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There is nothing out there like the NHL. The fast-paced action, brutal contact, and lightning-quick reflexes are experienced in a lot of sports today. 

However, try doing that on ice and keep your balance as you slam a puck into a goal. The professional athletes that make good money playing this game deserve some respect in that regard. 

Since most people cannot play hockey or even have access to ice, it would be easier if there was another way to get in on the action. Luckily, there are NHL betting systems to help out with that.

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NHL Betting Systems

Best NHL Betting Systems

This list of NHL betting systems is not one trick that does it all for betting on hockey games. It would be great if you could mix and match some of these systems to make your bets better. 

The best systems will vary for each person. The most popular betting systems for NHL are value bets, back-to-back games, and matchups with the lineup. 

Value Betting System 

This strategy involves looking at two NHL teams and finding that one of them has odds higher than it should be. This could be a market fluctuation, or people are generally betting too much or too little on one team. 

The other side of this is finding out that the underdog is not really an underdog. If you can research the opposing team that is not favored to win and see that they have an excellent chance, this is a great way to prolong your success with value betting. 

Back-To-Back Games NHL Betting System 

There are a lot of games that go on in an NHL season. There are even more of those games where teams have to travel long distances in a span of several days. 

Playing hockey is draining on the body, especially at a high level. So you have to factor in fatigue when thinking about betting on a team that has just played its second or third game in a row within days or even one day apart. 

This is a good theory and a good mindset to have here. However, just because a team might appear fatigued does not mean that they are going to lose. By looking up other stats on how a team performs on the road can also benefit this strategy. 

Team Matchups Betting System

This NHL betting system is simply looking at the moneyline. In other words, how do the teams stack up on paper?

Finding teams that have horrendous records playing against the best team in the league points to a very easy bet. This still needs to be researched beforehand to make sure the bet makes sense, but you get the picture. 

Other scenarios are a team that ranks in the lower five on defense is playing against one of the best offensive teams in the league. Matchups like these are a sports bettors dream and are fun to watch a good scoring game.

NHL Betting Systems FAQs

How do I read a moneyline bet in hockey?

Let us look at this example below to read the moneyline:

  • Bruins -200
  • Red Wings +185

The Bruins are the favorite, as indicated by the minus sign. You will have to wager $200 to net a $100 return if they win the game. 

On the other side, the Red Wings are the underdog due to the plus sign. A $100 wager will net you $185 return if they happen to win the game.

How much money should I bet?

Each person’s money situation is going to be different, and the betting system of choice will vary. It all depends on your own comfort level in placing bets. 

If you enjoy NHL betting and have some extra cash that you want to use, then a $50 or $100 a bet makes sense. If you are confident in what you are doing, you can bump this up more. 

It is very important that you keep an eye on your bankroll. Managing your money is one of the best things you can do when betting on sports.

How can I find up-to-date stats on teams?

You can try looking this up using a search engine or by checking out the NHL’s website. Some blogs online might be dedicated fans to certain teams and update their stats regularly. You can use important stats such as team defenses, scoring leaders, and team rankings, to help your betting system.

If you find a stat, you need to fact check it to make sure that it is reliable. Sometimes stats can be entered wrong, or names get mixed up.

Are there other interesting things that can change a game?

In addition to the betting systems above, you need to keep an open mind to other scenarios of things that can change the outcome of a game. These can include injuries, illnesses, recent trades, team chemistry, and even coaching changes.

If a team can not perform their best, then you need to know why. If a team is at a disadvantage, then you need to know by how much. These can make underdogs look more attractive than they do on paper.

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