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How To Bet NBA All Star Game

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Learning How to Bet On An NBA All-Star Game

The NBA All-Star Game is held annually in February and is a celebration of the most talented basketball players on the planet. The actual game takes place on Sunday, but there are several exciting events leading up to the game.

This article will explain how to bet on the NBA All-Star Game as well as some of the other events. The All-Star Game offers a different format from a regular-season NBA game, and that affects the betting lines that are offered.

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NBA All-Star Game Events to Bet On

The actual NBA All-Star Game is the biggest event of the weekend, but there are other exciting events that take place as well. Here are the five biggest events of the weekend, with a brief list of possible bets associated with each event. 

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Rising Stars Challenge

The Rising Stars Challenge features 24 of the best young stars in the NBA, split into two teams. One team is made up of players from the United States, while the other team is made up of players from around the world. 

The normal NBA betting odds and lines are available for this game, as well as a Future bet as to which player will win the MVP Award. 

Skills Challenge

The Skills Challenge puts players through an obstacle course to show off their basketball skills. This is a fast-paced competition that kickstarts the events on Saturday night. 

Picking the eventual winner is a popular bet to make. 

Three-Point Contest

The Three-Point Contest is a fan favorite, and the best shooters in the league compete for the right to win the title. Bets are available as to which player will win the event, as well as how many points the winner will rack up.

Slam Dunk Contest

The highlight of Saturday night is the annual Slam Dunk Contest. The format of this competition changes regularly, but four of the best dunkers in the NBA take flight. 

Picking the winner of the Slam Dunk Contest is a popular bet to make. There are also prop bets associated with this event as well. 

NBA All-Star Game

The actual game takes place on Sunday night, and features 24 of the best players in the world. Fans vote for the five starters from each conference, and the leading vote-getter from each conference is chosen as team captain. 

The captains then select players for their team. The traditional format was East vs. West, but the NBA made this change as a way to bring some more intrigue and excitement. 

This article will explain how to bet on the NBA All-Star Game below. 

How to Bet NBA All-Star Game

If you have an idea of how to bet on an NBA game, then you have a good foundation when it comes to NBA All-Star Game betting. The All-Star Game does have a different format, and that does allow for a few different betting options that we will explore below. 

How to Bet NBA All-Star Game Quarters

The NBA All-Star Game has adopted a new format that is now broken down into four smaller “games.” Each quarter is played out, and then the score resets. 

This allows for sportsbooks to offer bets on each quarter, and this is best done via live betting. Sportsbooks will offer quarter bets such as:

You can bet on the first quarter ahead of time, but sportsbooks will offer the other quarter bets as the game unfolds. 

How to Bet NBA All-Star Game Moneyline

In 2020, it was Team Giannis vs. Team LeBron, and betting on the moneyline was a popular bet. This means that sportsbooks set the odds for each team, giving you a chance to pick which team was going to win the game. 

Quarters or final score don’t matter as long as you can correctly pick which team wins the bet. 

How to Bet NBA All-Star Game Over/Under

An over/under bet is sometimes referred to as a total bet, and this is a very popular bet that is offered on the NBA All-Star Game. NBA All-Star Game over/under bets focuses on the total amount of points scored in the game, and it doesn’t matter which team wins. 

It should be noted that the NBA All-Star Game is much higher scoring than the regular-season games, and the total point betting line will look much different. 

How to Bet NBA All-Star Game Fourth Quarter

The NBA All-Star Game really cranks up when the fourth quarter begins, and that is especially true with the new format. Sportsbooks will set betting lines for the fourth quarter, and they mostly work as live bets, similar to quarter betting. 

Sportsbooks will offer NBA All-Star Fourth Quarter bets such as:

The fourth quarter of the NBA All-Star Game works much differently than it does in the other three quarters, as the teams are playing to get to a set final score. There are some great betting opportunities available. 

If you are following along with the game, then making a live bet on the NBA All-Star Game fourth quarter would be a smart decision. 

Where to Bet NBA All-Star Game

The NBA All-Star Game comes around just once a year, and all of the major sportsbooks will have plenty of betting options available. If you live in a state where online sportsbooks are legal, then that is the best way to bet on the NBA All-Star Game. 

Another way to bet is to head to Las Vegas. Betting on the NBA All-Star Game in Vegas offers a whole new experience, and it provides plenty of extra entertainment. 

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Best NBA All-Star Game Bookmakers & Sportsbooks

PointsBet:William Hill:DraftKings:
PointsBet was founded in Australia, but they made a move over to the United States in 2019. They have quickly emerged as one of the best NBA sportsbooks, and they offer some unique and exciting betting opportunities.William Hill calls themselves “America’s number one sportsbook,” and it’s hard to argue. If you are looking to place a bet on the NBA All-Star Game, then William Hill is a great place to head.
DraftKings got their start as a Daily Fantasy Sports provider, but they now have sportsbooks all over the United States. If you are fortunate enough to live in a state where DraftKings is legal and operating, then consider yourself fortunate. 

Betting on the NBA All-Star Game in Vegas

If you want an experience and a great atmosphere when betting on the NBA All-Star Game, then Vegas is the place for you. The NBA has also recently had an All-Star Game in Vegas, which increases the excitement in and around the city. 

There are a large number of sportsbooks in Vegas that will have NBA All-Star Game betting odds. 

You might still have some NBA All-Star Game questions, and we hope to have the answers for you below. Here are a few of the most common NBA All-Star Game frequently asked questions.

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How to Bet NBA All-Star Game FAQ

Where can I find betting odds for the NBA All-Star Game?

You can find betting odds for the NBA All-Star Game at any of the top sportsbooks that we have mentioned, or at any of the retail sportsbooks in Vegas.

Where can I find NBA All-Star Game betting tips?

You can find NBA All-Star Game betting tips by signing up to receive advice from a tipster or listening to an NBA All-Star Game betting podcast. You can also find resources on the internet that will deliver tips to help you win.

Is NBA All-Star Game Betting Profitable?

The short answer is that it can be, but it depends on the number of bets that you are going to make. All-Star weekend comes around just once a year, so it’s impossible to make a long-term profit.

With all of the betting options available during the weekend, though, there is a chance to make some money.

What is the best way to bet on the All-Star Game?

The best way to bet on the NBA All-Star Game is to find a sportsbook that is taking bets, or head to Vegas and place bets at a retail sportsbook or a casino. This comes down to a matter of preference or what is legal in the state where you live.

What other events take place during All-Star Weekend?

The All-Star Game is the only activity on Sunday, but Friday and Saturday nights are full of other activities. You can place bets on the Rising Stars Challenge, Skills Challenge, Three-Point Shootout, or NBA Dunk Contest.

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