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How To Bet On Rugby

Rugby is one of the earliest forms of a physical contact sport since the 1800s. Football even has its roots originating from the early days of rugby. Rugby is primarily played in England, so for a sports bettor residing in the United States, you would have to have your attention towards that part of the world.

Even though rugby is more popular in Europe and England, we still have a wonderful opportunity here in the United States to bet on it. Whether you are new to rugby or an avid fan, you can learn to profit from betting on it. 

The five most popular tips to get started with online rugby betting are:m

  1. Choosing a sportsbook 
  2. Understanding rugby differences
  3. Reading the odds
  4. Main types of betting 
  5. Understand your bank account

Choosing A Sportsbook 

So you have your mind made up, and you have decided that you want to start betting on rugby. The thing is, where are you going to bet? With a quick search online, you can find various sportsbooks that offer betting on rugby. 

When choosing the right sportsbook, keep in mind the payouts for each event and the reputation of the sportsbook. Make sure that the one you choose is a reputable one that works with you, not against you. 

Understanding Rugby Differences

If you are not too familiar with rugby, there is a slight adjustment to be aware of. There are two types of rugby: Rugby league and Rugby Union. Both are similar but have subtle differences. 


When it comes to scoring, a field goal is worth one point in the Rugby League and three points in the Rugby Union.

Number of Players

Rugby League teams have 13 players, compared to 15 in the Rugby Union.

Slight Rule Differences

Rules are enacted after a tackle is made. The Rugby League does not have rucks or mauls like the Rugby Union has. Instead, the attacking side will keep possession by rolling the ball back with their foot to a teammate. 

The Rugby Union does not have limits for the time of possession. However, the Rugby League only allows the attacking team to be tackled a total of six times before they have to change possession to the other team.

No Line Outs

The Rugby League has no line outs. That means when the ball goes out of a play, the teams can contest a scrum. Still, the basic rules and principles of the two versions are the same.

Reading The Odds 

When choosing a rugby event to bet on, being able to read the odds is a crucial first step in knowing how much money to bet. The most common form of odds is the moneyline

These odds are placed with a plus (+) and minus (-). The team that has the minus is considered the favorite, while a plus sign indicates the underdog.

If a line reads -120, then a $120 wager would win you $100. If the line reads +140, then a $100 wager would win you $140. As you can see, the underdog pays more if they happen to win. 

Main Types Of Betting

There are multiple ways to bet on rugby, but two are more common than the rest. Those two are the outright bet and the halftime/full-time bet. 

An outright bet is a wager on who wins the game. This one is the easiest method that anyone can relate to. You are simply deciding the winner. 

The halftime/full-time bet is a gamble on who will be leading at halftime and full time. You can bet on the same team to win either of the halves or a combination of the two. This bet is a good one for people that want to break down the outright bet in half. 

Understand Your Bank Account

As with any betting, you want to make sure you have your finances figured out. Gambling is an addiction for some, and people cannot handle the fact of losing, so they always keep playing whenever they are running out money. 

Do not let this be you. Understand how much you can afford and make smart bets. With proper research and a level head, you can keep yourself a happy bettor.

How To Bet On Rugby FAQ

How do I find the best odds?
By researching various sportsbooks, you will be able to find the best odds and payouts. Do not be alarmed if you see odds change. These get updated every so often, so it is important to check them often as well.
Are there any major rugby events to bet on?
There are a few events that people like to bet on for rugby. A few popular ones are the rugby World Cup, six nations, champions cup, and the challenge cup. The World Cup is every four years, while the rest of the cup events are held every year.
Can I bet on rugby live?
Check with your sportsbook to see if they offer live betting. If they do, they most likely have the availability to bet on rugby live. If not, you can always shop around until you find a sportsbook that does offer live betting.