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Betting on politics can be traced back to the first election for president in the United States. There have been many stories of people betting on American politics for a very long time. Today, many sports betting sites post odds about political races in the United States. Betting on these adds an extra level of excitement to election season. 

Online Politics 

The Journal of Economic Perspectives looked at political betting in its Spring 2004 edition. Authors Paul W. Rhode and Koleman S. Strumpf wrote, “Wagering on political outcomes have a long history in the United States. Over $165 million (in 2002 dollars) was wagered in one election, and betting activity at times dominated transactions in the stock exchanges on Wall Street.”

Political betting markets became very organized between 1868 and 1940. Elections in the US deal involve two main parties: The Democrats and the Republicans. These two parties compete in local, state, and national elections.

Naturally, all of us here in the United States are affected by this race. And that's probably why it attracts plenty of betting action. Similarly, the fact that the US is a global power means that bettors in many other countries are also keen to bet on US elections.

Depending on the election year, the race for President draws a lot of interest. For example, look at the 2020 race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. That was a prime example of a heavily wagered election in recent history. 

Rules & Gameplay

Election rules vary in the United States depending on the seat and the level of the position. Honesty is one unwritten rule of all political elections. Political candidates are supposed to be trustworthy and honest because they speak for the people. Unfortunately, this doesn't always translate to reality.

Who Can Run for President?

If you want to run for President, you must be a natural-born citizen of the United States. Additionally, you must be at least 35 years old and an American resident for 14 years before the election.  

The election that takes place on the national level is the presidential race. The rules and structure of this election are extensive.

Running for president is a big deal. It's therefore a project that requires plenty of preparation. For that reason, the actual race begins years before election day. The sooner a candidate begins their campaign, the better chance they have to win their party and the overall race. 

Presidential elections occur every four years on the first Tuesday in November. For example, Trump and Biden faced off on November 3, 2020. The next election will therefore take place in 2024. A president can serve two terms if they win twice. Each term totals four years in length. 

There have been very few single-term presidents. The incumbent has proven to have an advantage in the presidential races in recent elections.

Presidential Election Process

The process starts with primary elections and caucuses in the individual states. These primaries are done through the usual voting measures. People go to the ballot box to select their candidate. The caucuses are completed in a town hall setting, and a local crop of voters choose their nominee.

Subsequently, a party candidate will be named at a national convention. The Democratic and Republican parties both have their own national conventions.

The incumbent isn't under any obligation to run for a second term. However, he will often choose to do so. In the run up to the presidential election, candidates of the major political parties take part in debates to showcase their skills and knowledge. 

These debates, along with polling, help sportsbooks to set their odds for the presidential election. Odds are available four years in advance. For example, on the day that Joe Biden won, odds for the 2024 race were already available at many sports betting sites. 

Candidates campaign on their own to prepare for the election. They tend to target battleground states, which can make a key difference in an election. Then, when the big day arrives, voters flock to the polls to submit their ballot. 

Who Chooses the President?

The public does not choose the president. Instead, they simply vote to secure electoral votes. That then allows the Electoral College to elect the president. The parties then choose electoral voters in every state, and they may or may not get to vote depending on the popular vote. 

Some states are “winner take all” in regards to electoral votes. But others are distributed based on the popular vote split. It takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. The population of a state determines the number of electoral votes that it has. For example, the state of California has the most electoral votes with 55. 

How the Teams Work in Politics 

Political parties can be viewed as being much like sports teams. There are two major parties in the US. These are the Democrats and the Republicans, who run the country on the local, state, and national levels. Some independent politicians also hold positions, but not many. An independent will more often side with other political parties depending on the issue at hand.

Republicans traditionally support low taxes, free-market capitalism, strong defense, gun rights, and deregulation, whilst opposing abortion.

Democrats are a broad spectrum in today’s society. Some Democrats don't seem to differ much from Republicans. Others support higher taxes and more regulation.

