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How to Bet on NFL – Expert Guide to NFL Betting

NFL betting attracts millions because the National Football League is the most popular sport in the United States. It’s therefore unsurprising that many people want to know how to bet on NFL in simple and effective ways.

In this Expert Guide to NFL Betting, we will discuss what kind of football betting opportunities are available and how they work. We’ll also share the best ways of making the most out of them.

Make no mistake, the NFL provides plenty of events that you can bet on outside of regular-season games. Even though the NFL season is played from September through February, betting on the NFL is a year-round phenomenon. This is precisely why is it so important to know how to bet on NFL.

NFL Betting: Events to Bet On

Even though the regular season gets the most attention from bettors, there are many other online NFL betting events to look at as well. Each event offers its own ways to bet on NFL games, and almost every online sportsbook will offer markets for them. Here is a brief description of each event in turn.

How to Bet on NFL in Each Year's Draft

How to Bet on NFL in Each Year's Draft

The NFL Draft is held each year in April with all teams relishing the opportunity to improve their rosters with new talent, and this is where online NFL betting begins. This is a huge event that spans three days, and each of those days is crammed with opportunities for NFL draft betting and hopefully win. You can put a wager on First Player Drafted, Team’s First Player Drafted, Position of Team’s First Pick, Team to Draft Player, and many more different over/under & prop bets, etc.

How to Bet on NFL Preseason

How to Bet on NFL Preseason

Even though the games don't actually count for anything, having a bet on NFL games preseason is extremely popular. Most online NFL betting fans view the four games as a warmup to the real season. Not only for the teams and players but also for the bettors themselves.

How to Bet on NFL During the Regular Season

How to Bet on NFL During the Regular Season

For online gambling USA has got a clear favorite in terms of sports – the regular season of the NFL. This is undoubtedly the biggest moneymaker for online sportsbooks in the country. The regular season runs from September through December, and provides at least three days of action each week for those who want to bet on NFL games. We will discuss the common NFL betting types during the regular season later in this article, from moneylines to NFL prop bets.

How to Bet on NFL All-Star Game: Pro Bowl

How to Bet on NFL All-Star Game: Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is the annual NFL All-Star Game that is held in Orlando, Florida. The Pro Bowl takes place the week before the Super Bowl. Sportsbooks will offer many NFL betting lines around the Pro Bowl. For those of you who are astute enough to pay attention to NFL betting trends, it is important to note that this game is traditionally more high-scoring than regular-season ones.

How to Bet on NFL's Biggest Game: The Super Bowl

How to Bet on NFL's Biggest Game: The Super Bowl

This is by far the biggest sporting event of the year – the game that defines the new NFL champion with record-smashing TV audiences, and so there is no surprise that Super Bowl bets are so popular. There is more online NFL gambling action taken during the Super Bowl than during any other sporting event. This mega-event will provide the common NFL betting types along with a few others. For example, NFL prop bets are huge during the Super Bowl and bettors can find great value in them.

NFL Betting - Types & Markets

NFL Draft Betting
NFL Betting Markets Explained

Even though online NFL betting on the Super Bowl and the Draft is extremely popular, the most common bet on NFL games online concerns regular-season games. There are three main online NFL betting types that are offered by the sportsbooks – the moneyline, spread, and over/under. NFL future bets and NFL prop bets are also offered. We will explain how each of those betting types works in the following sections. To illustrate our points, we will discuss hypothetical matchups. This will help to clarify how to do your NFL betting online.

How to Bet on NFL Moneyline

The moneyline market is a common way to bet on NFL games online, although spread betting markets are more popular. A moneyline bet is simply choosing the outright winner of an NFL game. Here's how to bet on NFL online using this market.

Each team will have odds assigned to them by the sportsbook, and these will be based on the probability of each team winning the game. Here is an example:

Washington Football Team-135
Dallas Cowboys+145
NFL Moneyline Example

The WFT are the favorites in this matchup, as noted by the (-) sign in front of their odds. This means that it would take a $135 bet to win $100.

Dallas is the underdog, as noted by the (+) sign. A $100 bet on the Cowboys would win you $145.

