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Tyler Vaysman

Tyler Vaysman

Tyler has a true passion for sports, DFS & sports betting in particular. Combine his love for sports with his journalistic background and you have a great guy to cover the latest industry news. He also enjoys disc golf, fishing and traveling in his free time.

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Top Events

Sporting Events Update The rise and fall of COVID-19 feels like it has been going on forever. Some states report that numbers are down while others are gaining newer cases each day.  For the sports […]

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Motor Racing 🏎 – Revving up Motor racing is a term used worldwide to describe competitive racing with the use of motorized vehicles. There are many forms of motor racing using vehicles such as cars, […]

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Understanding Lay Betting

Lay betting is another one of those betting terms that sounds somewhat funny. The meaning of lay betting is merely placing a bet that you think will not happen.  Lay betting, which is what a […]

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How To Bet On The New York Red Bulls

Top Tips For Betting On New York Red Bulls  When betting on sporting events or teams like the New York Red Bulls, you will want to have a strategy. Taking everything you can learn and […]

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How To Bet On NJ Devils

Top Tips For New Jersey Devils Betting When creating a strategy for betting on anything, you need to do the proper research and investment of time to make one that best fits your betting style. […]

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How To Play Video Poker

Jacks or Better Jacks or Better is the most common video poker game and, consequently, the most popular. This game plays exactly like the outline above, but those qualifying hands we mentioned need to include […]

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Arbitrage Betting

In sports betting, you will have a large selection of strategies and styles. One such method is arbitrage betting.  Sometimes referred to as arbing, surebets, arbs, and even miraclebets, there are plenty of names to […]

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