NCAA Football Betting Lines – Current NCAAF Odds and How to Use Them for Winning Bets

NCAAF Live Odds

Understanding NCAA Football Betting Lines and Odds: Introduction

Learn how to use the NCAA football betting lines and odds in your favor via the complete guide created by How To Bet’s experts

Looking at NCAA football betting lines can be challenging, especially if you are new to sports betting. The matter of fact is that NCAAF odds can vary greatly depending on what you are wagering on. Here’s where How To Bet experts come to help you out with our detailed guide on how to read NCAAF betting lines.

You will get a deep understanding of odds in the main markets, like moneylines, point spreads, totals, and many more. There will also be laid on a plate some of the best values around in the futures market, like the college football championship odds and College Football Coach of The Year odds. A list of all the top online sportsbooks for NCAA football betting lines will be provided as well with their most appealing bonus & promo offers. The option of following the NCAAF line movement is another highlight in this guide thanks to our special NCAAF Live Odds widget.

Let’s not waste more of your precious time – winning your college football bets at maximum value has never been closer!

Where to Find the Best NCAA Football Betting Lines & Odds Online

NCAA Football Future Odds

Learn how to use in your favor the NCAA Football Future odds like college football championship odds for example

Betting on NCAA Future odds football wise involves making a prediction about an event that is due to take place at some point beyond the next game.

For example, you might be offered college football championship odds or college football playoff betting odds early in the season or even before it’s started. There are also individual future betting markets, like College Football Coach of The Year odds. 

Keep in mind that these markets are more volatile than many others because the NCAAF betting odds will naturally change as the season progresses. Factors like injuries, suspensions, coach and roster changes could affect any team and player in a long and exhausting campaign. Oddsmakers follow all these kinds of events and adjust their future NCAA football betting lines and odds over the course of the season.

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular markets involving NCAAF Futures.

College Football Championship Odds

Betting on college football championship odds is one of the most popular NCAA futures. Succeeding with NCAAF Playoff odds always requires a lot of analysis, planning, strategic thinking, and of course luck. There will always be favorites, contenders, and underdogs, but in a long and grueling season anything can happen to turn a team’s destiny upside down. That’s why wagering on odds to win the NCAA football championship 2022-23 is a risky business where you shouldn’t invest a major part of your budget.

Naturally, we have the clear favorites to win the title: Alabama Crimson Tide leads the list, followed by Georgia Bulldogs and Ohio State Buckeyes. Clemson Tigers’ chances are also rated highly among all sportsbooks. We at How To Bet have prepared a useful table for every NCAAF bettor with the best current college football championship odds 2022-23. Bookmark this page and come back to check regularly because we update it constantly.

TeamBest odds*Sportsbook(s) offering them
Alabama Crimson Tide+220Bet365
Georgia Bulldogs+400Unibet, SugarHouse
Ohio State Buckeyes+600Bet365
Clemson Tigers+1200DraftKings, PointsBet, Bet365, Unibet, SugarHouse, FOX Bet
Texas A&M Aggies+3000FanDuel
Oklahoma Sooners+3300Unibet, SugarHouse
USC Trojans+3300FOX Bet
Michigan Wolverines+5000Unibet, SugarHouse
Miami Florida Hurricanes+8000FanDuel, PointsBet, Unibet, SugarHouse
Notre Dame Fighting Irish+8000FanDuel
Oregon Ducks+8000FanDuel
Penn State Nittany Lions+8000FanDuel
Utah Utes+8000FanDuel
Wisconsin Badgers+9000PointsBet
Florida Gators+10 000FanDuel
LSU Tigers+10 000FanDuel
Oklahoma State Cowboys+10 000FanDuel
Ole Miss Rebels+10 000Unibet, SugarHouse
Texas Longhorns+10 000FanDuel
Arkansas Razorbacks+15 000FanDuel
Baylor Bears+15 000FanDuel
Kentucky Wildcats+15 000FanDuel, PointsBet
Michigan State Spartans+15 000FanDuel, Unibet, SugarHouse
Tennessee Volunteers+15 000Unibet, SugarHouse

* These best college football championship odds 2022-23 were last updated on June 9, 2022.

College Football Coach of The Year Odds

Wagering on College Football Coach of The Year odds may not be as popular as betting on odds to win the NCAA football championship 2022-23, but it still remains one of the most interesting markets. When you decide to place a wager, try to envisage how the season will unfold, which team will win the championship, which will surprisingly engage in a deep playoff run, and which underdog will go unexpectedly far. Coaches of such teams are always the frontrunners for this prestigious annual award so you should pick a name among those projected to deliver.

Here are some current College Football Coach of The Year odds to give you some idea of this market.

Brandon Staley+1400
Brian Daboll+1400
Doug Pederson+1600
Kyle Shanahan+1600
Mike McDaniel+1600
Kevin O'Connell+1600
Nathaniel Hackett+1600
Nick Sirianni+1800
Josh McDaniels+1800
Frank Reich+2000
Kevin Stefanski+2200
Dan Campbell+2200
Bill Belichick+2200
John Harbaugh+2500
Matt Lafleur+2500
Sean McVay+2500
Mike Vrabel+2500
Zac Taylor+2500
Todd Bowles+2500
Robert Saleh+2800
Dennis Allen+2800
Kliff Kingsbury+2800
Sean McDermott+2800
Ron Rivera+2800
Mike Tomlin+3300
Andy Reid+3300
Matt Eberflus+4000
Matt Rhule+4000
Mike McCarthy+4000
Arthur Smith+5000
Pete Carroll+5000
Lovie Smith+5000

* These College Football Coach of The Year odds are provided by Bet365 and were last updated on June 9, 2022.

