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HowToBet.com offers one of the world’s most comprehensive online betting guides website. Our mission is to help make online betting safe, fun and easy. Here at How to Bet, you can find more than 500+ how-to guides freely available, all written by seasoned betting professionals.

More guides are being added on a weekly basis in a continued effort to educate anyone interested in what is now a $250 billion betting industry. Our mission is to help you learn how to bet on anything and everything. We all have had to start somewhere, especially when it comes to the world of betting. 

Your Sports Betting Journey Starts Here

The journey to betting on anything should not be a daunting one, because nothing is more frustrating than not having the answers you need to the betting questions you have. In providing you with important information on the betting landscape, you can learn how to bet, and know about the important tools to help you play safely, legally and to make your bets more fun and hopefully profitable

We have been there and know how you feel. Our players every day are looking for an answer to their questions, such as "how to bet on the Super Bowl," "how to bet on the Kentucky Derby," "how to bet on football" or even more niche queries such as "how to bet on Dancing with the Stars." 

Our Mission

As a brand, our ultimate purpose and goal are to provide you with the leadership and answers to the betting world for whatever you want to bet on. For you to succeed, we need to do our job first. We want you to know the topic at hand, inside and out, and to have the mindset to make the best bets possible. 

Whatever the topic or subject, we give you the best content and easy-to-follow information. We tell help you learn how to bet, tell you where to bet and highlight what to bet on with informative betting guides, lines, odds and news articles to enhance your betting experience.

Your satisfaction is what drives us to continue making great content!

What We Do 

We, as a group, are a team of industry experts. It is our desire to showcase our attention to detail and to focus on hard data, statistics, and fact-checking. 

We believe that the best answers to betting questions revolve around certain styles. By using numbers, since they cannot lie, we feel it gives a more accurate estimate of the sport at hand. 

We promote fair play and responsible gaming. We also proudly say it as it is, so no "sugar-coating," no BS, no fluff. Straight to the point to make sure you understand what you are getting into. 

Sharp focus on informing and not promoting. We value our time to make sure that your time is being well spent learning with our content. 

In a Nutshell

    What We Stand For

    You've come to the right place to learn how to bet on anything. 

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