Super Bowl Prop Bets: Best Props in Our Complete Betting Guide

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Super Bowl prop bets, known also as Super Bowl proposition bets or Super Bowl side bets, are becoming a real highlight in a greatly popular event in which more money is wagered compared to any other. This is why you should know in detail how to bet on it and we’re here to help with our complete guide.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are wagered on the Big Game and its surrounding events every year and that goes back to when Las Vegas was the only city for legal football betting. Now, with more and more states taking sports bets and with these online sites & apps galore, Super Bowl will certainly become the most wagered-on game of all time.

And it starts with the Super Bowl prop bets. There are thousands of them and on this page we will show you all there is to know about this side of NFL betting for the greatest game of them all. Get ready to learn about the best Super Bowl prop bets can offer and how to take advantage of them. A brief advice for a start: create your own narrative for the contest and stick to it, look around for the best odds and don’t forget that props serve mostly for fun. If you are serious about making money from this mega event, check our Super Bowl bets page.

What Are Super Bowl Prop Bets?

Super Bowl prop bets are wagers on events and incidents that are related to the Big Game but quite unrelated to the overall outcome of the matchup itself. They often concern more entertaining aspects of the contest, and some of the top online sportsbooks specialize in offering weird and fun Super Bowl prop bets. This type is not the only one you can wager on though. There are game/team/player props, TV & entertainment props, and even cross-sports props. All of them concern everything that might happen before, during and after the Big Game so that you can have an even more exciting experience watching it.

These props can be quite difficult to win with. The Super Bowl prop bet odds are generally higher than NFL odds in regular betting markets to reflect that fact. Even so, because the wagers themselves are more difficult to land, most bettors keep their stakes much lower than in the main result-oriented markets. In fact, the most serious of punters reasonably view Super Bowl props as little more than entertaining side bets.

Most Popular Super Bowl Prop Bets

We explain what Super Bowl Prop Bets are

While the exact details of the best Super Bowl prop bets offered by sportsbooks will always depend on the teams, players, and music stars playing, there are several general types of props that tend to be offered every year. Let's take a look at some of the most popular ones that you are likely to come across regardless of who is involved.

Prop Bets on Player Odds to Win the Super Bowl

This might be the most important of all Super Bowl player props and here’s what you need to know before you put a wager on it. The MVP award in the Big Game is not a prize in a popularity contest but an objective measure of the value of a player for his team performance. Position is a fundamental factor too and you may not be surprised to learn that quarterbacks have 31 MVP awards, which is historically more than double the number of all other positions combined. No tight end or kicker has been honored for example, and only one special teamer has achieved it (the kick returner Desmond Howard in 1997 with his epic performance). Keep it in mind if you’re going to place a wager on this type of Super Bowl player props.

First Touchdown of the Game

Here your task is to bet on which player will make the first touchdown of the game. Many bettors like this market because it offers particularly good Super Bowl prop bet odds. Being able to make a winning prediction here is tricky, but the rewards for success are good. One possible approach to this market is to focus on the favorites and go with the one playing for the team you want to win. He might not make the first touchdown but your wager will have a good chance of succeeding and you'd probably prefer to cheer for someone on your own team than on someone playing for the opposition.

Anytime Touchdown

Another market that you are likely to come across concerns whether or not a particular player will score a touchdown at any time during the game. For this type of Super Bowl player props, each of the names on the rosters will be offered odds that reflect the sportsbook's assessment of their chances. So if you do your homework and form your own opinion, you can then decide whether or not you want to strike a bet on a particular player at the odds being offered.

Passing Yards Over/Under

Here the sportsbook will offer odds about a player passing Over or Under a stated number of yards. Which way you bet will of course depend on your own estimate of the number you're likely to see from a particular player. Looking at his average performance over the course of the season as a whole can be useful here. You can also look at the last few games leading up to the Big Game to see if recent performance is significantly different than the season-long average.

Receiving Yards Over/Under

To bet on player's receiving yards, the sportsbook will once again draw its own line in the sand and you simply have to bet on the actual number of receiving yards being Over or Under that mark. As in the passing yards market, your best approach here is to look at a player's performance both over the whole season and also over the last few games to see how the stats compare. You can then look at the odds available and strike your bet according to what makes the most sense to you.

