Baseball Betting Systems: A Guide to The Top Baseball Systems

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Baseball Betting Systems

Baseball betting systems are deliberately organized approaches to betting. They can potentially help baseball fans to bet in a more efficient or effective way. Note, however, that baseball betting systems are only potentially useful. Systems come in all shapes and sizes, and while some have genuine merit, many more are a complete waste of time.

In this article, we will explore the topic of baseball betting systems so that you know how to sort the wheat from the chaff. You’ll learn what baseball betting systems are, why they exist and why a growing number of bettors like to use them. We’ll then provide you with a few free baseball betting systems so that you can try the systematic approach to betting for yourself.

What all baseball betting systems have in common is that they comprise one or more rules. Bettors who use the systems are then supposed to follow their rules and bet in accordance with them. Consider the following very simple system:

  • Always bet the favorite when their opponents lost their most recent game.

You should note from the outset that baseball betting systems vary in how effective they are. If a betting system is based on sound logic and reasoning, it is likely to be a lot more useful than one based on superstition or irrational reasoning. For example, here's a simple one-rule system that really wouldn't be of much use to anyone who wants to bet effectively:

  • Always bet the underdog if their head coach has red hair and a goatee.

Because baseball betting systems can vary greatly in quality and usefulness, it is always good to test any system that you are thinking about using before committing any money. The best way of doing this is by monitoring the selections that a system produces, keeping a record of the odds of those selections and how they fare. After several weeks of such testing, you will soon be able to determine whether the system is worth using for real or should be filed away neatly in the nearest wastebasket.

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Using a baseball betting system allows you to be more consistent in the way you make selections. If you rely only on your own instincts, your selections may fluctuate according to your mood or thought processes at the time. When you use a system, however, your selections will be of a consistent type irrespective of how you feel. This, in turn, can help to make your betting less volatile.


Although it might take a few bets to get to grips with a baseball betting system, once you are familiar with its rules and the logic behind them, a system can help you make selections more efficiently. When you have no systematic approach to betting, it can be easy to spend hours exploring every possible variable and form factor. Systems allow you to focus on just a few key factors, thus potentially saving you a great deal of time and effort.


When you use baseball betting systems to make your betting selections you are relying on the internal logic of the systems themselves. This means that your own personal biases and opinions can't skew your assessment of each team's chances. For example, you won't bet on a team just because they happen to be your personal favorite, or bet against another team just because you dislike them. Instead, you will have a much greater level of objectivity, just as the odds-makers do when pricing up the betting markets.


Using a baseball betting system can cause some bettors to become personally lazy about keeping their personal knowledge of the sport up to date. This can lead to them becoming overdependent on the system, and decrease their confidence in their own team-picking abilities.

Unrealistic Expectations

Some bettors think that betting systems are a shortcut to success when really they are just tools used to simplify the selection process. No system is perfect, and no system is guaranteed to be profitable, so if you have unrealistic expectations you are likely to be disappointed.

Proven Favorites System

Betting on the favorite team in a game is always popular, but not all favorites are equal. The aim of the Proven Favorites System is to help you home in on those teams that have proven recent ability and home advantage. The rules are:

Look at any game and answer the following questions:

  • Is the favorite team playing at its home stadium?
  • Did the favorite team win its last two games?
  • Did the underdog team lose its last two games?

If the answer to all three questions is yes, bet the favorite.

Bounceback System

This system is designed to help you identify underdogs that have a good chance of beating the favorites in a game. The rules are:

Look at any game and answer the following questions:

  • Is the underdog playing at its home stadium?
  • Did the underdog win its last game OR lose by only a narrow margin?
  • Did the favorite team lose its last game OR win by only a narrow margin?

If the answer to all three questions is yes, bet the underdog.

Baseball Betting System Notes

Remember that you should test any and every system for a few weeks before using it for real. Even then, you should only bet cautiously with modest stakes, and only increase stakes as your confidence and bankroll increase. If a system doesn't help a modest bankroll to grow in size then it's unlikely to fare any better with a bigger bankroll. 

Unless your baseball betting system states otherwise, you can bet on the selected team in whatever way you think most appropriate. You can bet in the moneylines, totals, or in the run lines markets, as you prefer. Visit any of the sportsbooks below and take your pick!

Baseball Betting Systems FAQ

What is a baseball betting system?
A baseball betting system is an organized method by which a bettor can identify baseball teams to bet on.
Where can I find free baseball betting systems?
Free baseball systems can be found simply by searching for that term on Google. Of course, not all systems are worth using, so be sure to test any system carefully before using it with real money.
Are baseball betting systems legal?
Baseball betting systems are nothing more than tools that can help you to make betting selections. They don't affect the game or betting market in any way and are therefore perfectly legal to use.
What is the best baseball betting system?
No betting system is perfect and all have their flaws. In addition, all sports bettors have different needs and preferences. There is therefore no 'best' baseball betting system that will suit everyone. Our advice is to test any system that you find appealing and see how it fits you personally.