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Hockey has been a rising popular sport in the US over the last decade. It has even drawn more popularity with the ability to place bets on events nationwide since 2018. 

The NHL has a variety of betting opportunities, just as the other major sports in the US do. If you are familiar with how the bets work in other sports, then these will be easy to navigate as they operate the same but with different names. 


If you have ever attempted to try betting on sports or hockey in general, you have seen these types of numbers before. These NHL odds are the most common betting type out there because it is the easiest to comprehend. 

You are simply betting on who will win the game. There are other factors involved, but the bet's principle is to decide who you think will win. 

For example, let us look at a matchup at how NHL Vegas odds for a moneyline would look like: 

Dallas Stars+124
Colorado Avalanche-139

As you can see, both teams have a number next to their name. The Stars have a positive number of 124. This means that if you bet $100 on them to win, then you would win $124 if they come out on top. They are considered the underdog. 

The Avalanche have a negative number of 139. This means you have to bet $139 in order to get a $100 return if they win. They are considered the favorites to win. 

These types of Las Vegas NHL Odds will often change as bets are coming in. Most of the time, you will have a clear underdog and favorite, but sometimes you will have teams that are very close, so they might both have a minus sign or both have a plus sign. 

You might see something like that in NHL Playoff odds or NHL Finals odds since the teams are more evenly matched. For NHL Opening Night odds, you will most likely see odds similar to the example above. 

Futures Bet

Now that we know how to read the odds, the rest will be a little easier to understand. A futures bet is a wager for an event that is out in the future on the calendar. 

This means you will see things like NHL MVP odds and NHL Rookie of the Year odds under the category of NHL Future odds on your selected sportsbook of choice. These bets are popular once the season starts because these awards do not happen until later in the season, so bettors like to guess early and receive a larger payout later. 

With futures bets, these odds can significantly change as the season goes along. If a team is projected to be the 10th best in the league, but actually becomes the best team by the end of the season, their odds will shift a lot in that time period. 

Puck Line 

This is another great betting option for NHL bettors. This betting type is where a handicap is placed on a favorite to somewhat even the scoring odds. 

By using the exam from the moneyline teams, we can look at the following:

Dallas Stars+1.5
Colorado Avalanche-1.5

As before, we know that the Stars are the underdogs, and the Avalanche are the favorites. These numbers though, are for how much a team has to win or lose by to win the bet. 

If you bet on the Stars for the puck line, they have to win the game outright or lose by no more than 1 point. If you bet on the Avalanche, they have to win by at least two or more points. 

These payouts for this betting type may not be as attractive as the moneyline or other betting types. However, it is still a potentially profitable strategy to use or add to your betting style. 

Totals Bet

When looking at NHL hockey betting odds, you will also come across the totals bet. This bet is also referred to as an over/under bet. 

This bet is excellent for people who want to focus on the game's score since that is exactly what you are looking for. This bet does not matter who wins the game, but rather how both teams score together. 

For example, the totals bet odds could be at 5.5. Since hockey is generally a lower scoring game, this number is common.

If you bet over, you are saying that both teams will have a combined score of six or more points. If you bet under, you are betting that both teams will score five or fewer points. 

Propositional Bet

These bets are ones that generally do not affect the game. However, they are still relevant to what is going on in most cases. 

When looking at NHL quarter odds, this could become a prop bet. It might ask you who you think would win the quarter or score the most points in one. 

Other prop bets could be who will score first, which team will lead at the half, the MVP of the game, or even which team gets a penalty first. These can significantly differ depending on the game or event. 


What is the best sportsbook to bet on hockey?


Depending on your location, this can be a variety of different answers. However, you need to make sure you find a reputable, legal, and trustworthy x and not a shady one.

Why did the odds change?

A lot of factors go into creating odds for an event. So if a key player, trade, or injury takes effect, this can change the odds. 

It can also be moved by market swings, such as everyone betting on the favorite and no one betting on the dogs, then adjustments will be made to attract bets for the other side. 

How can I practice my bets?

When you do your research on an event, you can always try writing what you think will happen down on paper. Then compare results with what you have and go from there. 

This is great for testing out a strategy, saving money that is potentially lost, and finding out if you enjoy researching a betting type. 

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