First Offensive Play

One of the most popular Super Bowl side bets asks: ‘Will the first play of the game from scrimmage be a run or a pass?’ Again, this is one of the simpler props. If both teams have good quarterbacks, both coaches like to throw the ball, and both teams defend better against the run than they do against the pass, we'd be inclined to go with a pass. If the opposite is true, we'd go with a run.

Named Team Over/Under

This is one of the more serious Super Bowl props, so it certainly isn't like the fun side bets we’ll describe in a minute. Your task here is to determine whether the named team will score over or under a total stated by the sportsbook. We have included this market here because the regular Over/Under one requires you to wager on the total number of points scored by both teams combined. With this market, you're betting on the total of just one team, and so you can win even if the team in question doesn't win the game itself.

First Quarter Points Over/Under

This betting market requires you to predict whether the total number of points scored in the first quarter will be over or under the figure quoted by the sportsbook. Again, this is a prop bet because the outcome of it doesn't depend on the outcome of the game. In fact, your wager will be settled at the end of the first quarter.

When betting in this market of Super Bowl proposition bets, bear in mind that teams generally come out in the Big Game a little tight, and try to get a feel for each other. It’s like a big-time prizefight where the boxers are strategizing in the early rounds. We would therefore expect the number of points in the first quarter to be fairly modest, especially if one or both teams tend to be slow starters.

Fun Super Bowl Prop Bets

Check some weird and fun Super Bowl prop bets for a more exotic sports wagering experience

Fun Super Bowl prop bets are one of the main reasons for the enormous popularity of sports wagering in the US. Some of these props even concern events that don’t happen on the football field. Be aware though that they are limited and sometimes prohibited in particular states. See a few of the weird Super Bowl bets that might bring you extra entertainment on top of money.

Prop Bets on The Super Bowl Odds for the National Anthem Performance

When looking at Super Bowl odds, the national anthem will inevitably be present on the list. This bet involves the length of the song, or how long it will take the performing artist to finish the performance. You will normally be asked to predict whether it will be over or under a stated length.

Again, this is one of many fun Super Bowl prop bets you will come across, and one that could put you on the plus side of the wagering even before the game starts. If you can get a winning parlay with both the coin toss result and the national anthem length, you should have a great start to proceedings.

Here’s an example for such a bet with odds:

  • Over 95 seconds -147
  • Under 95 seconds +110

Props Bets on The Super Bowl Gatorade Color Odds

A traditional wager on the list of Super Bowl prop bets, the Gatorade bath is also among the most exciting ones. After their win, players from the winning team go to their coach and shower him with a cold vat of this popular beverage. All you have to do is to predict the correct color. The options are:

  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Lime/Green/Yellow
  • Clear/Water
  • Red
  • Purple/Violet/Indigo

Prop Bets on The Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds

Super Bowl props don’t get any simpler, or easier, than this one. Will the pre-game coin show Heads or Tails? It also gives the bettor a chance to make some money before the game even begins.

A warning: Don’t look too far into this one. You’ll probably read somewhere that X amount of the last Y flips landed on heads. That means absolutely nothing. Take this bet for what it’s worth – as one of the fun Super Bowl bets… And take Heads.

Super Bowl Commercial Prop Bets

While many of us watch the Big Game for the love of sport, some claim to watch it for the commercials. These are some expensive spots, so the industry really puts the effort into making them the best adverts of the year. Super Bowl commercial prop bets may include wagering on which beer or snack ad will appear first. You can also bet on the total number of ads you think will run during the event, and many more.

Super Bowl Halftime Prop Bets

The game may need a break, but prop betting is in full swing then with the famous Super Bowl halftime show. It has given us some great options to wager our money through the years guessing all kinds of stuff about the performers. The 56th edition of the Big Game at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles featured a legendary lineup of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar.

There are many Super Bowl halftime prop bets you could make, like the way singers will dress, or if someone will make a statement on stage, or the first performing artist during the game break.

