Oregon Sports Betting

Oregon online sports betting is perfectly legal, but so far there is only one online sportsbook operating in the state. Of course, one online sportsbook is far better than none, and bettors have plenty of markets to choose from.

In this article we bring you up to speed with the development of gambling in the state and take a look at what is currently available. We also provide an overview of the sports betting opportunities on offer and explore how the sports betting scene is expected to develop in the future.

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Oregon online sports betting is legal, but it has taken some time to become so. Sports betting was available in the state long before 2018, but only on a small scale.

This has changed since the US Supreme Court decision in 2018. Since that time, the Oregon State Lottery has been at the forefront of it all. Oregon remains one of the smaller sports betting markets in the United States, but it does have an online sportsbook available. 

There is just one online sportsbook currently available to sports bettors in Oregon. Many believe there is a chance that this market will grow over the next few years. Ultimately, that is all up to the Oregon State Lottery.

Online sports betting has become extremely popular throughout the United States. Unfortunately, the numbers in Oregon continue to fall short of other competitors. Creating some competition in this market will be a key to moving forward. I the meantime, at least bettors in Oregon online sports betting fans have a place to make their wagers. 

Best Oregon Sports Betting Sites 

In other states that have legalized and launched sports betting, enthusiasts have several sportsbooks to choose from. That is not the case for Oregon online sports betting fans, as there is just one sports betting app available. 

The Oregon State Lottery had launched Scoreboard as its online sportsbook. The site doesn’t currently offer any bonuses or promotions to Oregon residents. Getting new operators in the state is the key to providing bonus offers to sports betting customers. 

Oregon Online Sports Betting Opportunities

The Oregon State Lottery determines what betting markets are available in the state. Sportsbooks in Oregon have plenty of freedom about what kind of bets they offer. That said, all of these bets must be made on professional sports. 

It is therefore prohibited to place bets on collegiate sporting events in Oregon. Some say that this is a huge barrier to the growth of the industry here. College sporting events draw a large number of wagers in other states, but that’s not the case in Oregon.

The Scoreboard app covers international sporting events, and that provides a lengthy list of potential betting markets. Live betting and prop betting are also available, and both are hugely popular here. 

Land-Based Oregon Sportsbooks

All of the tribal casinos in Oregon will be able to offer retail sports betting eventually. However, they must wait until the Oregon Lottery gets things completely launched. SBTech will be setting up sports betting kiosks at various retail locations throughout the state. At the time of writing, that process has not yet begun. 

The Tribal casinos in the state which could offer sports betting in the future are as follows:

  • Chinook Winds Casino
  • Indian Head Casino
  • Kla-Mo-Ya Casino
  • The Mill Casino & Hotel
  • Seven Feathers Hotel & Casino Resort
  • Spirit Mountain Casino
  • Three Rivers Casino
  • Three Rivers Casino Coos Bay
  • Wildhorse Resort & Casino

Since the Oregon Lottery has already reached an agreement with SBTech, it has kept other big name operators out of the state. These operators can still gain access into the market by partnering with one of the tribal casinos listed above.

When land-based sports betting launches, Oregon will become a much bigger market. Especially if these tribal casinos are able to land some of the biggest names in the industry.

Oregon Gambling law

The state of Oregon doesn't have a large sports betting industry, but it does have a rather sizeable gaming industry. All casino gambling in the state must be carried out on tribal land. Even so, there are a number of casinos located throughout the state.

The Oregon State Lottery began offering sports betting in 1989. That allowed the state to be exempt from the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. The legal gambling age in Oregon is 18, but casinos require you to be 21 to enter their premises. 

Daily Fantasy Sports is another industry that is legal and regulated by the state. This means that sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel can accept Oregon residents. In return, they have to will pay a portion of their winnings to the state.

There are harsh penalties for operating an illegal gambling operation in the state of Oregon. Retail properties can apply for a license to offer sports betting through the SBTech kiosks that will be installed.

Scoreboard Sportsbook Review

Since there is just one sports betting site available in the state of Oregon, online sports bettors can't shop around. But that won't always be the case, and when competition increases, bettors will need to choose their sportsbook carefully.

In the meantime, we can take a closer look at what Oregon's Scoreboard has to offer.

Game Selection 

The Scoreboard App might be the only available sports betting option in Oregon, but that doesn’t mean bettors are limited in their game selection. The types of bets that can be offered is determined by the Oregon State Lottery, and the Scoreboard app takes full advantage of that.

A number of great betting markets are available in the state of Oregon, and all of them are featured on the Scoreboard app. There are definitely some areas in which this mobile app is lacking, but game selection isn't one of them. 

Betting Lines 

This is another area where some additional competition would be useful, as it would lead to a greater choice of betting lines. That said, this site does provide some very competitive betting lines when compared with the industry as a whole. The odds and lines might be adjusted a point or two in either direction, but there are still plenty of great offers.

New Player Bonuses 

One of the biggest downfalls about not having any competition in the online sports betting industry is that operators aren’t fighting to get new customers. That is the case in Oregon as the Scoreboard app doesn’t need to offer any large promotions or bonuses.

No new player bonuses are currently being offered by the Scoreboard app. This will likely change when other operators launch, but that could still be some time away.

