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Betting on the New Jersey Devils

Betting on the New Jersey Devils is something that many sports bettors enjoy and for good reason. The NJ Devils are one of the most storied franchises within the National Hockey League. With multiple Stanley Cup championships in the bag, the Devils have had the kind of success over the past 35 years that some NHL teams will only ever be able to dream of.

Their first Stanley Cup came to them in 1995 when the Devils defeated the Detroit Red Wings. It was the spark that ignited an inferno, and merely a glimmer of even greater things to come for the Devils, who then went on to win two more championships in 2000 and 2003.

Top Tips for New Jersey Devils Betting

Having a strategy, no matter how simple, is essential for betting successfully on any type of event. Betting on the New Jersey Devils is no exception. Fortunately, we're right here to help you out, and we've come up with a straightforward five-step route to getting started. The five steps that we'll discuss in this guide are:

  1. Find a Suitable Sportsbook.
  2. Understand the Odds.
  3. Know the Form.
  4. Bet Strategically.
  5. Manage Your Bankroll.

Let's now take a look at each of those step in turn.

Find a Suitable Sportsbook 

Your first step to betting on the New Jersey Devils is to find a suitable sportsbook. In short, you'll need to use a sportsbook that will give you a wide range of betting markets and is easy to use. You also need your chosen sportsbook to be reliable so that you can place bets quickly and without fuss as and when you please. It also helps if the sportsbook offers a decent welcome package that you can take advantage of as you're starting out.

All of that might sound like a tall order, but sports bettors in the US are fortunate because all licensed online sportsbooks here tick all of those boxes. Hop over to our online sportsbooks page if you'd like to explore the available options in detail, so simply select one of the recommended sportsbooks below. If you live in a state which has more than one sportsbook in operation, you can even join two or more so that can enjoy more bonuses and have a wider choice of odds when betting.

Recommended Sportsbooks

Understand the New Jersey Devils Odds

Being able to read and understand betting odds is essential for anyone who wants to bet successfully on the New Jersey Devils. At first glance the odds can appear quite confusing, but they aren't nearly as difficult to understand as most people imagine.

Look at the moneyline market for any NHL game and you will see both teams listed with corresponding odds. Those odds will be prefixed either by a minus sign (-) or by a plus sign (+). For example:

TEAM A-150
TEAM B+150
Moneyline Odds Example

Whenever you see odds prefixed by a minus sign, you will need to bet the figure stated, in dollars, to win a profit of $100. In the above example, you would need to bet $150 on TEAM A to make a $100 profit. Of course, you can bet less if you want to, and the profit would be proportionally smaller. A bet of $15, for example, would give you a profit of $10.

When you see odds prefixed by a plus sign, you will need to bet $100 to make the stated figure in profit. For example, if you were to bet $100 on TEAM B in the above example, your profit for success would be $150. Or you could bet $10 to make a profit of $15.

And that really is all there is to reading and understanding the odds. Of course, different betting markets will work in slightly different ways (see our NHL Betting Guide for more details), but the odds themselves will work in exactly the same way.

Know the Form

Betting on the New Jersey Devils is all about betting on your opinion of how a particular game will end. While you can base your opinions on hunches (as thousands of bettors do), such an approach is unlikely to help you win over the long term. Unless you just happen to be psychic, in which case, more power to ya.

A much better approach for the rest of us who aren't gifted with second sight is to know the form of the teams involved. The word 'form' in this context simply means past performance. Teams that have won in the recent past are more likely to win in the near future than teams that haven't won anything of note in recent weeks. Knowing the form means that your opinions about an upcoming game are likely to be far more reliable than any that are based on hunches.

Those of you who intend to bet on the New Jersey Devils on a regular basis would do well to learn all that you can about the team. Watch their games, assess their performance, and note their scores. Note also how key players affect the performance of the team as a whole so that you can judge how any injuries or similar might affect their chances.

Of course, the New Jersey Devils don't play against themselves, so you should also pay attention to how their opponents play and perform. The more you know about the form of all the teams involved, the more your opinions will be worth betting on.

Bet Strategically

While many people bet on the New Jersey Devils as and when they please, a far better approach is to bet strategically. This simply means betting in a deliberate and purposeful way in the pursuit of an intended objective.

Ask yourself what your goal is, as a sports bettor. Are you betting simply to add a little extra interest to each game? Do you want to end the season with a profit? Is your aim to grow your bankroll as effectively as possible?

Knowing your reason for betting is important because it can have a big impact on the strategy that you employ. For example, if you're only betting to add interest to each game, you could simply bet the Devils with a few dollars as a matter of course. However, if you want to try and make a profit, you will need to choose your battles a lot more carefully, and that could mean not betting at all in some games.

We can't tell you what strategy you should employ because we have no idea what your goals are. However, we do suggest that you give this topic some serious consideration so that you can devise your own strategy or read more about the subject elsewhere.

Manage Your Bankroll 

Your bankroll is the amount of money that you have set aside for the sole purpose of betting. If you haven't set aside such a sum, you should do so immediately. The bankroll should be money that you can afford to lose, and that you do not need for anything of importance, such as rent or mortgage payments. Sports betting can be profitable, but it isn't a business and should never be relied upon as a way of making money.

When you have set aside your bankroll - let's say $200 - you need to manage it wisely. Slamming the whole lot on a single bet is asking for trouble because sooner or later your bet will lose and your bankroll will disappear with it. And if you think that couldn't possibly happen on your first bet, think again - surprises come along exactly when you least expect or need them.

A better approach to managing your bankroll is to divide it into 10 or 20 units and bet no more than one unit per game. By betting 10% of your bankroll, you'd stake $20 on your first bet. If the bet wins, add the total return to your bankroll and your next bet will be slightly larger. If the bet loses, stake 10% of your remaining bankroll ($180) on the next bet, which would be $18. And so on.

This approach gives you a much better chance of riding out losing spells instead of being wiped out by them. There are, of course, other money management approaches that can be used, so feel free to look into the topic more deeply if you want to explore those possibilities.

How to Bet on the New Jersey Devils FAQ

How can I practice my New Jersey Devils betting strategy?
Take a look at the schedule for the Devils. Look up as much information as you can before an event. Write down what you think the score will be, as well as any other outcomes that you think will happen, and see how your predictions fare. This way, you will get a rough idea of how well you researched your betting material.
Can I make money betting on the Devils?
It is always possible to make money in the world of sports betting. Of course, it is just as possible to lose money, too. Your chances of making money increase if you base your betting decisions on serious form study and adopt a sensible approach to money management.
Where do the New Jersey Devils play?
The New Jersey Devils play at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.