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Parlay Betting

Parlay betting systems have to deal with parlay betting, where you are betting on multiple games in a single wager. The attraction of a sports parlay is that the payout is bigger, considering you are betting on two or more teams to win. 

The more teams that are in a betting parlay, the more significant the payout will be. However, it is hard enough to pick one winner of a game, much less multiple ones. 

A sports parlay can be a very hard bet to win, especially if you do not use a sports parlay betting system. Parlay betting is a very popular wager and can be a very lucrative one. 

However, it can be very tough to cash in on, which is why it is advantageous to use a sports parlay betting system. 

Sports Parlay 

Before looking at a sports parlay betting system, such as a parlay betting system football, let’s check out an example of a typical sports parlay. 

  • Washington Redskins +3.5 vs. Dallas Cowboys –3.5 
  • New York Jets +5.5 vs. New England Patriots -5.5 
  • Philadelphia Eagles -2.5 vs. New York Giants +2.5 

In this example of a sports parlay, it is all with the spread. However, you can mix and match using totals as well as moneylines. 

There are also online sportsbooks offering a sports parlay where you can have games from different sports in the same bet. 

Since you are taking the spreads, there is a 50/50 chance of winning each of the bets. However, with betting parlay odds, the payout would be 6-1 (+600), since it would be three bets x 2 = 6. 

So, if you bet the favorites in the example, the Cowboys would have to win by four or more points, the Patriots have to win by six or more points, and the Eagles have to win by three or more points. If this happens and you bet $100 on the sports parlay, your payout would be $700 ($600 win plus $100 original stake). 

If there is a case in a sports parlay where there is a push, then that bet is taken out of the betting parlay. 

Here are the typical sports parlay odds you will see at sportsbooks with the number of games and their payouts: 

  • Three games – 6/1 
  • Four games – 10/1 
  • Five games – 20 /1 
  • Six games -20-1 
  • Seven games 75/1 
  • Eight games – 150/1 

Three-Team Sports Parlay Betting System

The three-team sports parlay betting system is the most popular, considering the three-team parlay is the most popular sports parlay. It puts three games in one bet where the three teams you pick have to win the bet. The example used above is a three-team sports parlay. 

The three-team sports parlay betting system is often used, as the house edge for sportsbooks is significantly increased when betting on more than three games. When you use the three-team sports parlay betting system, you should make that three-team sports parlay at an online bookmaker that offers odds of +600. 

Some will off a three-team sports parlay at +600, and some will offer it at +595. For this betting parlay, make a bet at +600 to get a better payout if you win. 

The Moneyline Sports Parlay Betting System

One of the better parlay betting systems is the moneyline sports parlay betting system. There are a couple of benefits when using the moneyline sports parlay betting system in that it gives solid parlay value using a simple moneyline odds formula. 

The moneyline is simple, as there are no spreads involved, and you are just picking a team to win. 

When looking at the moneyline sports parlay betting system, there are two types of sports parlays in the aggressive moneyline parlay and the neutral moneyline parlay. The neutral parlay is a lower risk lower reward parlay betting option while the aggressive parlay is a higher risk higher reward option. 

In the neutral sports parlay, you are laying favorites most of the time with lower payouts using the moneyline. In this option, you do not want to get burned by the favorites, so it may be a good idea to stay away from teams that are favored on the road or have a key injured player. 

For the aggressive sports parlay, you are looking for a higher payout with higher moneyline odds. A good time to use this type of parlay betting system is a game with a close point spread or one where you think the underdog will beat the favorite. 

The Teaser Sports Parlay Betting System 

The teaser sports parlay betting system is like a regular parlay, but you can manipulate the point spread in your favor. However, while the payouts for teaser parlay betting is solid, it is not as good as a regular parlay betting since you can manipulate the point spread. 

Typically for a teaser sports parlay for football, the online bookmaker will allow you to tease six to 10, while in basketball, it is usually four to six points. 

Let’s take a look at a teaser parlay betting system football example. 

You want to tease the Washington Redskins (+5) over the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers (-9.5) over the Detroit Lions, and Miami Dolphins (+8.5) over the Buffalo Bills. 

You take a six-point teaser, so the odds on the teams you want to bet on in the sports parlay are now: 

  • Washington Redskins (+11) over the Dallas Cowboys 
  • Green Bay Packers (-3.5) over the Detroit Lions 
  • Miami Dolphins (+14.5) over the Buffalo Bills

As you can see, the odds are now more in your favor for the teaser betting parlay. Again, the payout for teasers is less than typical parlays since you are changing the spread in your favor. 

Parlay Betting Systems for Beginners 

When talking about parlay systems for beginners, those types of players should bet on fewer teams meaning fewer games in the parlay. You can bet between two and 15 games in a parlay at many sportsbooks, and beginners should start small, only betting two to three games. 

Many times beginners are attracted to the huge payouts for a sports parlay, but that comes with betting more games. Beginners should start small and also start off betting small, so they can get to know the different parlay betting systems and what is involved. 


No matter what sports parlay betting system you use, you can increase your chances of winning the bet if you handicap the games in it. Handicapping is especially important for a sports parlay, as there are more games in the bet with a significant payout for a win. 

For example, some of the things to handicap in a parlay betting system for football are form, home and away records, defensive and offensive stats, and injuries to players, especially in the skill positions. 

Parlay Betting Systems FAQ

What is the best parlay betting system?

The best parlay betting system is the one that you are familiar with and works for you. You can try out different sports parlay systems to see which ones you like and can help you win when betting in sports.

Is a sports parlay for a bettor with a limited bankroll?

You can take part in parlay betting with a limited bankroll. However, a sports parlay is a hard one to win since you have to win multiple games in one bet.

Where can I find teaser betting options?

Most online sportsbooks will have parlay betting on teasers where you can try out a sports betting parlay system.

What sports can I bet on where I can try out parlay betting systems?

You can bet on most sports in a sports parlay, but the ones that are the most often used are for the big leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and the bigger soccer leagues from around the world.

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