Paroli Betting System: How The Paroli Betting System Works

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The Paroli Betting System

The Paroli betting system is a positive progression betting system that can be used for casino games and sports. Being that it is a positive system, it means that after every win, you increase your next wager. 

It is often referred to as an “Anti-Martingale,” as rather than double your bet after a loss, you double your bet after a win.

This particular progressive system is one that is used on even money bets. These include such as even odds on sports games and betting red or black or odd or even in roulette. It can be used in several casino games, and one of the main reasons gamblers use the Paroli gambling system is that it can limit losses.

Another reason that this is popular is that it is simple to learn. This system is used to maximize the potential for making a profit by having smaller win streaks of doubling the initial wager three times.

When the system works, it can get up to seven times the initial base bet for a nice profit.

Taking out numbers, units, after a lost bet keeps you from losing more than the total of your first series of units. Rather than having a base series for the profit, you have a loss limit in place, which will determine the units used.

Decreasing your wager to your initial bet after three straight wins can make it, so your profit is less for longer winning streaks, but it still gives you a solid profit if your fourth bet using the Paroli wagering system is a losing one. If you win three bets in a row and then take a loss, you still have a profit of six times your initial bet.

How The Paroli Betting System Works

First BetSecond BetThird BetNet Result
-1 Loss-1 Loss-1 Loss-3
-1 Loss-1 Loss+1 Win*-1
-1 Loss+1 Win-2 Loss-2
-1 Loss+1 Win+2 Win*+2
+1 Win-2 Loss-1 Loss-2
+1 Win-2 Loss +1 Win*+/- 0
+1 Win+2 Win-4 Loss-1
+1 Win+2 Win +4Win+7
Table of Outcome for Paroli Betting System
*Progression to continue

Being that the Paroli system is a positive progression system when betting, you will increase your bet after you win the previous one and then decrease it after a loss. The Paroli system has you reset the bet after three wins in a row.

Here are the steps for the simple Paroli progressive betting system: 

  1. Pick a base unit wager and bet that on an even wager. 
  2. If you win the bet, double the next bet. 
  3. If you lose the bet, bet the base amount again and do that as well after three straight wins. 
  4. Many experts that use the Paroli wagering system recommend that the initial bet should be 5% or less of your total bankroll. 

Example of the Paroli System

Here is an example using the Paroli progressive betting system for playing roulette, making even bets with black or red. Again the Paroli progressive system should be used on even bets. While the payouts are less for them, it gives you the best odds to come out with a profit using the system.

  • You decide that the base bet is $5. 
  • You bet $5 on red, and the wheel hits on black, so you have a $5 loss. 
  • Now, you bet $5 again, and you hit on red, so you have broken even. 
  • You bet $10, doubling your previous bet after a win. It hits red again, so you have a profit of $10. 
  • You bet $20, doubling your bet after a win. It hits red again, so you have a profit of $30. 
  • The previous win was your third in a row, so you start over, using the base bet of $5. 
  • You bet $5, and your luck runs out hitting on black. You decide to walk away with a $25 profit, which is not bad being 5x your initial base bet.

Paroli System in Roulette


This is an example of how the Paroli wagering system works with a winning streak of three, even factoring in two losses. The risk of doubling your bet in the Paroli system is that it could wipe out previous winnings, which is why three-win streaks are key in the system and why to reset the bet to the initial base bet when that happens to ensure a profit.

Advantages of the Paroli System

One of the advantages of this positive progression system is that it is very simple to use, as there is no sequence of numbers to bet, and you do not need a cheat sheet or to memorize a more complex system. There is a small risk when it comes to hitting the limits of the table, for casino games, and losing a significant amount of money.

The main advantage of the Paroli System is that it maximizes the potential for profit when you have a winning streak of three.

Disadvantages of the Paroli System

The main disadvantage of the Paroli System is that it will not work, and you will lose money with long losing streaks. The Paroli progressive wagering system is based on win streaks of three, so if you are not getting that consistently, you will not win money.

For longer sessions, the simple system can get boring, but if you stick to it and your luck turns with a few winning streaks of three, you can turn a nice profit.

Sports Betting Paroli Betting System

Sports Betting Paroli System is possible, but, again, the games have to have even odds. If the odds are not even, it skews the system, and the profits and losses are different since the bets are not even.

For example, if you hit a three-game win streak betting on favorites, the payout will not be as good, and if you hit a loss before getting to three, you wipe out previous winnings.

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History of the Paroli System

Like many casino games and betting systems, the origins of the Paroli System are not fully known. However, many believe that Blaise Pascal came up with the system, and he is also the person that created the roulette wheel.

The word Paroli has French origins. However, there are also gambling experts that believe the Paroli betting system dates back further to the 16th century.

Paroli Betting System FAQ

Is the Paroli betting system a good one for beginners?
The Paroli betting system can be a good wagering system for beginners since it is easy to understand and can minimize the risk of losing big. However, if you are a beginner and plan to use this simple system, it is a good idea to play for lower stakes.
Can I keep doubling my bet even after three straight wins?
You can continue to double your bet after three straight wins, but that is going against the rules of the Paroli system. You can keep gaining sizeable profits if you continue to double after three straight wins, but it also increases the chances of a nice profit with a single loss.
Is the Paroli progressive betting system the best one out there?
That is entirely up to you. It can work and is simple to use, but there are many other betting systems out there that can work. It is more of a low-risk betting system, and there are higher risk ones that offer a better chance at a significant profit.
If the Paroli betting system is a positive progressive betting system, what is a negative progression system?
With a positive progression betting system, you increase your bet after a win. Therefore, a negative progression system is increasing your bet after a loss.For example, the Paroli system says to double your bet after a win, but in the negative progression Martingale, it says to double your bet after a loss. A positive progressive system is a lower risk system, while a negative progressive system is a higher risk one.