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How To Bet On Auto Racing

If youโ€™ve ever enjoyed the thrill of watching a live motor racing event and have wondered how to bet on auto racing, then our guide will help point you in the right direction. We take a look at the different markets available and have put together a list of tips and strategies which will help you increase your profits when betting on one of these many events.

Auto racing may also be categorized as car racing, motor racing, or, occasionally, automobile racing. Each online betting site will have its own dedicated section, which will feature the latest odds for upcoming events.

Examples of auto racing events include Moto GP, NASCAR, V8 Supercar Series, British Touring Cars and Indy 500. Some online sportsbooks will also have odds for virtual auto racing, with races taking place every few minutes.

Although track racing is the most popular form of auto racing, some online betting sites will also occasionally offer odds on off-road racing, drifting and drag racing. Generally speaking, these donโ€™t tend to be as popular with bettors.

Auto racing gained popularity throughout the 20th century with the technical and high-octane nature of the sport, helping to attract significant interest. With technological developments giving drivers and manufacturers the opportunity to increase their speed and flexibility, auto racing continues to go from strength-to-strength in 2020.

Auto Racing Events To Bet On 

There are auto racing events taking place around the world, Each contest is priced up by the online betting sites days in advance. NASCAR is the most popular form of auto racing in the USA and will be entering its 72nd season later this year. 

F1 remains extremely popular with bettors and motorsport aficionados, while Formula 3 has become more prominent over the last decade. The IndyCar series has several dedicated followers. Moto GP and V8 Supercar Series are also fascinating betting events to enjoy.

The World Rally Championship also commands an international following with races taking place on a variety of surfaces, including ice, gravel, tarmac, and soil. This is different from the majority of other auto racing events with varying car classes meaning that it can take some getting used to. 

Technology has allowed fans of the sport to stream all of the action online. This is a great way to keep across your favorite auto racing events. If you're betting on auto racing, it's important to specialize and focus on specific contests as there is always plenty of choices available. 

Auto Racing Betting Markets 

There are races taking place every few days, with events being staged worldwide. Fans of auto sports can find plenty of betting markets available with their preferred online betting site. 

Those who are learning how to bet on auto racing won't be short of options when it comes to making their first wager. We take a look at some of the key auto racing betting markets.

Championship Winner 

This market will be available prior to the season getting underway. If you're having a bet on auto racing, it's important to note that every championship will have its own rules and regulations. 

Generally speaking, this market will require you to predict which driver will collect the most points throughout the season. This tends to be categorized as a "futures" bet market. Your bet will only be settled once the final race of the campaign has concluded. 

This is a good way of having a season-long bet. It is also one of the easiest auto racing sports betting markets to understand. If you're planning to watch every single race throughout the season, this is a great way to keep across the entire campaign. 

The drivers perceived to have the best chance of success will have the shortest odds. Those who are regarded as outsiders will return sizeable profits if they can prevail. 

Race Winner 

This market will ask those who bet on auto racing to predict the outcome of a single race. Whether it's the opening race of the season or the final event on the calendar, the rules of this wager remain the same. 

Your chosen driver must be clear of every single one of their rivals and finish in first place. All you need to do is choose the driver who you feel will achieve success in the race. 

The odds will fluctuate throughout the week and could be heavily influenced by performances in both practice and qualifying. The driver with the shortest priced odds is deemed to have the best chance of success in the race. 

Podium Finish 

With three spots available on the podium, every single driver will be desperately hoping to finish in the top three positions. Those who are betting on auto racing enjoy this market as your chosen driver does not need to win the race. 

However, competitors will be available at shorter odds. If your selected driver comes out on top, and you've only backed them for a podium finish, this can be a hugely frustrating experience. 

Those who are learning how to bet on auto racing should note that looking for drivers who have the tendency to finish in the top four or five positions, yet struggle to win, are ideal contenders for the podium finish market. 

Fastest Lap 

This market is not available with all online betting sites; however, many of the best auto racing sportsbooks will offer odds on the driver to clock the fastest lap. Your chosen driver does not necessarily have to achieve a podium finish. They may complete the fastest lap time at any point during the event. 

If your driver has clocked a faster lap time than any of their rivals โ€“ you will be paid out. 

Fastest Qualifying 

Ahead of each race, drivers will be required to qualify, and this will help determine their starting position. This market allows auto racing fans to predict which driver will clock the fastest qualifying time. 

It's also worth noting that competitors who finish with the fastest qualifying time are not necessarily guaranteed to win the race the following day. Some teams may have faster vehicles, yet they could be manned by inexperience drivers and therefore are worth backing in the fastest qualifying market. 

Driver vs. Driver (Head to Head) Bets

Most online betting sites will offer various special bets on big auto racing events, and the driver vs. driver market is always very popular with fans of the sport. 