Team Name Mentions

This can be viewed as belonging to the weird Super Bowl bets category as a less serious game type prop. The over/under is on how many times the official game announcers mention a particular team. What makes this a prop bet is that the team name featured in the market won't be either of the two that are actually playing. Instead, it will be a team that one or both of the announcers have been associated with in the past.

As is the case with all the others of the best Super Bowl props, there is no way of improving your chances in this market, However, given that the Big Game broadcast tends to run for almost four hours, we'd be more inclined to bet on any team name being mentioned more than once or twice. Especially if it has a good Super Bowl history or one of the announcers played for them.

Cross-Sport Prop Bets

As you’ve seen for yourself, there is more than plenty to wager on in the Big Game but if you still want something extra, sportsbooks have you covered. There are cross-sport options and the Super Bowl 56 prop bets are enriched for example with the Winter Olympics. This means you’ll have multiple opportunities to prove your sports betting acumen.

Our List of Super Bowl Prop Bets

Check our list of Super Bowl prop bets 2022 and let’s win some wagers

Now that How To Bet has introduced you to the way to place your wagers in and around the Big Game, have a look at our list of Super Bowl prop bets.

If you have ever watched a Super Bowl, let alone wagered on one, you will know that there are so many more proposition bets (prop bets) than for most other games.


Well, because EVERYONE watches the Super Bowl. You have non-football fans watching at parties for the commercials. You have casual fans alongside hard-core fanatics, all tuning in for the final National Football League contest of the season. And, of course, you have the bettors.

Now, with so many states that have legalized online sports betting, all of those people will probably overlap. You might have the person at the party that is telling everyone else about all the prop plays on the game, and maybe putting in some wagers for them. Maybe those people are even looking to download an app for themselves–if that is your case, you can see here legal online sportsbooks to get the best offers this week from How to Bet–and win some money on the big game.

Don’t know anything about the two teams, or football in general? I give you the coin flip prop, which team will win the coin toss prop, and how long the National Anthem will last. You can even wager on the color of the Gatorade that gets dumped on the coach at the end of the game!

For more experienced bettors, the player and team props might be a better way to go than betting on the point spread/over under. Of course, there are SO MANY of those bets available.

So, how do you pare it down spo you are not wagering on 30 props? The same way you have done all season: you watch and read How to Bet!

Do you have some prop bets you think are winners this week? Get in touch with us on the How to Bet podcast YouTube page, or you can message us on Twitter (@Feinline33 and @TheProdigalSean)

Best Sportsbooks for Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl Prop Bets: Tips and Strategies

See our betting tips and strategies for winning Super Bowl prop bets

Although it is more difficult to win with even the best Super Bowl prop bets than in more straightforward markets such as the moneyline, spread, or totals, it is by no means impossible. You can improve your chances of success by taking a strategic approach, that’s why we will now share a few tips and strategies that you might like to consider using. This may help you take advantage of some appealing Super Bowl prop bets can offer you.

#1 - Create a Narrative and Follow It

Before you bet, project the way the Big Game will unfold based on your research and your hunch. When you get to your prediction, place your props accordingly and don’t enter into contradictions with other wagers of yours.

#2 - Shop for the Best Super Bowl Prop Bets

Look around and compare the menu of different sportsbooks before you commit your money. The juice may vary between the operators and you better try to benefit from it. If you need some help, check our Super Bowl odds page.

#3 - Follow the Line Movement

A good way to take advantage of sharp betting is to pay attention to the Super Bowl prop bet odds movement in the first 24 hours after sportsbooks release their opening lines. Delaying wagering on your chosen props until game day will most probably bring you the worst odds.

#4 - Don't Try to Handicap Your Super Bowl Prop Bets

You simply can not handicap many of the Super Bowl props because for them you won’t find specific statistical trends from previous years, especially for the exotic ones. Of course, you can research team and player stats for the respective side bets but concentrate on the fun. And don’t forget to use our odds calculator to figure your eventual winnings.

#5 - Don't Stress Over Fun Super Bowl Prop Bets

Our first tip is to forget being strategic about fun Super Bowl bets such as the coin toss or the color of Gatorade that will be poured over the coach of the winning team. There is no way you can predict those things (unless you have inside information about the Gatorade). If you want to bet on them, just go with your gut and see how your luck fares.

