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How to Play Bingo

In this guide, we will teach you how to play bingo. This is a game that has been around in one form or another since the 1800’s, and its earlier roots go back even further. Yet it remains one of the most popular gambling games around. While some feared that the advent of online casinos would make bingo a thing of the past, that hasn’t been the case at all. Online bingo games are massively popular, and are enjoyed even by those players who also like to play the game in land-based bingo halls.

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How to Play Bingo: An Overview

Bingo is actually a very simple game to play. Players buy one or more bingo cards, which are also known as bingo tickets or bingo boards. Each bingo card contains a random selection of numbers from a specified range. That range can vary from game to game, but is often 1 to 75 or 1 to 90. The numbers on the card are usually presented on a grid layout. For example, in a game of bingo using the range 1 to 75, a bingo card will typically contain 25 numbers arranged on a 5x5 grid.

When the game begins, a bingo machine will begin drawing numbers, one at a time, from the stated range. Players check their cards to see if that number appears on it. If it does, they mark their card accordingly.

The aim of the game is for players to mark either a specific pattern on their card (such a horizontal row or a diagonal) or to mark a certain quantity of numbers. As soon as the pattern or quantity has been marked, the player calls "Bingo!". The first person to correctly call "Bingo!" wins the game. The prize paid will usually be a percentage of the money raised from the sale of bingo cards for that particular game.

If two or more players correctly call "Bingo!" on the same number, any prize that would have been paid to a single winner will be divided equally between the joint winners.

How to Play Online Bingo

Online bingo is played as previously described, but with a couple of differences. The first is that numbers can be marked on your bingo card automatically. That means you won't have to worry about missing out on a win. Because of this added convenience, you can play many more tickets at once in an online bingo game that you would be able to handle when playing the game offline.

Another difference is that some online bingo games can be played at online casinos as an individual against the house. Here you would be given a bingo card and you would be the only player involved. The bingo game software would then draw a specified quantity of numbers. Your aim would be to achieve the marking requirements before that quantity has been drawn. If you think that this sounds a lot like Keno then you'd be right. Keno is basically a game of Bingo that has been specifically designed to accommodate solo players.

In regular online bingo games that involve multiple players, the social aspect of the land-based game is replicated via a simple text-chat interface. This allows you to chat with other players and the bingo room host. The host is a member of staff who is present to kick-start entertaining conversations. He or she will also keep the chat safe and friendly for everyone involved.

How to Play Bingo: Top Tips for Players

You now know how to play bingo. But how can you improve your chances of winning? Well, bingo is a game of pure chance. That means you can't influence the actual numbers that will be called in any way. However, there are a few tips that can help you get the most from the game. These are:

  • Choose the Best Games
  • Play Multiple Bingo Cards
  • Play Regularly
  • Be Sociable
  • Have Fun!

We will now take a look at each of these tips in turn. Read on and you can put them to good use the next time you play.

Choose the Best Games

Bingo games come in a variety of formats to suit the many different preferences of players. Some are all about marking particular patterns while others are about marking a particular quantity of numbers before anyone else. Different games will have different themes, with some looking quite traditional and others having a much more modern appearance. The cost of tickets and prizes that can be won will also vary widely, not only from casino to casino but also from one bingo room to another at the same venue.

Given all of this variety, it is a good idea to explore the full range of games available to you. This will enable you to choose the ones that best suit your own preferences. No two bingo players have exactly the same taste, so feel free to play whatever game appeals to you.

Play Multiple Bingo Cards

We have already established that you can't influence the numbers that are drawn in a game of bingo. However, you can increase your chances of winning. The way to do that is simply to buy multiple bingo cards for every game you play.

Consider an online bingo game that has 30 players. If every player buys one bingo card, your chances of winning would be 1 in 30. However, if you were to buy five cards and other players continued to buy just one each, your chances of winning would be 5 in 30, which is 1 in 6.

Of course, you aren't the only player who can buy multiple bingo games. And that means others can also increase their own chances by taking the same approach. However, the fact remains that the more cards you play, the more chance you will have of winning.

We have already said that bingo games can be played at a variety of stake levels. If you want to maximize your chances of winning you might be better off buying multiple bingo tickets in a low-cost game than a single bingo ticket in a game that costs more. 

Play Regularly

As in any other game of chance, the more often you play, the more likely you are to win. In previous decades, many people used to visit a land-based bingo hall on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. They often did this for the social interaction that the game provided, but they also found that playing regularly meant that they would win more often.

Now that online bingo is available, you can play regularly from the comfort of your own home. And because online bingo games are running around the clock, every day of the week, regular play is something that can fit into even the busiest or most awkward of schedules.

Be Sociable

Earlier in this article, we mentioned that online bingo players can interact with each other via a simple chat window. While you don't have to participate in chat, it is a good idea to do so because this will enable you to benefit from the social aspect of the game. Many people play online bingo regularly at the same venues, so it is just as possible to form some good friendships here as it is on a purpose-built social media site.

Many chat room hosts will help to enhance the social aspect by running chat-based games (quizzes, and so on) that run alongside the main bingo games. These are usually played for fun only, but some online bingo rooms will award bonus points to winners of chat games. Whether you play for fun or for any bonus points that are available, these chat games can be very enjoyable and make online bingo even more satisfying than it normally is.

When using the chat system, remember to keep things light and friendly. Congratulate other players when they win a game and they'll return the favor when you do the same.

Have Fun!

Our final tip for online bingo is to focus on having fun. Bingo is more about having a good time than winning, and because the number of winners in each game is limited, focusing on potential profits would only frustrate you.

We would advise players to keep their stakes to very modest levels and to view the cost of bingo cards as money paid for entertainment. Enjoy the social side of the game to the full and even if you don't manage to win a prize in a given session, you'll still enjoy having participated for its own sake. 

How to Play Bingo FAQ

What is bingo?

Bingo is a multiplayer game of chance that involves matching randomly drawn numbers to a selection of numbers that appear on a bingo card.

How do you play bingo?

To play bingo, simply visit an online bingo room and buy a bingo card. That card will contain a selection of numbers from a given range. Mark your card as numbers are randomly drawn, and if you’re the first player to complete a particular pattern or mark a stated quantity of numbers, you win!

Can you play free bingo?

Yes. Many online bingo sites will offer free bingo rooms that allow you to play the game for fun only. These can be a great way to get used to playing online bingo, and you won’t risk a penny. Of course, if you want to win real cash prizes, you’ll need to progress to real cash games at some point.

How to win bingo?

Bingo is a game of chance, so you can’t influence the numbers that are drawn. What you can do, however, is increase your odds of winning by playing more than one bingo card in any given game. The more cards you have in play, the better chance you will have of winning.

Where to play bingo near me?

The easiest way to play this game is at an online bingo room which allows you to enjoy bingo from the comfort of your own home. However, you can also play at land-based bingo rooms in many states. Simply visit your favorite search engine and look for ‘bingo halls’ in the state you want to play in to see what’s available.

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