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How to Learn to Bet on Handball

Handball is a sport that is very popular in Europe and is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. When it comes to how to bet on handball, you have many options in bets to make but also what leagues and events to bet on.

With handball, you will find many wagers for them at some of the best sportsbooks online today, and many of them have not only handball betting odds but also handball betting tips. In this handball betting guide, you can see all the options you have in terms of handball betting advice.

Handball Bets 

When you learn how to bet on handball, you have to know the bets available, as there are quite a few of them. The most popular handball bets are match betting and totals. In match betting, you are betting on a certain team to win the match, and in totals, you are betting over or under the number of goals scored in the match. 

In handball, there are two halves, and that leads to many betting options. You can wager on totals for each half as well as which team will be in the lead or if the half ends in a draw. There are proposition bets available for handball games both for players and teams. Typically, the bigger the league or event, such as the World Cup, the more proposition bets are available. 

There are also parlays and futures for handball, and for parlays, it is multiple bets in one, so you can bet on two teams to win in one bet with a solid payout. Futures betting is just what the name implies, as you are betting on a future outcome. A couple of examples of a futures bet in handball is which team will win the World Cup or which team will win a certain league. 

When it comes to handball bets at sportsbooks, they can typically be seen in moneyline, decimal, or fractional odds. For example, you can see these different wagering odds formats looking at a bet365 handball bet.

Handicapping Handball Bets 

One of the best handball betting tips to follow is handicapping matches. If you handicap a handball match, you are looking into information about the game and the matchup, and by doing so, you can increase your chances to win the bet. The more information you have about a match, the more it leads to making an intelligent bet, which is one that is a winner more often than not. 

When you look to handicap a handball match, you have to look at a few certain factors. A few of them are the team form, head-to-head history with an opponent, home and away record, and player injuries. 

By looking at these things and doing a little research, you can get an inkling of how the match will unfold before it even starts. You can find trends and things that can help you get an edge over the sportsbook by handicapping handball matches. 

Let’s say you do not handicap a match and make a wager with a team you think has good odds. The match starts, and you see that the team you bet on does not have their star player because of an injury. 

Because of that, that team has less of a chance to win, which is why they probably had odds that you thought were solid. This is how not even doing a little bit of handicapping on a match can hurt you. 

With all the information on the internet, it makes handicapping handball matches much easier. There is a lot of info out there for handball, and by doing a little research before making a handball bet, it can make it more likely that you make smart handball betting picks. 

Major Competitions 

When it comes to what to bet on in handball, the bigger leagues and competitions will have the most handball betting odds. The major events in handball that will have no lack of handball betting odds are: 

  • The Olympics 
  • The EHF European League 
  • The European League
  • The European Championship
  • The World Handball Championship
  • World Women’s Championship

The Olympics, European Championship, World Handball Championship, and World Women’s Championship will have national teams facing off against each other. The European League and the EHF European League are club competitions between professional clubs around Europe. 

The European League and EHF European League are much like soccer in their Champions League and Europa League. 

The events listed are the ones that will have no lack of handball betting odds available at many sportsbooks. These matches will also have the most proposition and futures wagers. 

If you want a little handball betting advice, it is a good idea when these competitions take place that you look for bonuses and promotions for these events to pad your bankroll. 

The Leagues 

There are many handball leagues around the world, and handball betting sites will have odds posted for many of the matches. The bigger leagues are the ones where you will find the most handball betting action in terms of matches covered and betting markets. 

According to Wikipedia, the 10 most popular handball leagues in the world, which will have the most handball betting odds, are: 

  • DKB Handball-Bundesliga (Germany) 
  • Liga Loterías ASOBAL (Spain) 
  • K&H Liga (Hungary) 
  • Lidl Starligue (France) 
  • PGNiG Superliga (Poland) 
  • 888ligaen (Denmark) 
  • Super Liga (Macedonia)
  • Premijer liga (Croatia) 
  • 1ª Divisão (Portugal) 
  • 1. NLB Leasing liga (Slovenia) 

How to Bet Handball FAQ

Is handball betting profitable?
Betting on handball can be profitable if you do it in the right way. The best way to make a profit when betting on handball is to make smart and informed picks, which means handicapping matches before making a bet. You will not get rich quick, but with solid money management and knowing the bets offered and information about events and matches betting on handball can be a profitable endeavor.
How do I read a handball match betting line?
For the most popular betting line for handball, you will typically see a moneyline. Here is an example of a handball moneyline:
  • France -140
  • Denmark +130
In this example, France is the favorite in the match denoted by the – in front of the number, and Denmark is the underdog denoted by the + in front of the number. In using $100 in the example, you will need to bet $140 to win $100 betting on France and bet $100 to win $130 betting on Denmark. You can see that the payout for Denmark is better, as you are betting less to win more, but they are the underdog in the match, which is why the payout is better.
Does women’s handball have betting odds?
Yes, women’s handball does have betting odds, but there are not as many bets available as for men. Sportsbooks will have handball betting odds for the top women’s leagues as well as the bigger international competitions.