NFL Over Under Betting: Guide, Tips and Tactics for Over/Under Wins

In NFL betting, the total aggregate score of the two teams at the conclusion of the game is the goal of gambling on the over/under. This article will give you recommendations regarding NFL over under betting and teach you how its calculated.

Every match, NFL over/unders provide gamblers with an interesting alternative to football odds, where they may bet on the overall score rather than on a winning team. This means you don't have to worry about if your favorite team wins or loses, as long as the score is above or below your bet.

HowToBet Guide - Learn how to master NFL over under betting and how these bets are calculated.

How Over Under Betting NFL is Calculated

The predicted final score for the game calculated by oddsmakers serves as the basis for the over/under in football. For every match on the schedule, NFL betting platforms will provide an over/under based on several factors, including recent injuries, offensive prowess, defensive capabilities, and additional considerations such as weather and home/away breakdowns of the teams.

NFL Over/Unders Example:

For instance, after analyzing an upcoming contest, oddsmakers can decide to set an over/under number at 55 points. Following that, bettors would select if the game's final total score will be more than or less than 55 points.

Anyone who betted over 55 has a winning bet, while those who betted under will have lost the bet. If the score ended up at exactly 55 points, then bettors simply get their original bet returned (often called a push) without any loss or gain. Although, most betting sites often set an over/under at something like 55.5 or 50.5 to avoid this happening.

The over/under betting in NFL will have odds just like any other bet. If an operator has set the odds of -110 for either bet, then a successful wager of $110 would get you $100 winnings plus your original wager returned.

You can also make an over/under wager for player prop bets, such as the totals for passing, receiving, and rushing.

Tactics for Betting Over Under NFL (and wins!)

Listed below are a few basic betting guidelines to go by when placing an over/under wager on NFL odds.

Defense vs. offense contests

Learn about the offensive and defensive strengths of each team participating in the game. You can be sure that the offense will score many points if the team has a great quarterback and running game, especially if the oppositionโ€™s defense is rather poor (bet the over in this instance). However, it might happen that both teams are defensive stalwarts and points don't come easily (bet the under in this case).

Any recent major injuries

Football is a physically demanding sport, and injuries can occasionally cause athletes to miss matches or the season, forcing oddsmakers to make changes to the betting lines. The players that have the biggest impact on the over/under betting NFL odds are the quarterbacks, followed by the best wide receivers and running backs. Any star player injured? Then do your research before betting.

But aside from exceptional players missing a game, the majority of individual injuries won't affect the over/under totals. Nevertheless, a group of injuries at a particular unit, can have a significant impact on the result of over/under betting in the NFL.

The weather conditions

Given that NFL games are played outside during the fall and winter, inclement weather might cause disruptions to the betting calendar. In order to place their bets appropriately, over/under bettors should research which games may have unfavorable conditions.

Passing efforts can be hampered by wet conditions because slick footballs are difficult to catch, although referees typically substitute dry footballs throughout the game. Additionally, a lot of snow could weigh the ball down on both sides, making the field slippery and reducing vision.

Wind, however, is the one meteorological factor that has the biggest impact on the final result and, thus, the outcome of the NFL over/under. High winds have the potential to hinder punts and execute long throws, which will lessen points.

Watch the line

The general public usually creates a lot of line movement since sports bettors often choose the over bet for a more exciting game. Bookmakers change the line when more and more fans begin to bet the over, increasing the overall amount of points available for an over/under wager.

It is preferable to place your bets several days before the game if you plan to place a wager on the over, as the over/under total can change throughout the week. However, it's usually better to wait until closer to kickoff to complete your bet if you're leaning toward taking the under in a particular game. Discover more about reading NFL odds and NFL opening line odds before a match starts.

NFL Over Under Betting Tips

Hereโ€™s when itโ€™s a good idea to bet the over:

  • Both teams are offensive juggernauts and defense is not a major factor
  • One team has several big injuries and wonโ€™t be able to score or defend very well
  • The weather conditions are perfect for football

Here are some instances of moments to bet the under:

  • Both teams are focused on defense and scoring points will be difficult
  • Both teams have star players sidelined, such as the quarterback or wide receiver
  • Weather conditions are windy, rainy, or snowy, which makes it hard to catch the football

Visit our dedicated NFL page for more NFL guides and tips from our expert writers. You can also visit the HowToBet YouTube Channel for how-to videos, podcasts and more!

FAQs - Over Under Betting NFL

Over Under Betting NFL FAQ

๐Ÿ”Ž How do over/under bets work in NFL?
The total number of points that two teams will score during an NFL game is determined by a kind of gambling known as NFL over/under. 'Totals' is another term for it.
๐Ÿ”Ž How can I make an NFL over/under bet?
One can wager on whether the total result of both NFL teams will exceed or fall short of the oddsmakers' predetermined amount. Betting platforms will create their own odds and you can simply make a bet at your preferred website or app.
๐Ÿ”Ž Is over/under NFL betting for beginners?
Making an over/under bet is perfect for beginners, as you donโ€™t have to pick a winning team or make any prop bets. Reading about matchups, weather, and injuries is important, but you donโ€™t have to be an NFL betting expert.
๐Ÿ”Ž What is the best strategy for NFL over/unders wins?
This usually depends on the teams playing, as itโ€™s vital to know if the squads are great on offense, defense, or perhaps a balance of both. This will give you an idea of how many points could be scored overall in the game. Checking the news about recent injuries to star players will also help you.
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