NCAA Football Money Lines

Learn how to use the NCAA football betting lines and odds for moneylines in your favor

We will start this off with the most common bet out there: the moneyline. Here you simply wager on a team that you think will win between the two. If you can read these odds, then you have the basis to read just about any of them. 

For example, let us look at some NCAA football money lines odds for a matchup between these two teams:

Ohio State-210

Ohio State is the favorite because the team is marked with a minus sign. To read this, it says that a $210 wager would net you $100 if they win. 

For Alabama, they are considered the underdogs because they have a plus sign. So this is saying that a $100 wager would net you $170 if they happen to win. 

NCAA College Football Lines for Spread Betting

Spread betting is another great option, especially for football. This type of NCAAF betting lines revolve around the potential score of each team, but only how much they win or lose by.

Using the example from above, let us use some numbers for those teams:

Ohio State-6.5 (-110)
Alabama+6.5 (-110)

We already know that Ohio State is the favorite and that Alabama is the underdog. However, to read this, it is slightly different from a moneyline. 

A wager on Ohio State for the spread bet means they must win the game by seven or more points. So the negative 110 next to it means a $110 wager would net you $100. 

A bet on Alabama means that they must win the game or lose by no more than 6 points. For the moneyline, they have to win.

The reason for the 0.5 is so that the bet does not tie or become a "push". If it did, the money would be returned to you. 

NCAAF Betting Lines on Totals

The totals bet is another great option that is similar to the point spread NCAA football betting odds. This one is based on the total score of the game, regardless of who wins

Depending on the teams at play, this number will change based on the market outlook. For example, let us use the number 48.5 for a totals bet, or sometimes called the over/under. 

If Oregon and Texas are playing each other, you do not need to worry a ton about who will win if you are doing the totals wager. For this type of college football betting, you will need to research on the offensive and defensive statistics of these teams, primarily. 

If the ending of the game is Oregon 28 and Texas 14, you would have lost your bet if you had chosen Over, because the total points only reached 42. However, if the total score was 49 or more, then you would have won. 

NCAAF Odds for Prop Bets 

Learn how to use the NCAAF odds and betting lines for prop bets in your favor

When you go hunting for NCAA football odds this week, you won’t find more fun bets overall than the props. Propositional bets let you focus on individual players, outcomes, or even things that have nothing to do with the game

This type of wagers could be for how many yards a running back will run. They could even be as simple as who will score first. One that is not related to the game result would be what color is the Gatorade that will be dumped on the winning coach.

NCAA Football Betting Odds on Parlay Bets

Parlay bets need to be approached with caution because they are one of the more difficult wagers to get right. Knowing how to read betting odds may be quite simple with markets such as the moneylines, but it becomes more complicated once you add more details to it. 

Parlays are a combination of different wagers in one betting slip. This could be three moneyline bets on one slip or a combo of two moneyline bets, a spread, and an over/under for instance. Another option, provided by some sportsbooks, is the Same Game Parlay where you can do the same but with bets from one single matchup.

Parlays pay out great, but you must win every single bet on that ticket to get paid. If even one of the wagers loses on that ticket, you win nothing, so this is why it appears to be the most difficult. 

College Football Opening Lines and Line Movement

See how to use the college football opening lines and college football line movement in your favor

Understanding the college football line movement is an important skill for any NCAA bettor in the country. The ability to know when is the exactly right moment to place a wager with your online sportsbook(s) may make all the difference in terms of your payout. And, at the end of the day, getting paid at max value for winning your sports bets is the main goal for each and every bettor.

The college football opening lines for games can be found in our special odds widget on this page when the online sportsbooks publish them. Then, with every change provided by the sports betting operators, the new adjusted odds appear in the widget. This way, the college football line movement is 100% reflected and you can see what direction a specific bet is taking, influenced by public betting or significant team news like major injuries of key players.

If you are losing significant value from missing the NCAAF opening lines, check out the best current odds which are marked in black color in the widget. Sometimes the most successful policy is to wait for the closing line to receive an even bigger payout.

Bookmark our NCAA football betting lines page to get the latest and best odds from all major US online sportsbooks through the regular season and playoffs.

NCAA Football Odds This Week

Where to Find the Best NCAA Football Betting Lines & Odds Online

NCAA Football Betting Lines and Odds FAQ

Why do the NCAAF odds change?
Odds are always subject to changes, so keep that in mind. An NCAA football line may be adjusted due to a variety of factors, such as how many bets are placed on a team, a change in a lineup, a big injury, or even just both sides being adjusted because there are a lot of people betting one way.
What are good NCAA football odds?
This ultimately depends on what you are betting on. The first thing you should do is your research on both teams at play and come up with as much information as you can. This way, you can make an educated wager or at least see if the money is worth putting down on it.
Is the moneyline the best bet to make among NCAA football lines?
The moneyline is one of the easier bets to understand among NCAAF lines, so that is why people like to bet on it. However, everyone is going to have a different comfort level when determining what the best bet is.
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