#6 - Look at Past Form for Team / Player Super Bowl Props

Where possible, look at the past form of the team or player you are thinking about betting on. We mentioned this when discussing the passing and receiving yards markets, where we suggested that you look at the average stats of a player over the season as a whole and also over the last few games leading up to the Super Bowl. There is no guarantee that a player or team will replicate its average performance, let alone its best. Yet there is a far greater chance of that happening than the player or team breaking into brand new territory in the biggest game of the year.

#7 - Don't Get Greedy

Super Bowl prop bets come in all shapes and sizes, and all kinds of lines will be offered about various outcomes. It is easy to be dazzled by the large odds, but we would advise against being greedy. The bigger the odds, the less likely your prop bets are to win. If you want to maximize your chances of landing a winning prop bet, focus on outcomes that are being offered at more modest lines.

#8 - Supplement Your Main Bets

Our final tip is to consider using the best Super Bowl prop bets only as a supplement to your main wagers on the Big Game. If you have a chunk of money on the outcome of the contest, and you stand to win $100 on your chosen team if they get the victory, don't stake $150 on prop bets. If you do, you could still end the game with a $50 deficit even if your team wins the matchup itself. A good rule of thumb might be to risk no more than 10% of whatever you expect to win from your main wagers for the best Super Bowl prop bets you find. Then, if your main bets win, you'll still have plenty to celebrate even if your props let you down.

Vegas Super Bowl Prop Bets

See our explanation of prop bets in Las Vegas

Although in this guide we have focused on placing bets online, we should also mention that many people like to make the Super Bowl an even bigger event by heading to Las Vegas and wagering in the gambling capital of the world. There are plenty of Vegas Super Bowl prop bets that in-person bettors can make, including all of the ones that we have discussed previously.

Making props in Sin City is no more difficult than betting online, except for the fact that you obviously need to get to a sportsbook there. What is different is that you'll be able to enjoy the Big Game in the unique atmosphere of that dreamy location, which can make the celebrations particularly special if your Super Bowl prop bets win!

Super Bowl Props: The Recap

There’s little doubt that Super Bowl prop bets have become one of the most attractive segments of the overall Big Game experience. The entertainment they provide, combined with the opportunity to take some money off the sportsbooks, brings so much to the table. We at How To Bet hope that we’ve helped you learn how to win your Super Bowl prop bets with our detailed guide. The keys are still here on this page so you are more than welcome to return anytime you need to.

And if you’d like some extra help for your successful wagers, we’ve got your back. Check out our Super Bowl Predictions page and get ready to earn some cash.

Super Bowl Prop Bets FAQ

What are the prop bets for the Super Bowl?
The Super Bowl prop bets are a great way to add even more entertainment to the Big Game and the events around it. There are thousands of props you can explore so read this guide of ours and take advantage of the knowledge gained.
Where to bet Super Bowl prop bets?
Any online sportsbook that allows you to wager on the Big Game is likely to have Super Bowl prop bets for you to take a look at. Of course, the range of props will differ between sportsbooks, but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding plenty of betting opportunities.
Can you parlay Super Bowl prop bets?
Yes, you can parlay Super Bowl prop bets with most sportsbooks. In fact, because parlays make winning even more challenging, they would probably be delighted for you to do so.
How to place Super Bowl prop bets?
Placing Super Bowl prop bets is just as easy as placing any other kind. Make your selection, add the stake you want to risk on that selection and then submit your wager.
How do Super Bowl prop bets work?
Both serious and fun Super Bowl prop bets work like any other bet. You place your wager and if the outcome occurs as you predicted, you win.
When do sportsbooks release their Super Bowl props?
Some will be released in the first 24 hours after the Conference Championship games and the first wave of Super Bowl player props will be posted the Thursday of the first Super Bowl week (but some of the leading online betting companies do it even earlier than that).
When are Super Bowl props paid out?
It all depends on the sportsbook. Some are paid out at the end of the Big Game, some may fill your account during the contest.
Which sites and apps offer the best Super Bowl prop bets?
The majority of them offer vast arrays of Super Bowl props. State regulations or rules might play a role for different locations in the US though.