The democratic party is splitting in multiple means between liberal-minded leaders like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) and mainstream democrats like Senator Joe Manchin III (WV).

Political servants from different parties used to be fairly friendly towards each other. But political attitudes used to be less diverse. Circumstances over recent decades have caused political ideologies to drift apart.

Strategy & Tactics

Candidates use different strategies and tactics to win an office seat. Some hire teams filled with campaign managers and staff to help market them. Marketing is vital for a candidate to win an election. Voters need to know about candidates before they can or will vote for them. In politics, it takes ballots to prosper. 

One approach that is used in all successful campaigns is hard work. If a candidate works hard, they will increase their chances of winning on the big day. Successful campaigns have plans that layout their marketing ideas. These plans discuss everything that it is going to take to win an office seat. 

It is easier to win an election as a Republican or Democrat than as a lone figure. It's tougher to win as an Independent because people usually vote solely for one party time after time. This means that a voter selects all the Republicans or Democrats on a ballot slip.

Money is required to win elections. For this reason, fundraising efforts can help drive winning campaigns, because finances can help in marketing efforts. A lack of cash cannot be overcome in an election because people need to know about candidates through the media. 

Digital media is the best way to advertise. TV commercials are still used in elections, but advertising through social media is now viewed as being essential. Young voters have been a target of candidates in recent elections. The best way to get these youngsters on board is therefore through social platforms. 

History of Politics

Leadership is vital for survival, so politics has always been around. In the US, there were political groups before the presidency through local elections. George Washington became the first president of the United States in 1789 even though he wasn't a member of a political party at the time.

In 1792, Washington won again as a member of the Federalist Party. He chose not to run for a third term, which became the standard for future presidents after serving eight years. John Adams won in 1796 as a Federalist. 

Business Insider ranked the Top 25 Presidents of All-Time. This is not a list that all agree with, and many news outlets have made their own lists. Presidents are ranked on the economy, national defense, unemployment rates, social justice, and various other issues. This is calculated by the total approval rating amongst United States residents. 

Here are the Top 10 Presidents on the Business Insider List.

1Abraham Lincoln16th President
2George Washington1st President
3Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd President
4Theodore Roosevelt26th President
5Dwight D. Eisenhower34th President
6Harry S. Truman33rd President
7Thomas Jefferson3rd President
8John F. Kennedy35th President
9Ronald Reagan40th President
10Lydon B. Johnson36th President
Top 10 Presidents - Business Insider List

What Make US Politics Distinct?

It is democracy that makes politics in the US distinct. Democracy gives every American citizen a voice through a vote. This has become a common theme in the political scope of the world.

The United States was built on democracy. But many other countries weren't. Differences in styles of leadership, therefore, caused multiple wars in American history between the United States and other nations. Wars are caused by social injustice, and the United States has always done its part to help countries achieve democracy. 

Our system of politics is still opposed in many countries. This is despite the view that the United States sets the political gold standard. 

Statistics in Politics  

Statistics are critical in politics. Analysts can crunch numbers in a variety of ways to help guide marketing efforts and associated activities. This number-crunching is therefore very useful in campaigns as well as when presidents, representatives, and senators take office.

A few data points that are used in American politics include:

  1. Biographical characteristics of a candidate
  2. Campaign finances
  3. Voter demographics 
  4. Economic data of voters
  5. Pre-election polling results 
  6. Interest group funding
  7. Candidate approval rating
  8. Incumbent approval rating
  9. Voting trends 
  10. Total voters

Political elections are among the most popular betting events in the United States. In election years, voters show up in droves, both in the polls and at sports betting sites. Why? Simply because people love to predict who will win the presidency. A winning bet can also mean landing a massive payout! 

Candidates have become celebrities in recent years. As a result, these leaders have a huge impact on our culture. This stardom has been positive and negative in the United States. Recently, political parties in America have become too divided. 

The divide has not been good for American politics, but it has caused a new level of passion in issues taking place around the country. The role of the president has therefore become even more critical in today’s world, where he must help to mend a divided country. 

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