WV Free Bet Codes for Bonuses and Promos from Casinos & Sportsbooks

Playing at an online sportsbook, online casino, and online poker room is legal in West Virginia, and free bet codes are available from many of them. That gives you plenty of opportunities to grab some valuable bonuses and enjoy both gaming and betting at the operator’s expense.

On this page, we highlight all of the WV free bet codes and bonuses that are available. We also tell you all about the different kinds that can be found at casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms in the Mountain State, and how they work. If the idea of helping yourself to free bets and bonuses appeals to you, read on and you’ll soon learn how to do exactly that.

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Benefit from WV Free Bet Codes, Promos and Bonuses

See how you will benefit from free WV bets and bonus codes

There are plenty of appealing free bets, bonuses and promotions at West Virginia venues and that enriches the online betting USA sites picture. We'll look at the various types of bonuses that you can get in a few minutes. But first, we should pause for a moment to explain exactly what we're referring to. In short, a bonus is something of value that is given by a sportsbook, casino, or poker room to encourage you to bet or play at a particular site. Consider the following examples:

  • WV free bet codes are offered by sportsbooks so that you can experience making a bet without risking your own money. Free bets aren't worth a massive amount – usually around $10 or $20 – but you won't have to do much to claim them. Even better, anything that you win from a free bet is yours to keep.
  • WV no deposit bonuses are offered to encourage you to sign up for a new account with a sportsbook or casino. A sportsbook might give you a modest free bet, as just mentioned, while a casino might give you bonus money to use at its gaming tables and slots.
  • A WV online casino deposit bonus is designed to give you more gaming for your money. It will reward you for making a deposit of your own money by adding a sum of bonus cash to it. The more you deposit, the bigger the bonus will usually be. Such deposit bonuses have maximum limits, but those limits can often be surprisingly high, with some casinos giving players bonuses of up to $500 or even $1,000.

Different operators make their bonuses available in different ways. Some will give you one automatically when you register for a new account or make your very first deposit. Other operators will ask you to enter special promo codes or free bet codes when you sign up or make the deposit in order to activate the bonus manually.

The tables below highlight the bonus offers that you can take advantage of right now at online casinos and sportsbooks in West Virginia. Promo codes are also included where relevant.

WV Online Casino Promo Codes

WV Online CasinoPromo DetailsPromo Code Needed
BetMGM Casino100% Match up to $1,000 + $25 welcome bonusHOWTOBETMGM
BetRivers Casino100% Match up to $250250MATCH
DraftKings Casino100% Match up to $1,500 + $10 free betUse Link
FanDuel CasinoRisk-Free Play up to $1,000-

WV Sportsbook Free Bet Codes

WV SportsbookPromo DetailsPromo Code Needed
BetMGM SportsbookRisk-Free Bet up to $600Use Link
Caesars SportsbookRisk-Free Bet up to $2,000HTBCAESARS
DraftKings SportsbookFirst Deposit up to $1,000DraftKings sportsbook WV promo code: Use Link
FanDuel SportsbookRisk-Free Bet up to $1,000FanDuel sportsbook WV promo code: Use Link
PointsBet SportsbookRisk-Free Bets up to $2,000HOW TO BET in POINTSBET

Top Free WV Bets and Bonus Code Offers

As you can see, there are several online casinos and online sportsbooks that you can frequent in the state of West Virginia. So which one should you choose? Well, you can actually enjoy all of them, as there is no law about betting or playing at multiple venues. That said, here are a few more details about each operator (and links to our full US online casino reviews and online sportsbook reviews) so that you can make a more informed decision about where to spend your time.

BetMGM West Virginia

Both sports betting fans and casino gaming enthusiasts can play at BetMGM in West Virginia. Sign up and make a deposit as a casino player and you can get a 100% deposit bonus worth up to $1,000. Join as a sportsbook member and you'll be welcomed with a risk-free bet of up to $1,000. Just be sure to use HOWTOBET as your BetMGM bonus code WV. 

BetRivers West Virginia

BetRivers Casino in West Virginia has all that you'll ever need while looking to have a good time and put your luck to the test, including hundreds of slots and table games. When you sign up and make your first deposit using the BetRivers WV promo code 250MATCH, you'll get a 100% bonus worth up to $250. 

Caesars West Virginia

Operating on a license from the Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort, Caesars sportsbook has a risk-free bet waiting for its new online and mobile customers. If the very first wager you place loses, a free bet in the amount of the lost one will be credited to your account, up to a staggering maximum of $5,000. Use the promo code HOWTOBETRF to take advantage of this huge offer.

DraftKings West Virginia

DraftKings sportsbook offers its new customers not one but two bonus offers. First up is a free bet equal to the amount of your first deposit, up to $50. Make the deposit, and the bet is yours. When you make a deposit of more than $50, you get a deposit match bonus of 20%. That can be worth as much as $1,000. No DraftKings sportsbook West Virginia promo code is needed. Meanwhile, casino players can grab a 100% deposit bonus of up to $2,000.

