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What you need for betting on the WRC

Rally car racing is an expanding popular form of motor racing and competition. With the increased traffic to betting sites, the two go perfectly hand in hand. The World Rally Championship usually hosts 14 different three-day events, which gives many opportunities to anyone that wants to bet on the events.

Different factors come into play when you look at the overall picture for WRC betting. Having a good knowledge of the sport is not completely required, but it helps tremendously in the shift to getting a good betting strategy down. The five most popular betting tips are:

  1. Best sportsbook 
  2. Select the race and racetrack 
  3. Select driver and betting type 
  4. Reading the odds 
  5. Checking out your bankroll 

Best Sportsbook 

Once you are familiar with the sport and want to bet on it, you have to find the right sportsbook. Doing so is as easy as doing an online search. 

By looking up the best sportsbooks for WRC, you will see you have some options. Select a few that catch your attention, whether it be the welcoming bonus, free bets, or best payouts. Once you have found the one you like, then you will be able to make your money work for you. 

Select The Race and Racetrack 

As mentioned above, the WRC has 14 different three-day events in a year. All of these events are scattered throughout the world, so each track is going to be different. With this in mind, you need to do some research on the race and the track of the event. 

The odds will vary from driver to driver, but the track itself and the location will greatly enhance the difficulty. Also, the tracks are composed of different surfaces and materials. So each event will be in different conditions like ice and gravel. 

Select Driver And Betting Type

Once you have selected a race to bet on, you need to pick a driver. To narrow it down, look up the past performance of drivers within a particular track. Some tend to repeat at events, especially favorable condition ones. 

Fastest lap, as the name implies, is the driver that completes the fastest. The driver that completes the fastest lap is not always the driver that wins the event, so that is something to keep in mind. 

Reading The Odds 

Odds can be read in a few different ways. For US sports bettors, they will typically be in moneyline forms. So, you will see whether a plus sign or minus. 

A moneyline of +145, for example, is a bet of $100 turning into a gain of $145. A moneyline of +200 is the same scenario, as a $100 bet would win you $200 if the driver or bet you place wins. 

If you happen to see something like -125, then you would have to bet $125 to get a $100 return. Minus signs are considered the favorites or most likely to win. 

Checking Out Your Bankroll

As with any gambling method or strategy, there is one final thing you must do. You have to understand how your finances are, and if it is plausible enough for you to put money into something that you do not mind losing. 

With this in mind, take some time to write down a budget for your income and expenses. Then, see if you have the extra cash to be able to spend, and you will be good to go. Nothing is worse than playing with money you need, and losing it all because you did not take the precautions necessary. 

How To Bet On WRC FAQ

How do I find the WRC betting odds?
To locate the odds for a certain event, you can simply find it on the sportsbook you have chosen or an online search. However, the sportsbook you choose may have slightly different odds based on the market fluctuations of bets. The odds will also differ in the event you plan to bet on. Whether it is a prop, fastest lap, or even outright winner, it is important to check various sportsbooks to get the best odds.
How do the racing points work?
A bet on the driver for a season is an outright bet on which one will win the drivers’ World Rally Championship. Whichever driver accumulates the most points throughout the racing season will win the title. Points are allocated to the top 10 drivers who finish the race. Each point earned is very important, so you can see how the competition heats up quite often.
I have a hot tip, and I want to bet. What should I do?
The first thing you have to realize is, where did the information come from? And second, whose money is at play here? By doing the proper research and breaking down each driver or race, you can be confident going into your bet. If it is your money at play here, then I would do the necessary steps to make sure the betting tip is legit.
Can I bet on the event live?
This has been a popular question among sports betting. For this one, you would have to check with your sportsbook. Most sportsbooks are now offering live betting, so if your sportsbook does not have it, then it could be offered in the future. If not, you can shop around and find a sportsbook that fits your betting needs.