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UFC Live Odds

The UFC has transformed the way fighting has ever been thought about. With a combination of various fighting techniques in mixed martial arts, along with some of the most incredible top shape athletes, this makes for excellent television. 

Indeed, the UFC has many forms of betting opportunities with the rise in popularity. As a bettor, you can enjoy countless options as you engage in one of the most prominent sports out there. 


By far one of the more straightforward bets to place on a sportsbook, the moneyline provides a great opportunity. This is where you place a wager on who you think will win, either Fighter A or Fighter B. 

Let us see an example of a UFC Vegas odds below:

Khabib Nurmagomedov:-200
Conor McGregor:+200

These Las Vegas odds tell us Nurmagomedov is a favorite at -200. We know this because he has a minus sign next to his number. To read this, a wager of $200 would net you $100 if he won the fight. 

For McGregor, he is considered the underdog due to him having a plus sign by his 200 number. So a $100 bet on him would net you $200 if he wins the fight. 

There are some scenarios where fighters might end the match in a draw. This betting opportunity would be located on the sportsbook of your choice and would also be a moneyline bet. 

Method of Victory Bet

This type of bet is arguably one of the more difficult bets to make in UFC. This is because the fights can be so volatile at times that you do not know for sure what will happen.  

So, for example, you might see UFC fight night odds reflecting how a fighter might win the match. There are three common ways to win a fight, such as knockout, submission, and decision. 

If a fighter is a knockout artist and goes up against another fighter who does not defend well, this could be a promising bet. The same goes for a fighter that is great on the ground, and they are matched up with another fighter that defends against takedowns horribly. 

Total Round Bets

Another type of bet with UFC odds you will see are the total rounds bet. As you can derive from the name, it is a wager on how long the fight will last. 

This bet is also categorized as the over/under bet. So you will be wager if a fight will be over a certain number of rounds or under a certain number. 

For example, typical UFC fights have three 5-minute rounds. For title fights, there are five, 5-minute rounds. 

Using a regular UFC fight, you might see UFC odds for the total round bets at 1.5. This number will be given to you by the sportsbook. 

So for the 1.5, you have two options here. You can wager on the under if you think the fight will finish under two rounds. The other option is the over, in which your wager will be on the fight ending after the second round.  

Prop Bets

Propositional bets are a type of bet that is mostly for fun and not based on the outcome in general. This means you have some flexibility in your options, and you can make some money. 

Prop bets that you could see are:

  • Which fight is the Fight of the Night
  • Which fighter will be the Fighter of the Night
  • Who lands the first strike in a specific match
  • Who lands the first takedown in a specific match 

Another prop bet option related to the total round bet is when you can guess specifically when the fight will end. So not really the over/under here, but you could say a fight will end in the third round before it goes to a decision. 


UFC future odds are unique in their own right since the odds for an event are announced closer to when the fight will happen. However, some big-ticket names might fight in December, and it is at the middle of the year when odds are announced. 

For a future bet, this is where UFC event odds are given for a fight happening out in the future. If a main event has the headline fighters, you could place a bet early on them on who you think will win. 


Parlay bets have the potential to be one of the more profitable bets on the night of an event. They are also the most difficult due to the nature of the bet. 

This bet requires you to place multiple bets on one ticket and to have all of them win. So this could be a combination of a moneyline bet, prop bet, and a total round bet if you wish. They could also be all moneyline bets or one specific type of bet. 

If you place a parlay bet for a moneyline, a prop, and a total round but the prop bet loses on you, your parlay bet is out the window. Even though your other two bets made it through, you win absolutely nothing at all since the parlay bet requires you to have all of the bets win. 


Which bet is the most profitable?

This is an ongoing argument that a lot of cases can be made for and against. It should really boil down to your comfort level as opposed to how much you could win. So mitigating your risk with bets on the moneyline versus the parlay will greatly help you long term. Even though a parlay might pay out the most, it is one of the most challenging bets to land successfully. 

Factors that determine odds?

There are a lot of factors that go into determining the odds between 2 fighters. This could be their overall matchup of the 2, a previous injury, their current winning or losing streak, and even hype itself has a lot to do with the odds. 

It is essential to do your research on everything possible about them to have the best guess. 

Best way to practice my UFC strategy?

After doing your research, if you are still not comfortable with wagering your money yet, you might be in luck. 

You can keep a record of your prediction by writing it down and then watching the events unfold. You can then go back to your notes and compare them to how you did and areas you could work on. 

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