How To Bet On The New York Red Bulls

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What You Need To Know When Betting On The New York Red Bulls

The New York Red Bulls, formerly known as the New York/New Jersey MetroStars, have quite a bit of popularity going for them. Indeed, over the past decade, they have won their conference three times and one in the early 2000s.

With their rising success and consistency, among other things, this leads to great sports betting opportunities. The goal here, pun intended, is to make money but also to enjoy the sport.

Top Tips For Betting On New York Red Bulls 

When betting on sporting events or teams like the New York Red Bulls, you will want to have a strategy. Taking everything you can learn and adding tips along the way is key to your success. The top tips for Red Bulls betting are:

  1. Getting a sportsbook 
  2. Reading the odds
  3. Looking at the team
  4. Staying updated 

Getting A Sportsbook 

To begin with, you are going to need a sportsbook. You have to find one that will let you make bets and help you continue making the best ones for the long haul. 

Make a list of some sportsbooks you find online. You could also make a list of things you want to see in your sportsbook, such as a welcome bonus, live sports betting opportunities, and fast payouts. 

Once you narrow down your sportsbook options, check out reviews to see how other bettors are getting along with them. This will save a ton of time and help you spend more of it on betting. 

Reading The Odds

Some of the more common bets you will see in any sport is the moneyline bet. This one is usually a number that has a plus or minus sign in front of it.

For example: Say the New York Red Bulls are listed at odds of -160. This means that you would need to lay down a $160 bet to win $100. If their odds were listed at +160, then placing a $100 bet would net you a $160 profit. 

As such, the minus sign represents what you would need to invest upfront to win $100, whereas the plus sign is an indication of what you would receive in return for a $100 bet.

Another common bet you will see is the fractional odds. Teams will be listed as fractions such as 2/3, 5/4, and even 6/1. Using 6/1, for example, for every dollar you bet on your team and win, you get six dollars back. 

Finally, spread bets involve betting against what a bookmaker has a decision on within various elements of the game. This is sometimes more of a fun bet and one that is easier to understand. 

For instance, say your bookmaker is predicting that there will be 11 to 12 corners in a game. The spread will be set at 11-12. If you believe that there will be more than this, you can buy a corner at, for example, $5 per corner. So, if there happen to be 16 corners, you will make a $20 profit (4 x 5). 

However, if only seven corners occur, you will lose $20. The spread that bookmakers offer will change often, depending on how the soccer match is coming along. 

If the first half-hour passes without a corner, for instance, then chances are the spread will be reduced. Spread betting has the potential to be another lucrative way to make money on soccer, but is sometimes considered riskier than simply betting on the outcome.

Looking At The Team

To further add to your list of things to do, it is important to view the team as a whole and to avoid any biases you may have. If you are a New York Red Bulls fan, you need to put aside your feeling for the team and look at it more statistically rather than emotionally. 

You need to be looking at their strength of schedule, the current roster, changing of coaches, or anything else that could affect team chemistry or alter a game's odds. You also need to look at how well the team plays at home or away at other teams' locations. 

Staying Updated 

In addition to the knowledge you have of the team, you need to stay updated on the world of MLS. You need to be able to analyze each team that the Red Bulls will face and see if it is a good betting opportunity. 

You also need to know how each player matches up against other players. Questions like how well the other team defends or if they have a player in the process of winning the Golden Boot. 

How To Bet On New York Red Bulls FAQ

How can I practice my strategy?
If you are a soccer fan and want to transition over to sports betting, then practice definitely makes perfect. Assuming you have done everything above, try writing down a prediction instead of putting your money to work. This will give you a feel for what is going on and to see if you need more practice.
What is the Golden Boot?
This is sometimes referred to as the Golden Shoe, but this is when a player on a team has scored the most goals in a season. This is a lot of hard work and quite difficult to do.
What is Draw No Bet?
This is a type of bet that will allow you to make a bet on a team to win at the end of regular time. If the match is headed to more time or is a draw at the end of regular time, you will be refunded your wager. Always check your sportsbook for more details on specific bets.