How to Bet on NFL for Spread

NFL spread betting is extremely common, and this is sometimes referred to as betting against the spread. Spread betting not only requires you to choose the winner of each game but also how much they will win by. Here is an example:

Chicago Bears+6.5
Denver Broncos-6.5
NFL Spread Example

In this example, the Broncos are the favorites, so the sportsbook has given them a handicap of -6.5 points. This means that the team would have to win the game by at least a touchdown (seven points) for a bet on them to win. The Bears, on the other hand, have been given a +6.5 points advantage, so a bet on them would win as long as they don't lose by more than 6 points.

How to Bet NFL for Over/Under

Over/under betting NFL is sometimes referred to as point total betting. An NFL over/under bet focuses on the total number of points scored by the two teams in a game. There's no need to focus on the winner or loser when you bet on NFL games online in this market, as long as you are able to pick the point total correctly. In terms of over/under betting NFL offers a bunch of interesting possibilities.

Over 42.5-110
Under 42.5-110
NFL Over/Under Example

As in the example above, most sportsbooks will offer lines at -110 for each side of this bet. Bet Over and if the total number of points in the game is 43 or more, the bet would win. If you bet on Under, you would need a total of 42 or less for the bet to win. As you can see, the over/under betting NFL Odds market provides relatively easy ways for making a winning wager.

How to Make NFL Prop Bets

NFL prop bets will be offered throughout the NFL regular season, but they are particularly popular during the Super Bowl. A prop bet on games gives the bettor a chance to enjoy online NFL gambling while focusing on something other than the final score or winning team.

Here are some examples of some NFL prop bets that might be offered during the Super Bowl:

  • How many passing yards will Tom Brady throw for?
  • How long will the National Anthem take?
  • Will there be a wardrobe malfunction during the Halftime show?

Other NFL prop bets can of course be found, so see what your favorite sportsbook offers about the games you are personally interested in. These wagers follow the latest NFL betting trends on the market and contain hidden value. That’s why they are so attractive to the public and many people search for a good bet guide to help them benefit.

How to Bet on NFL In-Game

Live NFL betting is becoming more and more popular with every passing day. Once the game starts, you will be flooded by tens or even hundreds of new betting opportunities. And it all changes by the second because the game situations are simultaneously changing with supersonic speed. You may bet on halves and quarters, on drives, or many different prop bets.

How to Make NFL Future Bets

A future bet in the NFL is one that‘s made on something that takes place – as you would expect – in the future. Sportsbooks will offer NFL future bets on the final outcome of the season or individual player awards.

Here are a few common NFL future bets that you could make:

  • Who will win the Super Bowl.
  • Odds to win the AFC or NFC Championship.
  • Who will be named the regular-season MVP.
  • Odds to land No. 1 overall draft pick.
  • Projected win totals for each NFL team.

It's important to note that odds for NFL future bets change constantly, and you will need to search for the ones that offer great value. There is a chance for a big payday by placing NFL future bets, but it is also hard to make the right pick. This type of wagering is more adventurous than lots of others. Most reasonable bettors, therefore, keep their stakes on NFL future bets to a modest level.

How to Bet on NFL Parlays

When we bet on parlays, we wager on multiple teams to win or cover the spread. The tricky thing here is that all outcomes must be winners for you to claim a winning bet.

How to Bet on NFL at Opening Odds, Before Kick-off and In-Game

NFL betting before kick-off or during a game
NFL betting before kick-off or during a game

There are three main times of putting a bet on NFL games online – after the release of the opening odds, just before kick-off, and during the game. We will show you the advantages and the disadvantages of each type of wager according to the moment you choose to place it. Knowing how to bet on sports at the right time is really an art in itself.

NFL Betting after the Appearance of the Opening Odds

The pros are less than the cons here. Yes, you will bet on the original odds and won’t care about the NFL betting trends until the game has finished. On the other hand, you may miss much better odds depending on the betting volume and the news about any influential players missing the game.

NFL Betting Before Kick-off

By doing that, you will make the best possible bet based on the latest news about the game from reputable sources. The problem here is that the odds for your wager may have moved down in comparison with the opening lines. Hence, if you want to bet right before kick-off, you must still follow the market before that, so you don’t miss the best offer.

NFL Betting During a Game

This is the masters’ territory in terms of NFL betting trends! In case you’re wondering how to bet on NFL games online while the action is unfolding right in front of you, here are some pros and cons.

