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The entertainment industry, also referred to as Show Business or simply Showbiz is one of the biggest in the world. When a person thinks of show business, the first thing that typically comes to mind is Hollywood. That isn't particularly surprising, since the majority of award-winning films and shows are created in Hollywood.

We've all heard stories about aspiring actors and actresses who have moved to California in the hope of being discovered. However, there's more to the entertainment industry than Hollywood movies. Television shows and computer games attract huge audiences, and the music industry is a massive one in its own right.

For that reason, actors and actresses aren't the only people who win entertainment awards. Awards also go to directors, writers, producers, musicians, CGI engineers, and more.

Whilst award ceremonies aren't the be-all and end-all of the entertainment industry, they are the events that tend to attract the most interest from bettors. And it's hard to deny that watching the Golden Globes is a lot more interesting when you have a wager in play!

Entertainment Rules & Gameplay

Entertainment isn't a sport, so it doesn't have rules in the same way that football or basketball does. Having said that, if you want to bet on awards, there are different procedures and protocols that you should be aware of.

For the Oscars, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences votes on the recipients for all the awards. This group comprises over 7,000 film professionals divided into 17 different branches for actors, directors, editors, and so on. 

Most Academy members must be invited to the association, but there is also an application process. People who join through the application are in the minority. The 17 branches vote for all the award nominees in their respective categories. 

Everyone in the Academy votes on the 'Best Picture' category. The final nominees here are determined by a 'magic number' based on the first-place recipient in a specific category. When a selection of the final nominees is complete, a ballot is distributed with all the awards.

Everyone in the Academy also gets to vote on every award on the final ballot. The branch of an Academy member doesn't matter in this final stage of voting. After the final votes have been counted, the Oscar winners are announced at the Academy Awards show. 

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association chooses the Golden Globe winners. This award show includes film and television shows. 

The Emmy Awards are the television version of the Oscars. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences chooses the Emmy recipients. The critical thing to note about the Emmy Awards is that Academy members can only vote within their discipline. An actor cannot vote for the best drama writer. 

About TV and Movie Production

TV and movie production is a complicated business. The amount of effort it takes to put a movie, documentary, or television show together is immense. There are several stages of production for any movie or television series. 

The Development stage involves the planning of the project. Writers create the script, and often the director works alongside them to develop a concrete product. Adequate financing of the project is also set up at the development stage.

After Development comes to Pre-Production. This is the stage in which the project cast and budget are determined. A production manager will also be hired to develop the film schedule. Filming locations are also locked in during this stage. 

Production comes next, and the actual film or TV show is made. Film makers must work hard to stick to the budget as well as the schedule developed previously.

After shooting, the project goes into post-production. This is where the film is edited, music and effects are added, and so on.

Finally, there is a promotion (which probably began several stages earlier) and distribution. At this point, everyone involved hopes that their hard work results in good profits and equally good reviews.

As you can imagine, teamwork is essential in the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Strategy & Tactics 

One of the keys to a successful career in the entertainment industry is the ability to deal with failure. At the awards shows, most recipients discuss the adversity they overcame to get into their careers. 

It's very tough to make it in show business. Many people put their normal lives on hold in the hope of getting noticed. To be a successful player in this industry, an aspiring star must love the process as much as any potential rewards. 

Attending auditions and facing rejection until success is achieved isn't easy. Each person in showbiz has to stay motivated to keep waking up and pursuing their dreams. The most successful in this business are relentless, and they never give up. 

Academy Award nominee Liam Neeson demonstrated this concept perfectly. He said: "If I get rejected for a part, I pick myself up and say 'OK not today, maybe tomorrow I'll get this other part or something.'"

This is a critical strategy for individuals trying to pursue a career in showbiz. Filmmakers and directors also utilize techniques to produce an excellent product in show business. Directors always should make a movie that they are passionate about to deliver a stellar product.

In order to make a great movie, directors need a fantastic cast that can act out their vision for the film. This will often require a vigorous selection process. Over preparation is a crucial tactic for directors as well in the filmmaking business. Filmmakers visualize every possible aspect of a film before shooting. 

If the extra shots are not utilized, that is okay as long as there are no regrets at the end of the filming. All actors and actresses have their strategy to make it in show business, but these are common tactics known throughout the industry. 

History of Entertainment

The history of the entertainment industry is extensive. There are different genres of show business and each has its own origins. Stage plays were being performed long before the film was developed. They are still very popular and working in the theatre is a highly respected profession.

Film history began in Paris, France, when the Lumière brothers developed and premiered ten short films. That was the birth of cinematography. Filmmaking has developed extensively developed since 1895 when those films premiered.

There were multiple stylistic eras in the filmmaking business, but production companies began to develop soon after the Lumière brothers debuted their movies. Special effects started in film in the late 1890s, and movies reached an hour in length by the early 1900s because of technological improvements. 

Television show business began to enter the world in the 1950s. The one development in show business that changed the world forever was the widespread availability of the internet. This technological advancement allowed people to enjoy multiple sources of media from outside of the movie theatres. 

There is not a show business hall of fame. However, multiple showbiz museums around the world showcase the best products in the history of the industry. There are many award-winning plays, shows, and films that will always be etched in our memories. Longevity is also a type of 'hall of fame' in its own right, with some of the best films and shows also being among the most popular. 

The Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, and the Emmy Awards are three honorable awards shows that take place in the United States. 

Distinctive Elements of Showbiz

The showbiz industry has an extensive list of distinctive elements. If you need evidence for this, just take a look at the list of awards given for films and television shows. Showbiz products tell a story, so the plot separates shows. Some are comedies. Some are romances. Other popular genres include drama, horror, and documentaries.

Showbiz is an umbrella term that encompasses a lot of different genres of filmmaking and television shows. Actors and actresses also differentiate the genres in filmmaking. Will Ferrell, for example, specializes in comedy films. Other actors showcase their ability in a variety of genres, like Chris Pratt. 

A significant distinctive element of showbiz takes place with editing. Editing identifies movie genre and tone. For that reason, editing also wins awards, which shows the value of this development process in the filmmaking progression.

For sci-fi and horror movies, special effects are critical for a superior product. The best special effects editors are highly sought after, and award winners are even more so!

Showbiz Statistics 

The primary statistics that the show business industry utilizes revolve around money. Here is a list of showbiz statistics:

  • Length: Duration of the performance.
  • Film Budget: This includes actors, workers, sets, etc.
  • Box Office Revenue: How much money the film made in theatres.
  • Award Nominations.
  • Awards Received.

Popularity and Cultural Impact of Showbiz

Showbiz will always transcend time because of its vast reach. Everyone consumes media in some type of way, so showbiz is very popular. With the addition of streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney +, people can watch movies and shows from their mobile devices. 

Television shows and movies are a significant societal aspect in the United States and around the world. Showbiz is a universal language that has given people an escape from real life through the screen. Showbiz will continue to evolve, but it will never go away in the world. 

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