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We are a guide for first-time bettors who are totally new to the world of online sports betting.

We give you all the tools you need to learn everything you need to know to have the best chance to cash out from your sportsbook. The guides are brought to you by professional sports handicappers and betting industry experts.

What will you learn on today?

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Point Spread Betting
The point spread can be referred to as the equalizer for sportsbook operators. When creating a strategy, it is wise to fully understand spread betting and the s[...]
5 mins read
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BetCredit Explained
This guide will break down everything you need to know about bet credits from Bet365. Learn more and claim your Bet365 bet credit.[...]
5 mins read
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Understanding Lay Betting
Want to understand lay betting? Take a peek inside this in-depth guide to get your hands on lay betting.[...]
4 mins read
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Accumulator Betting Guide
What are accumulator bets? Are you looking for another way to increase your bets but don't have a lot of money? Take a peek at this guide.[...]
4 mins read
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How to Bet on the NBA All-Star Game
Learn how to bet on the NBA All-Star Game and you can make one of the biggest basketball events of the season even more exciting.[...]
12 mins read
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How to Bet on the NBA Finals
If you're at all serious about betting on basketball then you'll need to know how to bet on the NBA Finals. Here's all you need to know.[...]
10 mins read
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How To Bet NBA
Learn how to bet on the NBA and you could profit from one of the most popular sports in the USA. Here's our Expert Guide to NBA Betting.[...]
14 mins read
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How To Bet NCAA Basketball
Want to know how to bet on NCAA basketball? Our Expert Guide to NCAA Basketball Betting explains everything you need to know.[...]
7 mins read
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NHL Betting Systems
Looking for the best NHL betting system? Stop and see this hands-on guide to improve your betting chances and find a strategy that is right for you.[...]
4 mins read
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Kelly Betting Systems
Want to find the expected value of a sports bet? Kelly Betting systems can help you to calculate your stakes according to your chances.[...]
6 mins read
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Labouchere Betting Systems
Want to get started with Labouchere betting systems? This simple guide will explain all you need to know to about Labouchere staking.[...]
4 mins read
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Spread Betting Systems
Spread betting systems enable sports betting fans to bet according to defined rules instead of gut feeling. Here's how they work.[...]
7 mins read
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Tennessee Online Poker
Tennessee online poker is not yet legal, but that could well change at some point. Here's what to expect when TN online poker is legalized.[...]
8 mins read
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Tennessee Best Online Casinos
Tennessee online casinos are not currently legal. However, it is hoped that they one day will be. Here's what to expect if the law changes.[...]
7 mins read
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In this guide to Reviews we explain how we review online sportsbooks, casinos and poker rooms, and how you can do the same![...]
14 mins read
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VA Free Bets and Bonus Codes
Looking for Virginia free bets and bonus codes? We've got you covered. Find the best VA free bets and bonus codes here![...]
11 mins read
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Everything we do, we believe, we are committed to, is making your gambling experience better.

The way we improve your gambling experience is by making detailed how-to guides that are crafted by industry experts, easy to read, and user-friendly.

It just happens that we build great web products also.

Get To Know US

How to Bet is the leader in the sports betting industry in providing instructional guides on how to bet on anything. We have put together extensive how to bet lists on all of the top sports played around the world, but we offer betting guides for obscure events as well.

Our mission is to take the beginning bettor and provide them with the tools necessary to win money by placing bets. For experienced bettors, our guides will give them the extra ammo and information that they need to be even more successful.

We like to compare our mission to what transpired with Luke Skywalker in the movie Star Wars. Young Skywalker did not know how to harness his Jedi powers at a young age, but Obi-Wan Kenobi helped guide him down the right path to become a Jedi Master. We are your Obi-Wan Kenobi, and we will help you master whatever sport or event that you choose.

Through our how to bet pages, you will go from being a young padawan to becoming "sharp." Sharp is the equivalent term to Jedi Master in the betting industry. We provide all of the necessary information and tools; now it's just up to you to find what you are looking for. 

Popular searches include, "How to bet on the Super Bowl," or "How to bet on the Kentucky Derby." You will find the answers to both of those questions on this page, but you will also find information about how to bet on Dancing With the Stars. If sportsbooks offer it, we have a betting guide for it. 

You've made the first step in starting your journey to becoming sharp, and now you must choose the appropriate betting guide for you. The power is in your hands. 

Why How to Bet?

The main reason for choosing How to Bet is that we don't mess around. We get straight to the point, and we eliminate any fluff associated with our betting guides. All How to Bet guides are written by experts in the sports betting industry, and they are constructed in an easy to read format.

Our job is not to confuse you with big words or new betting terms, but rather provide you with the basic skills needed to bet on whatever event you choose. Our top mission is to make your gambling experience better, and everything we do is focused on that task.

Our industry experts have put together the best betting guides in the industry, and we have compiled an extensive library of these lists. We mean it when we say that you can find a betting guide on anything. Our lists will continue to grow as the demand for new how to bet guides arise.

Not only do we offer betting guides, but we also offer great web products. We offer user-friendly products that will not only save you time but will keep your frustration levels down as well. We aim to make everything a more enjoyable experience for the customer. 

Who We Are

We are a team of industry experts that are dedicated to making things easier for you, the customer. Our experts spend time doing all of the research for you, giving you more time to focus on the betting aspect.

Not only do we focus on sports betting, or other bets offered by sportsbooks, but we have extensive casino gambling knowledge as well. If you are looking for an article explaining how to bet on blackjack, or how to play poker, then you have come to the right place. 

We are the industry leader in providing expert betting guides, and all of our guides are easy to read and user-friendly. We are a team that is dedicated to the mission of providing betting guides to make things easier. 

What We Do

We provide the best betting guides in the industry, and our team of industry experts is always hard at work to craft another perfect guide. We focus on using hard data to structure our betting guides, and we take out all of the fluff. 

All of our guides are structured around statistics and factual information, and our betting experts have double and triple checked the information. You won't find any false information in our betting guides, but you will find the most up-to-date statistical information that we can find. 

Our companies won't be trying to promote their brand or sell you something with their guides. That's not who we are, and that's not what we are about. There is no "sugar-coating" with any of our articles.

All of our how to bet articles focus on informing our customers, rather than promoting our site. We don't want to waste your time, and we get right to the point. 

You've come to the right place to learn how to bet on anything. 

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