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How To Bet On MotoGP

MotoGP has long been considered the king of motorbike racing. With 19 races spread across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, MotoGP has begun to attract a lot of popularity with its high speeds that make it one of the fastest sports out there. Even with all of the dangerous speeds, it allows us to be able to bet on the events as well.

MotoGP is not only an incredible sport, but it is the flagship series among motorbike events. With this in mind, it draws in new viewers and adds it to its already very dedicated fan base. To bet on these events, let us get a look at the five most popular tips for MotoGP betting:

  1. Choosing a great sportsbook 
  2. Understanding the types of bets
  3. Identifying the odds
  4. Breaking down stats
  5. Visualize your bank

Choosing A Great Sportsbook 

Let us tackle this step first since it is important that you have a sportsbook ready to go once you start betting. Finding a sportsbook does not have to be an intimidating project. However, there are things to keep in mind.

Do you want the best payouts? If so, find the sportsbook that offers the best payout by comparing the one you found to the next one you find. 

Another key thing to look for is incentives. Most sportsbooks offer sign-up bonuses or free bets to start. Some have even let you have a risk-free bet. Either way, you need to look around first to get a good idea of the sportsbooks that are in competition with each other. 

Understanding MotoGP Bets

Before you go all-in on an event, there are a few different betting avenues to consider. The three most common types of MotoGP betting are the race winner, winning margin, and season bets.

Race winner bets are simply who you think is going to win the race. This one is the easiest to comprehend and, as such, is the most popular. 

Winning margin bets are where you decide how much a person will win by time-wise. You are gambling on the time difference between first and second place. 

Season bets are wagers on how you think a certain driver will do over the course of the season, within their respective championships. By mid-summer, you can see how two to three drivers might actually have a shot at winning the championship. 

Identifying The Odds

It will be difficult to try and view the odds when the event is out of season. So you would have to look this information up once the season is getting closer and the events have been fully announced. 

For example:

  • Driver A +110
  • Driver B -125

Assuming your bet wins, a $100 bet on Driver A would earn you $110. A bet on Driver B of $125 would earn you $100. 

Breaking Down The Stats

A good way to measure a driver's stats is to look at their past performance at races. By looking at previous events, you can get a feel for how they do, especially if they drive the same event every year. 

Another thing to look at is the teams and their improvements on their bikes. If a team is going through a lot of changes, it may be best to avoid them due to a potentially volatile season. 

Visualize Your Bank Account

Think about how much money you have to play with. Now pretend you just lost everything you had on betting. Sounds a little extreme, but how do you feel in that scenario?

Obviously, you do not want to lose any money. But finding a perfect balance of money management and knowing when to stop is great at being a successful sports bettor.

How To Bet On MotoGP FAQ

How do I find the best drivers?
To find the best drivers, you would need to do a quick online search of the best MotoGP racers. Then, you would find the leaderboard and compare the top racers. Remember, each point earned at the events are then added up to their totals to get an overall number for the championship. It would also help to compare it along a few years back just to show a consistent basis of drivers. Also, by looking at their overall podium finishes, you can get a rough estimate of how the drivers will fare.
Can I bet on these races live?
You would have to check with the sportsbook of your choosing to get a more accurate representation. Some sportsbooks will have different options available to their bettors.
When does the Grand Prix season start?
The Grand Prix motorcycle season usually runs from March to November. However, seasons may vary based on specific events. The events typically run on weekends and have break periods in summer and winter.