This wager will pitch two drivers head-to-head, and your chosen competitor must beat their rival. Even if the pair finish 14th and 15th, as long as your driver finishes in front, you will be paid out! 

For example: Driver A vs. Driver B

You wager $10 that Driver B finishes ahead of Driver A.

  • If Driver B finishes fourth and Driver A finishes seventh, you win. 
  • If Driver B finishes seventh and Driver A finishes fourth, you lose.

Winning Margin 

This special market is a relatively recent addition to auto racing sports betting sites, and this requires you to predict the distance between the winner and the chasing pack.

For example:

Winning DistanceUnder 5.5 Seconds 
Winning DistanceOver 5.5 Seconds

If you wager $10 on Over 5.5 Seconds and Driver A wins by 6.5 seconds, you win. If you wager $10 on Under 5.5 Seconds and Driver A wins by 4.5 seconds, you lose. 

Where to Bet on Auto Racing

Now that you've learned how to bet on auto sports, you're probably wondering where you can place your first wager. There are plenty of top online betting sites that offer multiple opportunities to wager on his high-octane sport. 

Best Auto Racing Sportsbooks


New Jersey's No. 1 sportsbook also offers a superb welcome bonus to enable auto racing fans to bet on their favorite events. This comprehensive sportsbook offers several different betting opportunities when it comes to upcoming events with NASCAR and F1 fans particularly prominent. 


DraftKings is one of the biggest names in the industry, and they don't disappoint when it comes to auto racing offerings. As well as giving users the chance to enjoy fantasy NASCAR, they also offer several live in-play markets for events taking place around the world. 


The UK-based bookmaker has several betting markets for upcoming auto sports events, and their welcome bonus can be used on any of these contests. Their site and mobile app are also extremely easy to navigate. 

Auto Racing Betting Tips and Strategy

If you're wagering on motorsports for the first time or you've been wondering how to bet on auto sports, then we've put together a list of tips and strategies which will come in extremely handy for future events. 

Always Factor in Weather Conditions 

Anyone who regularly hits the road will know that a sudden downpour or unexpected stormy conditions can have a significant impact on your driving style. Even auto racing professionals are not exempt from these pressures, and if the forecast looks a little unsettled, you simply must factor this into your wagers! 

Look for drivers who have dealt with rainy, arctic, or blustery conditions on previous occasions, and it's strongly advised to research the teams/manufacturers who are best equipped to deal with these sudden changes. This could be something as simple as a last-minute change of tyres. 

Adverse weather can significantly impact the outcome of any race. 

Form and Confidence Are Vitally Important Factors 

The psychological side of the sport is sometimes underestimated by bettors, and it's important to note that a driver can be negatively affected by a run of bad luck. Competitors who are feeling confident and have put in a series of solid performances are more likely to build on these going forward. 

Although form and confidence aren't as important as head-to-head sports such as tennis, it should still be considered. Look for drivers who are coming into form and avoid betting on drivers who are down on their luck. 

It's also worth noting any drivers who are rumored to have been involved in a public feud with a member of their team. This kind of fractious relationship is far from ideal for morale and may negatively impact future performances. 

Look for an Auto Racing Underdog

Although some auto sports events are highly competitive, others may be a little one-sided. In this instance, it's strongly advised to look for a driver who appears to be undervalued in the betting market. Auto racing sports betting markets will be priced up by expert traders as well as a series of algorithms; however, one or two drivers may occasionally slip through the net. 

If you can spot a competitor who is outperforming their odds or putting in solid performances without getting the breaks, this is a great way of making money from auto sports. 

Don't Be Afraid To Use Statistics 

There are more statistics available than ever before, and auto racing fans can now find race times, lap times, and sectional data from a variety of online sources. These can be used to your advantage. 

Don't be afraid to analyze these statistics as they will give you the edge over most other auto sports bettors. 

Although statistics aren't the only factor when it comes to making auto sports predictions, they will be able to direct you towards underperforming or over-performing drivers. 

How to Bet on Auto Racing FAQ

Occasionally a driver may be replaced mid-race. Is my wager still valid?
This only happens in some auto racing events, and if your driver is replaced by a teammate, your bet will still be valid for the remainder of the contest.
How long will I have to wait for my wager to be paid out?
If you wager on the race winner market, most online betting sites will pay out immediately after the race has concluded. Futures bets will be settled once the season has concluded, and a winner has been declared.
Can I have multiple bets in the same race?
Yes, you can wager on different markets. For example, it would be possible to bet on the race winner market, fastest lap, and a top-six finish in the same event.
What happens if my driver crashes or retires?
Even if it isn't your driver's fault, your bet will be settled as a loser. Any wagers on drivers who fail to finish the race will not be paid out.
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