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How to bet on PUBG

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Betting on Battle Royale, PUBG

Developed and published by PUBG Corporation in December 2017, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, was the first game to introduce a new game genre dubbed Battle Royale. The newly developed game type has quickly proven to be a smash hit among gamers from all over the world, which consequently helped PUBG cement itself as one of the most successful games in history.

PUBG carried over its momentum into the world of esports. With the help of PUBG Corp., which put a great deal of effort into growing a strong presence in the world of esports, PUBG found its place at the top of the food chain of the competitive gaming industry.

Where there are esports and viewership, there is always room for esports betting. In this guide, we will dig deep into the world of PUBG betting and teach you how to bet on PUBG.

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PUBG: Basics and how it works

Before you place your first PUBG bet, you need to understand what PUBG is and how it's played.

PUBG is a multiplayer player versus player (PvP) online battle royale game, similar to Fortnite, Rings of Elysium, and Apex Legends. In the battle royale genre, a couple of dozen players parachute or otherwise drop from a plane onto an isolated island/map where they fight it out until the last man/squad standing. 

The number of players in a PUBG can vary depending on the game mode, with normal matches allowing up to 100 players. In contrast, esports tournaments usually cap at 64 participants in a bid to make the game easier to follow.

Once the players land on the map (approximately five by five miles in size), the game begins. Players can choose when and where they exit the plane, which affects the area of the map they land at the start of the game. 

Upon landing, each player is without any weapons or equipment, which they can acquire by scavenging the map and eliminating other players, who drop their acquired tools upon death. While the aim of the game is simple by its nature, things get a bit more complicated when other players are looking to eliminate you with any means necessary.

While the players are looking to get their hands on deadly weapons, and other gear, the playable area slowly starts to shrink. Starting from the outer edges of the map, a circle forms which begin to lessen in its size. 

Anyone caught outside of that circle starts taking damage, which eventually kills the player and eliminates him from the game. This creates a unique dynamic, leaving the player with no other choice but to funnel into the same area, which ushers more frequent confrontations and fast-paced gameplay.

Additionally, a player who gets killed by other players or otherwise loses all his health gets knocked down and can get revived by his teammate. The time in which the player can get revived is limited, which adds another dimension of teamwork that should be carefully analyzed when betting on PUBG.

PUBG Competitive scene

PUBG competitive is a bit different compared to other esports in a way that most of the official tournaments are organized by the game's publisher. While that means those tournaments see a high level of talent, professional broadcast and high prize pools, it also means there are not as many tournaments to bet on.

The PUBG competitive scene is divided into nine distinct regions, all with their own leagues that create a slate of professional tournaments and leagues that are played across the year all over the world. After the season ends, the top PUBG teams in the world come together to duke it out at the PUBG Global Championship, which takes place in autumn.

All professional PUBG matches pit together 16 squads of four players, who compete together as a team. The PUBG competitive ecosystem uses only two out of four available maps in Erangel and Miramar.

Betting on PUBG - Basics

Betting on PUBG can be both exciting and very risky since the game by its nature is very random. The success of any given team relies on the skill of the players, teamwork, and luck with finding the right weapons and equipment as they scavenge the map. 

Although the randomness does make placing a wager riskier, the betting odds offered on PUBG matches are also higher to compensate for that.

PUBG bet types

Outrights are the most common markets on offer in PUBG betting, due to the format in which PUBG matches are played. While there are theoretical options to add other markets such as handicaps or totals, the unpredictability of PUBG's gameplay makes it very hard for bookmakers to do so.

While that might seem very restrictive for any aspiring PUBG bettor, you have to remember that everyone who bets on PUBG is put in the same situation. Furthermore, the addition of map winner and proposition markets provide all PUBG bettors with plenty of betting opportunities to take advantage of.

How to Bet on PUBG Moneyline

Moneyline or Outright bets is the main market in the PUBG betting world commonly used by the esports bettors. With this bet type, you're predicting which PUBG team will win the match or the whole series.

As an example, we will look at Moneyline odds offered on PUBG Global Invitational 2018:

  • Natus Vincere: 4.50 (+350)
  • Team Liquid: 6.00 (+500)
  • Knights: 7.00 (+600)
  • WTSG: 9.00 (+800)
  • Gen.G Gold 9.00 (+800)

As seen, even the favorites are priced as high as 4.50 (+350) to win the tournament, while the second-favorites are priced at 6.00 (+500). The most exciting thing about this example, however, is that Gen.G Gold won the tournament, earning bettors a hefty payout, which only goes to show how lucrative betting on PUBG can be to those who know how to approach it.

How to Bet on PUBG Map winner

Map winner bets will be found only in tournaments/competitions where the teams will play more than one map. With this type of bet, you're betting on a particular team to win one map out of a series of maps.

When it comes to PUBG map betting, the thought process is similar to Moneyline betting; however, the dynamic changes if you're betting on map winner in-play. Understanding the game and optimal landing positions will help you determine a team's chances to win any given map.

This goes to show that knowing only which teams are the strongest is often not enough when predicting which team has the highest chance to win the "Chicken Dinner."

How to Bet on PUBG Futures

With PUBG futures betting, you're not predicting a winner of a certain game or series, but you're instead predicting which team will win a major tournament.

The futures markets are often available long before the event begins, and just like Moneyline bets, futures bets offer very generous odds. Anyone looking to bet on PUBG should keep in mind that timing is everything - placing a bet on a PUBG team to win a certain tournament at the right time can provide you with very generous odds and consequently, a higher potential payout.