FanDuel West Virginia

This is another operator that is giving away bonuses for both sportsbook and casino customers. On the sportsbook side, FanDuel WV offers new users a risk-free bet of up to $1,000. For casino players, there is a period of risk-free play to be enjoyed which is also worth up to $1,000.

PointsBet West Virginia

PointsBet was founded in Australia in 2015, but it wasn't long before it also started providing sports betting facilities to those of us here in the US. As well as regular sports betting, this operator also offers a method of PointsBetting that gives you even more options for profiting from your predictions. Join in and you can get two risk-free bets worth up to $2,000.

Why Operators Give Free Bets and Bonuses

See the reasons why operators offer free WV bets and promos

If you've read this far, then you won't need any convincing that there is plenty of bonus cash being offered in West Virginia through the various bonus offers and free bet codes we have highlighted. But why do sportsbook and casino operators seem so keen to give away their money? Doesn't that harm their profits?

This is a valid question, but when you look a little closer you'll see that it all makes perfect sense. The first thing to consider is that sportsbooks and casinos are always keen to have as many customers as possible. Because there are multiple operators in the Mountain State, each one has to do whatever it can to set itself apart from the rest. And one of the best ways of doing that is by giving away WV free bet codes and bonuses.

Following on from that observation, we can also say that the cost of making such bonuses and free bets available to new customers is rather small compared to the potential profits that the operator can make over the long term. After all, when an operator offers a bonus, it usually needs to be wagered multiple times before a customer can withdraw it as cash. And that means the customer must win over the long term – something that most bettors and casino players tend not to do.

With all of this in mind, offering bonuses and WV free bet codes to new customers can be seen to benefit the sportsbooks and casinos as much as it does the recipients. We can therefore expect such bonuses to continue being offered for a long time to come.

WV Online Casino Bonus Types and How They Work

Having access to just one kind of bonus would be a good thing, but when you explore the sportsbooks and casinos operating in West Virginia, you'll come across a whole variety of free bets and bonuses. Here are the main ones and how they work.

Free West Virginia Bets

Learn all about free bets in WV

Free bets are offered by casinos and sportsbooks so that you can actually experience playing casino games or making a bet at the operator's expense. The hope is that you'll be so impressed you'll want to stick around and use some of your own cash too, but that isn't obligatory by any means.

Your free bets can often be used exactly as you would use your own money, but some operators might stipulate that you need to play a particular game or wager in a particular betting market. Whatever the case, if your gaming or your bet is successful, any profit generated will be yours to keep and use as you want. Of course, because the free bets are funded by the casino or sportsbook, you won't get your stakes returned as you normally would.

Because free bets have no strings attached, you shouldn't expect them to be worth much more than $10 or $20. That said, a free bet is a free chance to win, so it always makes sense to take advantage of this type of offer.

Risk-Free West Virginia Bets

Risk-free bets aren't free bets, but risk-free, and that distinction is extremely important. While a free bet is funded by the operator, a risk-free bet is one that you will need to make with your own money, so you'll need to open an account and make a deposit. 

When you've done that, you should place a wager according to the terms and conditions associated with the bonus (usually a risk-free bet relates only to your first bet, for example) and if you win, no bonus will be given. However, if you lose, your lost stake will be refunded to you – usually in the form of betting credits that you can use to make subsequent wagers.

Risk-free bets are most often given by online sportsbooks to give you a 'safety net' for your first bet. However, casinos are also beginning to catch on to this popular type of bonus, and some will let you play for a certain period of time (for the first 24 hours, for example) and cover your losses if you don't make a profit or break even overall.

Risk-free bets tend to be very generous when compared with their free bet cousins. You can often get a risk-free bet of $250, $500, $1,000 or sometimes even more. But don't forget that you need to use your own money first.

Sign-Up Bonus

This is a category of bonus rather than a specific type, and it covers any incentive that is awarded simply for signing up for a new account. It could be a free bet, free spins to use on slots games at a casino or something else entirely, but if all you have to do is sign-up to get it, it's a sign-up bonus.

And don’t forget something really important. Always look out for the most benefitting gaming or betting sign up bonus codes around, so that you can optimally use the promotions in your favor. Here at How To Bet we take care of that for you and for that reason (and many more) it would be good for you to regularly check this page in order to see the best WV bonus and promo offers.

West Virginia Online Casino No Deposit Bonus

One great example of a popular sign-up bonus is the West Virginia online casino no deposit bonus. This is a bonus that is given by the casino to players without those players having to make a deposit of their own money. The value of such bonuses is generally quite modest (up to $25) but that simply reflects how easy they are to obtain.

