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How to bet/play Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker;  A short introduction

Texas Hold ’em fans looking for a break in traditional action might have found their next favorite game. Omaha is a similar version of Texas Hold ’em, but with just a slight difference.

Omaha is usually a limit game, with small and big blinds. Fans of regular Hold ’em need to understand the slight rule change to have a successful strategy in place.

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Five Popular Tips For Omaha Poker Betting

Omaha is considered in a class of its own for some players. Indeed, the game has risen to popularity and provides a change of pace for traditional poker players

The five most popular tips for Omaha betting are:

  1. Knowing the rules
  2. Making the right hands
  3. Look for premium hands 
  4. Do not underestimate the draws
  5. No need to bluff

Knowing The Omaha Poker Rules

As mentioned above, Texas Hold ’em fans will not have much to worry about on the gameplay differences. The game is played basically the same, but you have some variety in your hole cards. 

The two players left of the dealer will have to pay a small blind and big blind before being able to look at their cards. Each player will be dealt four hole cards, versus the traditional two in Texas Hold ’em

After the cards are dealt, you will still have betting rounds, and eventually, five cards face up as your community cards. The change here is, you can only keep two of your hole cards out of your four. 

Making The Right Hands

When making your hands in Omaha, you are simply trying to make the best hand possible. The catch here is, you have more opportunities to make a hand than in regular hold ‘em since you have two extra cards in the hole. 

Do not try and overestimate your starting hands. In regular hold ’em, pocket aces would be excellent to have. In Omaha, not so much. Your odds drop significantly due to the bigger possibilities of better hands all around being made. 

Having two aces and two kings suited is the best starting hand in Omaha. The second best hand to have aces with a jack and a ten suited. This is because when you have four hole cards, you will see a ton more flushes and straights.

Look For Premium Hands

After getting the basics out of the way and setting up a playing style, you should be ready to start telling the difference between good and bad hands. You want to be able to sift through hands to capitalize on good ones. 

For example, aces in your pocket without other suited or connected cards is not a very good hand. Having a pair of aces will rarely win, unless you flop a third ace, but there is not much of a chance of improving your hand so you are best to fold. 

If you are having trouble making strong hands, you should play a tight game first. This means you should limit yourself and not try to stay in the game just to make a loose hand work. Odds are your opponent has made something too and it will be much stronger than yours. 

Do Not Underestimate The Draws

Unlike in regular hold ’em, betting and raising with good draw possibilities is not really a bluff at all. You might be holding cards with a flush draw possibility and some cards to complete a straight.

Having a wrap-draw, for example, is the term for your hole cards with a straight draw that can have up to 20 different outs. For example, let’s say you have a holding of a 10, 9, 6, and 5. If both sets are suited, you have a ton of different outs.

No Need To Bluff in Omaha Poker

Psyching out your opponents is one of the best traits you can have as a poker player. You have to be a good liar to be a good player. But for Omaha, you do not need to bluff as much as you think. 

Due to the pot limit style of betting, players are limited to so many bets per round. This way, players are more likely to either put up or shut up for the strength of their hands, especially if someone is aggressive in their bets. 

How To Bet/Play Omaha Poker FAQ

What is a good starting hand?

Since you are dealt four hole cards, you want to look to see what bands to look for next. You want to see if you have a pair or connected cards to straights, which are hands that will benefit you after the flop.

Is Omaha easier than Texas hold ’em?

For some players the math involved makes it appear that Omaha is easier. Indeed, you get extra cards to make better hands so it looks easier. However, oftentimes in Omaha, you have to hold the nuts to beat out an entire table.

I am used to a pair of aces for a good hand, why is it not?

Having a pair of aces dealt to you is a great start, if you were playing regular hold ’em. In regular hold ’em, nearly 80 percent of the time you are dealt pocket aces you can usually beat random hands.

You are wanting a little more meat on the table when making a stronger hand. Remember, the chances of you getting a third Ace are very slim so your hand will not have the chance to improve.

What is a good hand to bet heavy?

This all depends on the person, but once you create a good strong hand, you should make your bets decent. If everyone follows the little to no bluffing guide, then this makes your heavy bets more meaningful, and not many people will try to challenge you.

Remember a double-suited hand is the best pot-limit Omaha starting hand. Flopping a set with this hand just means you will always have the top set, while any flush draw will be to the nuts.

How do I practice my skills?

Want to test the waters before heading to the casino? Try out a free variety of the game online. With a simple search, you can find a free version and put your strategy to the test.

In doing so, you will be saving time and money. This also gives you a good idea of how fast the game is played and how the betting structure works.

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