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How to bet on FIFA

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Learning How To Bet On FIFA

If you are familiar with esports, you should recognize the name FIFA. This is, of course, referring to the EA Sports FIFA soccer simulator (also referred to as football betting outside the United States). The game first released back in 1993, with a release every year since then, and it has evolved to the popularity it is now.

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Top Five Tips For Betting On FIFA

FIFA's popularity has risen since the games feature licensed teams and leagues from around the world. Players have the ability to choose from legendary teams, players, and participate in events like the World Cup.

To create the best possible strategy for betting, you are going to need some tips to guide you in the right direction. The following are the five best tips for FIFA betting:

  1. Finding a sportsbook 
  2. Types of bets
  3. Reading the odds
  4. Specific tips
  5. Knowing your cash flow 

Finding A Sportsbook 

To start your betting process, you need to find a sportsbook that will allow you to bet on FIFA. It is as simple as choosing your preferred betting site that has the option of FIFA. So, you would register an account, deposit some money, and then start placing your bets.

To keep your search time for a sportsbook to a minimum, there are a few things you want to look for, such as:

  • A welcome bonus that is attractive 
  • Variety in payment methods for safe transactions 
  • A clearly certified and safe website 
  • Look up overall reviews of the site

In addition to further research, once you have found a sportsbook you like, you should compare it to others that you find too. Once you have found one you are confident with, you need to check just a few more options such as:

  • Wide range in soccer betting odds and markets
  • Live betting capabilities 
  • Reward system and ongoing promotions to add to your cash flow

Types Of Bets

There will be options for the types of bets you can place. You should be able to find one or many that you like. The types of bets offered are:


This bet is the most common type of bet for any sports. The money line bets are wagers placed on a result of a single matchup between two teams. The odds presented in these matchups will reflect what the market thinks of the strength of the individual player. 

For example, a moneyline bet would be a bet that says that Player A (-130) will beat Player B (+110).

The minus sign is considered the favorite, while the plus sign is the underdog. 

Outright Bet

You may also see this referred to as "futures market" bets. These bets do not focus on a single head to head event, but rather the overall outcome of the tournament. These bets can be placed on a team, region, or even a bet picking which two players will reach the final.

Accumulator Bets

You could see this referred to as "combo bets." These bets are multiple individual bets that when you win, you will have your odds multiplied together for a nice large overall payout. 

For example, say you place two $5 bets on players during the group stage of the tournament.

  • First bet: With odds 1/2, stating that Player A will beat Player B
  • Second bet: With odds 2/5, stating that Player C will lose to Player D

If both bets are winning bets, then your total profit would be $5 x (1/2 + 1) x (2/5 + 1) = $10.50

Special Bets

More of a special scenario-type bet, these bets are being placed on specific events that will happen within the game rather than on something as winning or losing. 

For example, say you place a bet on whether Player A will score four goals. Regardless of what the ending result of the match is, you win your bet if the player scores four goals. 

In-play Betting

Also referred to as "live betting," these bets are ones that are placed only once a game has begun. Since they have some similarities to special bets, in-play wagers focus on specific events within the game. An example of this would be something like Player A blocks two goals in a match.

Reading The Odds

Being able to understand the odds is something you need to know. This is crucial to making money on FIFA betting. 

The odds are calculated by sportsbooks that will take into account various factors. Those factors would be the player's performance, their past results, historical averages, and how they compared against the same opponent and so much more.

The most common form of odds you will see in FIFA betting will be fractional odds. They will look something like this: 

The odds of Player A winning over Player B is 1/4. This means that for every four matches played, that particular player will win one time. 

The odds of the bet will determine how much that bet will pay out, and it is used to calculate your potential winnings. To put this in perspective, let us look at the following steps:

  • Odds of 4/1: For every $1 bet, you will be paid four dollars for a win (the favorite odds)
  • Odds of 1/9: For every $9 bet, you will be paid one dollar for a win (these are unfavorable odds)

Specific Tips

To further enhance your overall betting experience, you need to do more in-depth research to at least have an understanding of what to look for. Some examples of things to look for are:

  • Know the game and the players involved that you are betting on
  • Specialize more often if possible - select a group or region to place your bets on and find the best-educated bet you can.
  • Avoid any biases - do not go off a gut feeling or place too many bets too soon. Avoid trying to bet on your favorite or disliked player if you cannot place an educated bet versus how you feel about them.
  • Look for other betting opportunities - smaller events with some unknown players can offer the best payouts since they will be considered underdogs. 
  • Try to notice a player's form - players will not always play at their best. If you follow them enough, you can pick up a weakness for your betting information. 

Knowing Your Cash Flow

Finally, one of the best tips for successful FIFA betting is understanding your cash flow situation. Whether you are winning or losing money, you need to set up rules for yourself or guidelines to follow. 

You never want to bet too much too soon, because even if you win big odds are you will lose big at some point. You need to also decide if the money you are using is extra cash you have or something that needs to go to bills. 

One last thought for your cash flow is when to walk away. If you find yourself losing too much, step away from the game for a day or two. If you start winning a lot, pace yourself to get a feel for yourself. 

How To Bet On FIFA FAQ

What types of bonuses do sportsbooks offer?

When joining a sportsbook, you should have the opportunity to receive a welcome bonus or some kind of incentive for choosing their site. Some bonuses or incentives you might encounter are:

Welcome Bonus: Getting a little something extra when you sign up to a sportsbook is now an expectation since just about every one of them does it. Remember to shop around and see what bonuses apply to you.

Enhanced Odds: Increases in prices for soccer betting are pretty common. These could be when you win a match, competition, or tournament outright. Look for these enhanced odds to be featured on the sportsbook, since they will be trying to get people to play. These offers are usually open to both new and existing customers.

VIP Club: Check to see if your sportsbook has a special club or group for the elite users. This might have to have a requirement such as deposit amounts or play a certain number of games. Being in a VIP club could get you more promotions upfront or exclusive ones that are not available to everyone.

Can I bet on FIFA on my phone?

There are multiple ways you can bet on FIFA. Depending on your sportsbook, you could be able to download an app version and be able to play on compatible devices. This way, you can bet on FIFA from anywhere on the go.

What kind of leagues are there?

At the moment, there are a few major leagues you want to be aware of. First, you have the Global Series, and then you have those leagues such as the ePremier League and the eMLS League. There are also some that are more competitive overseas, but these are more common in the US.

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