Firstly, you should know in detail the skills and character of both teams and all their players on the field. Then, you must be aware of their past games and how they play against each other and in similar circumstances - in a specific kick-off time and weather.

This way you can foresee their reaction to any possible event during the game. The odds are being adjusted in real-time and you can wait for the right moment to place your winning bet. Plus, it’s way more fun. You will feel like a part of the spectacle. The big minus of this type of NFL betting is that you may miss the best odds in a matter of seconds because they are changing in a superfast manner.

Our Best Tips for Reasonable & Successful NFL Betting

Our Best Tips for Reasonable & Successful NFL Betting
Our Best Tips for Reasonable & Successful NFL Betting
  • Always bet with safe online NFL betting sites – use any of the listed in our NFL betting guide and you are good to go.
  • Before you accept any bonuses or rewards, read the conditions carefully – this way you’ll be spared of disappointments
  • Don’t underestimate the odds – they are determined by the most progressive minds in the business and there is nothing random about them. If you are in need of NFL betting help, the odds and lines will show you a lot of answers.
  • While you’re looking through our NFL Betting Guide, check out other useful articles on the website – this way you will learn all about different types of NFL betting like moneyline, point spread, over/under and much more.
  • Always use only trusted sources when searching for team and player info for your bets – the official NFL website is the most secure one, so don’t hesitate to enter it.
  • Exploit player prop bets instead of the ordinary types of wagers – be mindful that the more popular a sport is, the more difficult it is to win a bet there. The lines are almost impeccable in terms of accuracy and so hard to beat. Find better value elsewhere.
  • Bet as an expert and not as a fan – don’t fall in the trap of emotions because that’s the fastest way to losing a wager. Follow the latest NFL betting trends, research as much and as advanced stats as possible and check the injuries & suspensions news. In other words, act as an expert and bet on what will probably happen and not on what you want to happen. If you don’t have the time and sources needed, use trustworthy experts for thoroughly researched NFL picks. Like ours, of course. They base their selected predictions on advanced stats and tested algorithms plus knowing all the details about teams and players in the league.

Online NFL Betting: The Best Sportsbooks and Where They Operate

NFL betting at the best sportsbooks
NFL betting at the best sportsbooks

Online sports betting has become extremely popular in the United States, and a growing number of states are legalizing the pastime. It’s easy to see why betting on the internet is one of the most popular NFL betting trends. The convenience of putting a wager through your own mobile device instead of having to visit retail sportsbooks attracts a lot of people. There’s also the flexibility of being able to bet wherever and whenever one wants.

In case you are wondering whether online NFL betting is legal in your own state, take a look at our online betting USA page to get clarification. Here below and at the beginning of this page, we give you the short answers.

If online sports betting is legal there, then you can check out our detailed reviews. You will surely find the best online sportsbook that suits all your needs and wishes in our detailed list. Then the only thing left for you is to start betting with the help of our expert advice and reap the rewards. For the moment, we offer you a short summary of some of the top sportsbook apps for NFL betting and in which states you can put bets legally with them.


  • This betting giant’s app offers a tremendous user experience and captivating graphics. The Same Game Parlay is the feature here that makes NFL betting so appealing with FanDuel.
  • NFL Betting is legal online with FanDuel in these states: AZ, CO, IA, IL, IN, MI, NJ, PA, TN, VA & WV


  • BetMGM gives you an easy to navigate online NFL betting platform. In this ever-growing in popularity app everyone will discover their favourite bets and attractive betting lines.
  • NFL Betting is legal online with BetMGM in these states: AZ, CO, DC, IA, IN, MI, NJ, NV, PA, TN, VA, WY & WV


  • This is one of the apps for online NFL betting that’s held in highest regard. Many features are attractive in the DraftKings app but perhaps the most liked one is the live betting experience.
  • NFL Betting is legal online with DraftKings in these states: AZ, CO, IA, IL, IN, MI, NJ, NH, PA, TN, VA, WV & WY

BetRivers Sportsbook

  • The BetRivers online NFL betting app is so easy to bet with and has everything you need in store. Another thing that deserves a mention is the rewards program – make sure you take advantage of it.
  • NFL Betting is legal online with BetRivers in these states: CO, IL, IA, IN, MI, PA & VA


  • You want top-notch user experience for NFL betting on your mobile device? Then this app, which started making its way in the USA in 2019, has to be up there with the best on the market. The PointsBetting feature is a terrific one, a real trade mark for PointsBet.
  • NFL Betting is legal online with PointsBet in these states: CO, IA, IL, IN, MI, NJ & WV

Online NFL Betting: How to Pick the Best App for You

This NFL betting guide would not be complete without giving you the right criteria for choosing the perfect online app for you. Make sure you check all factors and this will provide you with the best user experience and security. Here they are, so take advantage.