Typically sports betting sites will offer some sort of deposit match or risk-free betting options to entice new players to sign up. The Scoreboard app offers none of these things, which is why competition is needed. 


When you click on the 'Promotions' tab on the Scoreboard app or online site, it will take you to the 'Scoreboard Specials'. These are featured games or events which offer boosted odds. The Scoreboard puts together 'winning' picks each day and bettors can take advantage of the offer if they so choose.

These specials do change each day, and so it is important to check the promotions tab each time you log on to ensure that you are not missing anything. 

Payment Options 

The sports betting industry has evolved over the years, and the number of payment options has increased. With the Scoreboard app, the payment options are limited, because all banking is conducted through a Play+ card. 

New sports bettors will be asked to sign up for a Play+ card when creating a sports betting account. This is where your money will be stored for transfer to or from the betting account itself.

The payment process is quick and easy, and all of the processes are safe and secure. Your money will be available in a matter of minutes, both as a deposit or as a withdrawal. 

How to Deposit Money 

Credit and debit cards are accepted at the Scoreboard app, but only through Play+. You will be required to enter in your credit or debit card information the first time you make a deposit. That data can then be saved and used for future payments.

For those sports bettors that prefer to not use a credit card, PayPal is another option. PayPal is the biggest e-wallet available. Your account can be linked to a Play+ card for quick and easy transactions.

Another option is an online bank transfer, and this is another process that can be set up quickly. Providing the Scoreboard app with your banking information will take a couple of minutes the first time you use this method. However, that information will also be saved for speedier future transactions. 

How to Withdraw Money 

When you have won money at the sportsbook, you will probably want to withdraw some or all of it. When you request a withdrawal, the funds will be returned to you Play+ card.

This Play+ Card is accepted wherevery Discover is accepted. You can also use it to withdraw cash at an ATM. 

Customer Service

While most online sportsbooks offer some sort of live chat feature, the Scoreboard app in Oregon does not. Live chat is a great way to get in touch with customer service as it can help answer your questions in a timely manner.

The Scoreboard app, and Scoreboard website currently offers two different ways to get in touch with customer service. You can either send an email to a support address or call a toll-free number. 

The United States Supreme Court lifted the federal ban on sports betting for several reasons. The most important one was that legalizing betting made things safer for sports bettors.

Offshore sportsbooks have been around for decades, but there is always a level of risk involved in using them, we always recommend against it! When it comes to betting in Oregon, that is not the case, all of the options are legal, and they are all regulated by the Oregon State Lottery.

Banking is another area where using a legal online sports betting site is a huge advantage. Some banking institutions don’t process payments to offshore sports betting sites, but they will approve a transaction made to a legal and regulated sports betting site.

Online sports bettings sites are the most popular option in the sports betting industry today, and they allow bettors to place bets from the comfort of their own home. Retail sportsbooks will always be a popular option, but it is hard to beat the simplicity of using a phone to place a bet on a sporting event. 

Oregon Online Sports Betting Timeline

Most of the United States needed a landmark decision from the United States Supreme Court to begin offering sports betting, but that was not the case with Oregon. This was one of the first states to offer some sort of sports betting, but things progressed slowly and Oregon online sports betting took quite a while to become available.

An exemption was given to Oregon, Delaware, Nevada, and Montana when the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) went into effect in 1992. These four states had already started offering sports betting on a small scale, and the new legislation did not apply to them.

In Oregon, the Oregon Lottery started offering parlay bets on NFL games through a program called Sports Action. Sports Action stopped being available in 2007 as the state was facing enormous pressure from the NCAA.

The United States Supreme Court faced a tough decision in early 2018 because the PASPA was being challenged by the state of New Jersey. Professional sports leagues were lobbying the court to continue the federal ban on sports betting, while New Jersey wanted to offer sports betting.

The Breakthough

The Supreme Court decided to lift the federal ban, and there are now more than 20 states that have legalized sports betting. Oregon did not need to create any new legislation to offer sports betting, but this decision by the Supreme Court did get the Oregon Lottery to resume sports betting.

The Oregon Lottery hired SBTech to offer sports betting services in the state, including online sports betting. SBTech officially launched the Scoreboard app on October 16, 2019, becoming the 12th state to offer sports betting.

Unlike other states like Pennsylvania, where the offer of the Penn sportsbook is quite wide. Oregon has currently very limited options for betting. Sports betting kiosks will eventually be installed at retail locations throughout the state. That has not happened so far. Right now, betting is limited to the Scoreboard app and tribal casinos.

Oregon Online Sports Betting FAQ

What is the legal gambling age in Oregon?
The legal gambling age in Oregon is 18, but the Scoreboard app requires users to be at least 21.
What are the legal gambling options?
Gambling law in Oregon currently allows lottery, casinos, sports betting, Daily Fantasy Sports and horse race betting.
Is mobile betting available?
Mobile sports betting is available through the Scoreboard app. Online casino gambling is not available at this time.
Do I have to be a resident of Oregon to bet?
No, and Oregon allows for remote registration on the Scoreboard app as long as geo-location services are turned on.
How do they know that I am in Oregon when placing a bet?
Your location services must be enabled on your mobile device, and the Scoreboard app will verify your location before you are able to make a wager.
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