MLB Betting Systems: What is an MLB Betting System?

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Betting Systems for Major League Baseball

Taking a systematic approach to betting on Major League Baseball games can be useful in a number of ways. So much so that many users of MLB betting systems regard them as the key to long-term success. We’re not sure that we would go quite that far, but we would certainly rather use a system than rely purely on hunches when making our betting decisions.

In this article, we will explain what MLB betting systems are, how they work, and the pros and cons of using them. We will then present a couple of example MLB betting systems so that you can try them out and decide for yourself whether or not they are something that you want to pursue further.

How Do MLB Betting Systems Work?

MLB betting systems work a lot like the recipes that you find in a cookery book. For example, just as a recipe gives you a list of instructions to follow to bake a loaf of bread, so a baseball betting system will give you instructions to follow when you are trying to pick teams to bet on. 

How explicit those instructions will be can vary. Some betting systems will give you very precise rules, such as the Always bet on the home team rule mentioned earlier. Others will give you broader guidelines and are therefore more flexible.

Recommended Sportsbooks

In order to use an MLB betting system, you will need an easy way to place bets. The following sportsbooks are the ones we recommend most highly.

How Useful are MLB Betting Systems?

Using MLB betting systems doesn't guarantee that you will fare any better than relying on your own analysis of a game, or even luck, for that matter. Some systems will certainly give you a much better chance of success than a blind reliance on luck. However, other systems could cost you dearly.

The efficacy of a betting system is completely dependent on the wisdom of the principles on which its rules are based. The rule: Always bet the home team makes for a rather weak system because the home advantage isn't the most important factor that determines the outcome of a game, by any means. However, a betting system that just as glibly tells you to Always bet on the team with the most colorful uniform is even worse, because its rule isn't based on any rational principle whatsoever.

With all of that said, MLB betting systems that are based on sound reasoning can be very useful, for a number of reasons. But they also have their potential drawbacks. Let's take a look at the pros and cons in turn.

Betting Made Simple

Using a betting system to help you decide which teams to bet on can make things very straightforward. If the system says there's a bet then you make the bet. If the system says there's no bet, you don't make a bet. Simple.

Systems Promote Self-Discipline

Systems make it easier to maintain a high level of self-discipline. That's because you won't make bets as and when you feel like it. And you won't chase losses with additional bets just because you're looking to get even with the sportsbook.

Systems Sharpen Focus

Effective systems focus on the most important factors. There are countless factors that could be considered when you are deciding whether or not to bet on a particular team. Betting systems only look at a few of the key factors that are - according to their own logic - most important. This can save you a lot of time.

Systems are Replicable

Systems are replicable. If you have a system that helps you to win, you can share it with someone else and they can expect to enjoy the same results as you. Similarly, if someone else develops an effective system, you will be able to bet just as effectively by using that same system.


Systems can lead to overdependence. If you find an effective betting system that produces winners on a regular basis, you may inadvertently become reliant on it to the point where you cease to think for yourself. This is dangerous because betting systems can become ineffective over time, especially if they rely on factors that subsequently change. Relying blindly on a system means that you might not notice that until it's too late.

No Replacement for Knowledge

Some people use MLB betting systems as a shortcut to success, and fail to work at increasing their own personal knowledge of the sport. This is a disadvantage because a bettor's ability to analyze form and make predictions should be viewed as foundational, not optional. By all means, make good use of systems, but don't think that they remove the need for you to develop your own knowledge and insight.

Finding Good Systems Takes Time

Systems take time to test. Because some systems are better than others, you may need to test quite a few before you find one that suits your needs. If you're prepared for that, fine. However, if you're hoping to simply adopt the first system you come across and win big, you could well be disappointed.

MLB Underdog Betting System

In sports, you will always find a mixed bag of opinions on what team is better than the other. Sports bettors also have differing opinions, and the vast majority will bet on the team that they expect to win, which is often the same team that the sportsbooks expect to win.

Unfortunately for favorite bettors, the underdogs can and do upset things from time to time. The MLB Underdog Betting System is therefore designed to help you sport underdog teams that have a fighting chance of doing just that. The rules are as follows:

Look for a game in which all of these points are true:

  • The underdog team is playing at home.
  • The underdog team won its most recent home game.
  • The favorite team lost its most recent away game.

When you find such a game, bet on the underdog team to win.

MLB Favorites Betting System

While underdogs can and do spring surprises, favorites also win their fair share of games. The aim of the MLB Favorites Betting System is to help you to identify the strongest favorites based on their past form and the weakness of their opposition. The rules are as follows:

Look for a game in which all of these points are true:

  • The favorite team is playing at home.
  • The favorite team won both of its last two most recent home games.
  • The underdog team lost its most recent away game.

When you find such a game, bet on the favorite team to win.

Recommended Sportsbooks

Remember, when you're ready to start testing or using MLB betting systems, you'll need a good sportsbook. Here are a few of the very best online sportsbooks around for you to visit and explore.

MLB Betting Systems FAQ

What is an MLB betting system?
An MLB betting system is a set of instructions or rules that helps a bettor to identify teams to bet on.
Where can I find free MLB betting systems?
A quick search on Google should help you to find at least a few free MLB betting systems. However, bear in mind that some systems are far better than others, and many systems aren't as useful as they claim.
What's the best MLB betting system?
There is no 'best' MLB betting system, any more than there is a 'best' recipe for a loaf of bread. All bettors have different needs and preferences, so you should be prepared to explore many systems in order to find one that suits you.
Is it legal to use MLB betting systems?
All a system does is assist you in deciding which teams to bet on, so MLB betting systems are completely legal to use.