While no deposit bonuses are usually aimed at new casino players, they can also be given to existing players as a reward for their loyalty or to mark a special occasion, such as the anniversary of the casino being launched.

Some no deposit bonuses can be used on any games you choose, but others will be given for a specific purpose, such as playing a named slot or table game. Any such conditions will be provided in the terms relating to the bonus promotion, so be sure to look through those before attempting to use yours.

Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, a deposit bonus is given to a player for making a deposit of their own money. It isn't at all uncommon for a sportsbook or casino to give such an incentive even after a new player has already enjoyed a no deposit bonus, as this one encourages them to get even more involved.

To claim this type of bonus, you'll need to make a deposit that qualifies according to the promotional terms and conditions. Those terms will tell you how much you need to deposit and whether or not you'll need to enter a promo code at the same time. The bonus will then be credited to your account so that you have even more to bet or play with than would have been possible with just your deposited sum.

No Deposit Bonus

Learn how to benefit from a WV no deposit bonus

We mentioned them at the beginning and we’ll talk some more about them now. No deposit bonuses are an often used incentive by online gambling sites to attract you to their venues and to make you stay. There is one huge benefit with them: you won’t need to deposit any of your own money in order to participate in different bets and games. So everyone’s a winner.

Bet & Get Bonus

The Bet & Get bonus is one that requires you to bet a certain sum of your own money in order to get a typically larger sum of bonus money. You might be invited to 'Bet $5 to Get $20' or even to 'Bet $1 and Get $50'. The offers will vary across providers, and so will the terms associated with them. Some will let you bet your own money on any event or game, while others will ask you to wager on a named event or game. Either way, if you intend to bet or play anyway, you might as well take advantage of this deal and get something for doing so.

Odds Boost

An odds boost is an online sportsbook promotion that is designed to make a particular betting market more attractive. It can be offered simply to encourage new customers to bet with the operator offering it, or to celebrate a certain event taking place, such as the Super Bowl.

The deal here is that if you place a wager in the featured market and it wins, you'll be paid better odds than you'd normally expect. For example, if you make a qualifying parlay bet and it succeeds, the sportsbook might boost your payout by 10%, 20% or even more. Of course, if your bet loses, the odds boost won't help you at all, but if it wins you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Refunds/Bonus Back

This is another promotion that is most common at online sportsbooks, and the deal here is that you'll get your stake refunded if your bet does well but not quite well enough to win. For example, you might be offered a refund for a wager on the Kentucky Derby if your selected horse finishes within a neck of the winner.

While refunds are most common at sportsbooks, some casinos might also offer you a refund for a losing bet on a particular table game or live casino game. This is usually to highlight a new game and encourage you to try it out, but casinos can also make refund and bonus back offers for other reasons.

VIP/ Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program is something that exists to encourage customers to remain loyal to a particular casino or, less commonly, to a particular sportsbook. It will automatically keep track of your betting or gaming and give you loyalty points for your spend as you go. Those points will accumulate over time, and you will then be able to redeem them for a reward of some kind. The range of rewards will vary from operator to operator, but you can typically expect it to include free bets, free spins, bonus deals or even real-world rewards such as a meal or a short stay in a hotel-casino.


The final type of bonus that we will mention here is the refer-a-friend bonus. You can get it simply by recommending the casino or sportsbook to someone you know, and passing along a promo code or sign-up link. When that code or link is used and that person starts betting and gaming, you will receive a bonus for helping the operator to find a new customer. Your friend will also get a bonus in most cases, which is good because it means that they will benefit from the arrangement as well.

Who Can Claim Free West Virginia Bets and Bonuses

See who is eligible for free WV bets and bonuses

We have already seen that there are plenty of free bets and bonuses to be had in the state and it is totally safe to get them and play at all venues licensed and regulated by the West Virginia Lottery Commission. So you're probably itching to use our WV free bet codes and help yourself, but before you do that, we also have to say that these bets and bonuses can't be claimed by absolutely everyone. On the contrary, the law says that you can only do so if you are legally allowed to bet in the state. The three key rules you need to be aware of are as follows:

  • To bet legally in West Virginia, you need to be 21 or older.
  • You can only bet with an operator that is licensed to operate in WV.
  • You must be within WV state lines when betting with a local operator.

If you are someone who qualifies to bet according to these three rules, you should be able to use WV free bet codes and claim bonuses without any problem.

WV Free Bet Codes and Bonuses FAQ

Where can I find WV free bet codes and bonuses?
The page that you are on right now is updated regularly to bring you all the information you need about the latest bonuses and WV free bet codes.
Do I need separate mobile bet bonus codes?
A bonus code issued by an operator can normally be used at both its website and on its mobile app. However, it's a good idea to ensure that this is the case and that mobile bet bonus codes don't differ.
How old do I need to be to use a bookie bonus code?
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