How to bet on PUBG In-Play

In-play or live betting is not only the most exciting way to bet on PUBG but also the best type of bet you can make. With in-play betting, you are placing a wager while the game is played, which often provides you with crucial information that helps you place the right bet.

The best part of in-play betting is that the odds often remain virtually the same as they did before the match started, so you will not be put in any disadvantage if you decide to place your bets while the match is played.

Battle Royale games such as PUBG are perfect for live betting since most of the action and the best betting opportunities happen long after the match has begun. Since there are 64 players dropped into the same map, the volatility of the match slows down only once there are merely a couple of dozen players left. 

That significantly reduces the risk and helps you avoid gambling with your money, but instead allows you to make educated decisions based on what has happened in the game and which team is in the best position to walk away triumphant.

Where to bet on PUBG

PUBG has already earned its rightful place in esports betting. While it is still lacking behind League of Legends, DOTA 2 and CS:GO, in terms of popularity among esports bettors, there are a plethora of bookmakers who allow PUBG Betting.

Since the battle royale betting is still in its infancy, many bookmakers still don't know how to approach it. For that reason, finding the right bookmaker for your PUBG betting endeavor is a crucial element that can make or break your success story. Here we will look at some of the best available betting websites that accept bets on PUBG.


Not only will ArcaneBet provide you with numerous PUBG betting opportunities, but also do so at the highest level of quality. ArcaneBet stands out not only due to the quality of their service, but also the lively user interface that offers live streaming of all the ongoing matches, which will provide you with all the needed information for in-play betting.


A sportsbook with a lot of experience in its field, GG.Bet is widely regarded as one of the best esports bookmakers in the industry. On GG.Bet, you can also chat with other users of the website, who might provide you with their own insight about the matches, helping you make the right decisions.


When it comes to the best esports bookmakers, there are only a few that can compare to Betway. This bookmaker is regarded as one of the most professional in both sports and esports scene.

It allows you to bet with money, as well as with in-game cosmetic items if the esports title you bet on allows it. With fast, reliable, and secure payouts, Betway is one esports bookmaker that deserves all the praise it can get.

PUBG Betting strategies and tips

With that, we have come to the end of our "How to bet on PUBG" guide, but there is still one more thing to do. To be a successful PUBG bettor, you should learn a few tips and tricks that will get you an advantage over other bettors and bookmakers.

Play and learn the game yourself

Understanding the metagame, the optimal drop zones, and other factors will be crucial in your PUBG betting endeavor. While it's easy to get a firm grasp of the basics by watching other people play, playing the game yourself will help you learn all small details that are often hidden from the less-experienced PUBG bettors.

Use the beta servers in your advantage

Just like any esports title, PUBG is no immune to changes that come with game updates. Although game-changing updates and patches are rare, they can completely shake up the meta, which more times than not also reshuffles the balance of power between professional teams.

Understanding the game's meta will go a long way in your PUBG betting journey, but waiting for the update to drop and only then learn all the alterations will work against you. For that reason, joining PUBG beta servers, where you can test the changes, is one of the best steps you can take to get yourself ahead of the curve. 

If you're wondering how to get the PUBG beta version, it's simple! All you need to do is search for PUBG beta download link and download it to your device.

Be aware, however, that PUBG beta is not the real game. It is only a way to give the developers a chance to test the new updates they are planning on introducing to the game, meaning that PUBG beta items, weapons, and other additions might not make it to the final version of the game.

Do the needed research

Betting at its core is a game of information, and information is often hard to come by. Playing a bet on a team just because you have a hunch they will win won't cut it. 

You need to put in time and energy to study the player's strengths and weaknesses as well as learn the meta strategies and only then place a bet.

Playing the game and testing out the upcoming changes in beta PUBG are two very important steps to get a better understanding of the game; however, this is only half the battle. As with any other form of betting, be it esports or sports, you need to do your own research about the players and teams to make educated bets.

Manage your bankroll

This one can be applied to betting on any esports or sports title. Managing your bankroll, knowing where and how much to bet is an important skill every bettor should have. 

There will be weeks or months when your bets won't win, and only then you will realize how important managing your entire bankroll is. Betting can be unpredictable, and there are no guaranteed winners.

How to Bet on PUBG FAQ

Is PUBG popular?

PUBG is one of the most popular esports titles in the world, averaging well over 500,000 monthly players. Although it still ranks behind League of Legends and CS:GO, PUBG’s esports scene is rapidly expanding.

There is always a level of skepticism when it comes to how long an esports title will remain popular; however, with PUBG, its player base growth is a reason enough to believe PUBG is here to stay.

Can I make money betting on PUBG?

Of course! Betting on PUBG can be just as profitable as betting on any other esports, and in some instances, it can even be more lucrative.

This is, however, another one of those things, which is easier said than done. Extensive research and understanding of the game will be needed to start earning money with betting, but once you master the craft, nothing is stopping you from making money betting on PUBG.

What is beta PUBG mobile game?

PUBG Mobile beta is the beta version of PUBG. The main difference between the beta and the official version of the game is that in beta, you can get a sneak peek into the game’s latest features that will become available with the next update.

However, the PUBG beta is only available on mobile devices, meaning you will have to download PUBG mobile beta on your mobile device instead of on your PC. Finding the download links is as easy as Googling “PUBG beta iOS” or “PUBG beta Android,” so nothing is stopping you from trying it out.

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