Safety First

Remember to always check the online sportsbook before you make any deposits. The company behind the app must have a good reputation, building trust for years and years on the market.

NFL Betting Bonuses

Almost all betting websites offer bonuses for joining or being loyal. Check the market and make sure you pick the sportsbook with the best bonus possible. This is the NFL betting help every player should profit from. Anyway, first read the terms and conditions carefully before you commit.


Offering more payment methods and options than the competition is another way of finding out which sportsbook app you should pick. Credit/debit cards, money transfers, e-wallets, checks, and even cryptocurrency are used for deposits and withdrawals by the NFL betting websites. And most of them accept not only US dollars but other currencies too, like Euro, Pounds, and Canadian and Australian dollars.

User Experience

Go for the online NFL betting app that gives you the ultimate user experience. The interface must be simple, navigation should be easy and the design has to be up-to-date. Good apps also offer more language versions and not just one in English. Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, and more are available too.

Customer Service and Support

In case you are in urgent need of help with your bets, there must be someone from the customer service and support team ready to fix the problem. The leading sportsbooks, which are present in our NFL Betting Guide, are there for you 24/7 with their teams working on the phone or in live chats and emails. This is a real mark of top-quality service.

Signing Up at a Sportsbook for NFL Betting

Caesars Sportsbook registration
Signing Up at a Sportsbook for NFL Betting

After you choose the perfect sportsbook for your needs, it’s time to sign up. Your email address and deposit information will be enough to get you started. The process is smooth and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Give the required info in the signup form and the answer will come soon with a confirmation email. Don’t forget to claim your bonuses and free bets – you’ve earned the chance to start with bigger NFL betting funds.

NFL Betting in Vegas

Learn how to bet on NFL in online sportsbooks and in Vegas

Nowadays it’s normal to see online wagering as one of the leading NFL betting trends. Let’s not forget though that Las Vegas used to be the only place in the United States where it was possible to bet on football. That has obviously changed in recent times, but NFL betting in Vegas is just as exciting as it ever was. And the good news is that if you understand how to bet on NFL as previously described, you already know all you need to enjoy NFL betting in Vegas. It’s because the principles are exactly the same. You might even find some Vegas-exclusive NFL prop bets to profit from!

We at How To Bet hope you have found on this page all you need for successful NFL betting. Enjoy the ride and bet with your head, not with your heart, by profiting from our NFL predictions.

How to Bet on NFL FAQ

Is Live Betting available on the NFL?
The answer to this question is yes! Live betting is available on all of the events that we covered above. You simply need to use a sportsbook that offers the facility.Live betting can add some extra excitement to the NFL season and your betting experience.
How many NFL games are there?
The NFL regular season spans 17 weeks. Each team plays a total of 16 regular-season games, with one week being a bye week. The NFL preseason is four weeks long, and each team plays four games.
Where can I watch the NFL?
You can watch the NFL on a variety of networks. FOX and CBS show the games that are played on Sunday each week. NBC will show games on Sunday night and some Saturdays. NFL Network will have games on Thursday night, and ESPN is the host of Monday Night Football each week. Most NFL games are also available to be streamed on any mobile device or tablet.
Can I buy online NFL betting picks?
If you want to pay for online NFL betting picks, there are people who are selling them. The main reason to buy NFL betting picks is to get some extra information when making your NFL bets.It takes plenty of time and research to be a successful NFL bettor, but buying online NFL betting picks can take some of that off of your plate.
What type of online NFL betting markets should I focus on?
It’s important to find the online NFL betting market that works for you and stick with it. Each event offers different betting opportunities, and they are all great.Choose the betting market that you understand the best, and place some bets on the event that you are most passionate about.
What does over/under betting NFL mean?
This is a reference to the over/under betting market that requires you to predict whether the total number of points in a game will be over or under a figure stated by the sportsbook.