CFL Football Betting Lines and Trends: An Expert Guide on How to Bet

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Understanding CFL Football Betting Lines and Trends

Knowing how to read CFL football betting lines and trends is a skill that differentiates a lot from understanding NFL betting lines and trends.

“Football is football, and you know football. So knowing how to bet on sports or, on one league isn’t much different than betting on another.”

Those are the words of the inexperienced sports bettor who is setting himself up for a really bad week of results. While the fundamentals of the game are the same, as is the structure of football betting, each league comes with its own set of unique data that must be considered before placing bets.

For the CFL, specifically, this includes unique rules that result in different offensive strategies than the NFL, as well as far fewer teams and games in which to place bets. This makes Canadian Football League betting a truly one-of-a-kind experience. And therefore understanding the CFL betting lines and trends is an absolute must.

Point Spread Betting

A seven-point spread in CFL betting lines works just like it does in American football. But that doesn’t mean it’s equal between the leagues.

Seven points is the magic number because of the obvious connection to a touchdown (six points) and extra point (one point). This is shared between the two countries, as are field goals and safeties. 

But in Canada, they have what is called a single or rouge, which awards the kicking team one point if they can prevent the return team from clearing the end zone. The CFL football betting lines reflect that fact.

With an average margin of victory in the CFL at less than three points total, that one-point scoring play can make a huge difference in your bet.

Totals Betting

Because of a longer field, 12 players aside, and only three downs to get a first down, instead of the American four, the CFL also sees a different average point total than what sports bettors are used to in the NFL. 

In 2019, the NFL averaged just over 45 points per game, which was actually down from 2018. In 2019, the CFL averaged 43 total points per game.

As always, do your research before assuming that the greater passing of the CFL means a high total on over/under betting. With different rules, a different field, and different coaching philosophies, you get different results. And again, CFL football betting lines reflect that. Know your numbers before placing any bets.

Contrarian Strategy

Human nature gravitates to a winner. When we look at the CFL football betting lines, we like to bet on the better team, just as we like to bet for higher scoring. In almost every major sport that you can gamble on, the evidence for this betting psychology is overwhelming.

So when looking for a good sports betting strategy, placing bets contrary to the way most people (and the CFL betting lines) are leaning is a great way to go. There is a reason more and more top online sportsbooks are popping up, and that's because it’s profitable. By and large, the public loses, so why would you want to follow them?

Fewer Games, More Eyes

A good gambler is always looking for an advantage in the CFL football betting lines. They hunt tirelessly for an exploitable point spread. 

But keep in mind that with just nine teams and only four games per week, finding that advantage is much more challenging.

When you can fit all four game previews onto one screen, games don’t hide - unlike in college football, where you can find point spreads that garner very little attention.

So don’t fall into the trap that some CFL bettors do. With only four games to play, they often feel the pressure to take on the CFL betting lines in all four. Only do that if you have the bankroll for it and the intel to justify it.

CFL Grey Cup Betting

The CFL Grey Cup is a trophy given to the winner of the championship game that takes place at the end of the season between the divisional playoff winners. This is the highlight of the Canadian Football League for many fans and bettors, and so it's no surprise that sportsbooks offer plenty of Grey Cup betting opportunities. Bettors can also take advantage of odds on CFL playoffs which lead up to the big championship game.

The odds on CFL playoffs work in exactly the same way as in regular games, so Grey Cup betting markets don't pose any more of a challenge than normal Canadian Football League betting markets. Of course, picking winners also doesn't get any easier, so you'll still need to do your homework and proceed in a logical and well-reasoned manner. Playoffs are held in November, and sportsbooks will offer odds on CFL playoffs as they unfold. 

Canadian Football League betting fans who want to make CFL predictions Grey Cup-related will have plenty of Grey Cup betting markets to choose from. The Grey Cup point spread market is always particularly popular, and there will be a fair number of other CFL betting lines and CFL odds Grey Cup fans can look at, not to mention prop betting markets.

CFL betting trends may or may not be useful when tackling the Grey Cup point spread and other markets. Championship games can be tricky to predict in any sport, and Canadian football is no exception. Our advice is to take CFL betting trends into consideration, but don't be afraid of opposing the CFL Grey Cup point spread if you have good reason to do so. 

One of the giants of Daily Fantasy Sports that has since transitioned into a fully functioning sportsbook, FanDuel offers a complete range of CFL football betting lines, including futures bets and propositions. They also offer live betting on CFL games and CFL odds Grey Cup bettors can look at.

FanDuel is online, available on mobile devices, and in various retail locations across the country.

The number one sportsbook in America, Caesers Sportbook is also familiar with CFL betting trends. This sportsbook offers live CFL wagering, the full menu of game wagers, as well as season proposition bets and CFL odds Grey Cup bettors, will be interested in. Caesars Sportsbook is currently available in nine U.S. states.

For many people who grew up around American football, CFL betting lines are still a bit of an unknown. And even if you’ve watched CFL games, or even wagered on them, you still might have some questions. Fortunately, we also have the answers, as you'll see in the following FAQ section.

Canadian Football League Betting FAQ

Which is Easier: NFL betting or Canadian Football League betting?
There is no wrong or right answer to this, other than to say don’t place wagers on games you haven’t researched. And if you send the appropriate amount of time getting the information about a particular Canadian Football League matchup, place your wager with confidence.
Regarding CFL betting trends, do rivalries matter in CFL betting?
Yes, absolutely. The rivalries are quite heated and, in many cases, feel more like college football rivalries in their intensity. One of the biggest rivalries is between Winnipeg and Saskatchewan, and when those two match up, almost anything can happen. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Toronto Argonauts are also bitter foes with just 40 miles separating the two. When betting on the CFL, always know the rivalries.
Is betting on the Grey Cup similar to betting on the Super Bowl?
Very much so. The Grey Cup is a massive event in Canada and quite often outdraws the Stanley Cup Finals and the Super Bowl on Canadian television. It’s also packed full of proposition bets very much like the Super Bowl, making it one of the premier betting events anywhere on the sports calendar.
What does CFL stand for?
CFL stands for Canadian Football League.
When does the CFL season start?
The CFL season normally starts in the middle of June and ends in November.
Where can I find CFL predictions Grey Cup related?
Most sports networks will publish their opinions and predictions about the Grey Cup as the big game approaches.