texans, and the two have an over/under number of 33.5. If you think the two teams will score 34 or more points combined, you choose the over. If you think they will combine for 33 points or fewer, you would go with the under.

Where can I find odds for the next Super Bowl?

Your sportsbook, if available, will have the option to accept futures bets. These bets are events out in the future that are not going to end for a while, but you can bet on them if they have the odds available. Once teams are narrowed down, it becomes easier to pick which team will win the Super Bowl.

How does an injured player change the odds?

Injuries happen in sports; you cannot avoid it. Depending on the type of injury and who it occurred to, it can ultimately change the odds.

If the quarterback is a Super Bowl MVP, has had one of the best seasons he has ever had and is on pace to set new records, then yes, his absence would greatly affect the game. There are other ones too that are not as obvious but still important, such as injuries to the defensive line or cornerbacks. Everyone has a role, so each person will be missed in some respect.

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