NFL Betting Systems: A Quick Guide to The Top NFL Betting Systems.

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NFL Betting Systems

There is no lack of NFL betting systems to use, so you have a lot of options. There are no surefire NFL betting systems that will guarantee that you win money, but you can find some that are good for you and can help you win bets.

So, there is no such thing as an NFL betting system that has never lost. There are systems for defense and offense and for underdogs and favorites as well as other NFL betting systems that are also used for other types of gambling such as casino games.

So, what are the best NFL betting systems? That is all up to you, as you can try out different NFL betting systems to see which ones work for you.

You have to know that the football season is a long one with 16 regular-season games, the playoffs, and the Super Bowl. Because of this, it is important to spread out your bankroll, and the long season allows you to find the best NFL betting systems that can increase your chance of making money.

It is key that you look for free NFL betting systems, as you should never pay for an NFL betting system. Sure, there are professional handicappers out there where you can buy picks, but that is a different story. Free NFL betting systems are the way to go, as there are a ton of them out there, and you can find some that work. Simply do a Google search for NFL betting systems free, and you will see many NFL betting systems to choose from.

Handicapping Before the System 

When betting on NFL, no matter what betting system you use, it is still always good to handicap games. This goes for using systems as well, as when you handicap a game, you have more knowledge about it, which can make betting on a winner more likely. 

There are NFL betting systems where handicapping does not matter, but there are many where it does. Some things to look for when handicapping an NFL game are team form, key injuries, home and away record, weather, and head-to-head records. 

NFL Underdog Betting System

There are quite a few NFL betting systems where they are NFL underdog betting systems. One of the main reasons there are a lot of NFL underdog betting systems is that the public tends to back the favorites in games. 

Because of this, the sportsbook will inflate the spread to try to get even money placed on the game. Therefore, the underdog may get even better odds than they should.

Let’s take a look at a couple of popular NFL underdog betting systems. 

Many people like the NFL underdog betting system of betting on road underdogs, and there is also the betting on road underdogs when they are under .500. It’s a known fact that the oddsmakers will give the home team a three-point edge in a game just because they are at home. 

Take those three points with the fact that the public tends to bet on the favorite, and a road underdog is a good value bet. From 2005 to 2019, road underdogs that were under .500 covered the spread 55.5% of the time, so the odds are pretty good for that NFL underdog betting system. 

Another NFL underdog betting system is betting on big underdogs against very good teams. The same theory is used in this NFL betting system in that the favorite is a good and even great team that the public wagers on and the spreads for them are big. 

While the betting public likes the favorite, from the 2003 to 2018 seasons, teams with a winning percentage of .800 or better after Week 12 only covered the spread 43.6% of the time. 

Another NFL underdog betting system that is popular is making a short parlay using slight underdogs. A parlay of three or at most four games is an NFL betting system that can give you a great payout. 

Not only will you get better odds betting on an underdog, but with a parlay, it can increase your payout. The theory is the same for this NFL betting system betting on underdogs getting inflated odds. 

However, with a parlay that is harder to win, this NFL betting system is best when used with teams that are slight dogs and not major ones. 

The Run Game 

While the passing game is more glorified in today’s NFL game, one NFL betting system that many bettors use is betting on the team with the better run game. You have to take other things into account for this NFL betting system, such as if the team with the better run game is playing a team with a great run defense and if they have a poor pass defense and are playing against a team with a great passing offense. 

Still, from 2000 to 2018, a team that has rushed for at least 30 more yards than their opponent has covered the spread a whopping 75% of the time. 

The Martingale NFL Betting System 

The Martingale NFL betting system is one of the older betting systems dating back to the 18th century, and it is mainly used for casino games. But it is popular for betting on football as well. 

This NFL betting system is simple to follow, as you double your bet after every loss to ensure profits. While it is a good short-term NFL betting system, it is very high risk and may not be good for the whole season. 

The one danger is that you can get a hole rather quickly if you hit a losing streak. For example, if you start betting $20 per game and hit a four-game losing streak, you would already be in a $300 hole doubling your bet after each loss ($20 to $40 to $80 to $160). 

Not only are you in a hole, but using the NFL system again, you would have to bet $320 on the next game to come out ahead. The Martingale NFL betting system is usually used by bettors that have a significant bankroll. 

The Numbers Game 

There are also many NFL betting systems that break down the numbers showing you the most profitable bets to make. However, while these kinds of systems can work, you have to know the sample size of the numbers crunched and if it will apply for a current wager. 

There are complicated number NFL betting systems out there, and while they can work, they are difficult to understand and for more seasoned bettors. 

Beginners Should Start Slow 

No matter what NFL betting system you use, if you are a beginning bettor, you should start slow. Not only should you use more simple NFL betting systems but also make sure you know them inside and you before using it to make real money bets. 

Also, try out the system for a while for small betting amounts to see if the NFL betting system works for you. Beginning bettors that bet big are ones that tend to lose money quickly. 

Where to start using NFL betting systems?

Before starting to use betting systems on your NFL bets you should choose a sportsbook available on your state which matchs your preference. Most of the sportsbooks on every state will offer NFL options, but not all of them will offer the same ones. It is convenient that you review the legal states bookies list, because the operators may offer different conditions on each area. For example, Pennsylvania betting sites offer very interesting welcome offers to new customers, while New York sportsbooks wont.

NFL Betting Systems FAQ

What is the most profitable NFL betting system?
The most profitable NFL betting system is the one that helps you win money when making bets on NFL games. You cannot pinpoint one NFL betting system that will be better than another, as you have to try out the betting systems and see how it affects your bankroll.
Are there NFL totals betting systems?
Yes. There are totals betting systems where you are not picking games but basing the picks on the over and under totals. Many of those systems have to deal with matchups in games such as pass defense vs. pass offense.
Can I make money using NFL betting systems?
Yes. You can make money using NFL betting systems, but you have to use the right ones for the bets you are looking to make. NFL betting systems can work, but you have to use them in the right way. You also need to stick to your guns using the system even if you hit a hard patch, as that often happens in sports betting and in any type of betting for that matte
Where can I find legit NFL betting systems?
The best place to find NFL betting systems is the internet. Simply type in NFL betting systems, and there will be many of them that you can read about and that you can try out for games.