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Betting On Fortnite made easy

Fortnite is a multiplayer battle royale game that has turned into a cultural phenomenon, amassing a healthy following of well over 100 million players since its initial launch in July 2017. With such a massive player base, Fortnite did not need long to develop its competitive scene.

This attracted not only players from all over the globe who wanted to prove their skill and knowledge about the game but also esports bookmakers and consequently esports bettors, who spotted a financial opportunity in Fortnite betting world.

Since Fortnite is one of the youngest esports titles, its competitive scene has yet to reach the heights of League of Legends, CS:GO and DOTA 2. Nonetheless, Fortnite is still regarded as one of the most popular games amongst players, as well as esports bettors, who don’t shy away from placing an occasional bet on one of the numerous Fortnite tournaments that are held throughout the year.

In this guide, we will dig deep into Fortnite as a game and explore its betting world, including bet types and the best bookmakers to use. We will also give out some helpful tips and tricks that will help you not only learn how to bet on Fortnite but set you on the right path to start making money by betting on Epic Games’ premier game title.

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Fortnite: Basics and how it works

Fortnite is a simple game, yet one that is easy to learn and hard to master, which allows anyone to pick it up very quickly, however, it demands a lot of time and dedication to be good at it.

Fortnite falls into the genre of battle royale games, which sees 100 players dropped into a large open-world island map, where they fight until the last man/squad is left standings. Some similar game titles include Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and H1Z1: Battle Royale.

The simple element of Fortnite is that there are no special objectives that you need to achieve to win - all you need to do is survive. To keep the game interesting, exciting, and balanced, the map onto which the players are dropped begins to slowly close with a circular storm approaching the players from all sides. 

Standing in the storm slowly kills any player, meaning all the participants need to move towards the "safe zone," effectively ushering the players to move closer to each other, which forces them to meet and engage in spectacular firefights.

There are also loot boxes across the whole map, which players can open to receive weapons, equipment, and building materials. The amount and quality of weapons and other items found in the boxes are completely random, which adds another layer of excitement to the game. 

Unlike other battle royale titles, however, Fortnite also allows players to build certain structures, which can be used to protect yourself from enemy fire or to get to higher ground.

There are a lot smaller details that go into the game, but for the sake of this "How to bet on Fortnite" guide, we have covered only the basics about how the game is played. Before you start your journey into Fortnite game betting, however, it would be wise to explore a bit more about the game to get a better in-depth understanding of Fortnite.

Betting on Fortnite - Basics

Once you have a basic understanding of the game, you can start exploring Fortnite betting. It is worth noting that Fortnite has yet to develop as an esports title as much as other, more popular games. That means betting options are fairly limited as compared to CS:GO, League of Legends, and even Rocket League or Hearthstone

Nonetheless, most esports bookmakers will offer odds during any major Fortnite competitions or other events that receive a lot of coverage. That means that betting on Fortnite is all about timing and finding the best odds to bet on.

Fortnite betting odds

Betting odds you will find offered on Fortnite matches and events are very similar to any other esports or sports. The odds you will come across will be written in one of three formats, depending on your location and the bookmaker you choose to bet on.

The odds formats that can be found across the world are decimal (1.80), fractional (4/5), or Moneyline (-125) formats. All three mean the same, although they are written in different styles. 

Learning how to read all three of them will benefit you as a bettor, however, doing so is not necessarily needed since most bookmakers allow you to change the format with a simple click of a button.

Fortnite Bet Types

Fortnite does not have the largest variety of bet types available due to its gameplay. Unlike other esports titles, Fortnite is not played in a best-of format, nor is it played in rounds. 

Instead, Fortnite is played in a single all-or-nothing match where you either win or lose. For that reason, the most common bet type is the outright bet, although there are a few bookmakers that offer special prop bets, which add some flair to Fortnite betting.

How to Bet on the Moneyline

Moneyline, Outright, or Match winner bets all represent the same bet type you will regularly find in your Fortnite betting journey. With this bet, you are only predicting which player or team will win a certain match.

Due to Fortnite's massive player pool, odds offered on the outright market tend to be very high, which includes even the favorites. While the odds reflect the player's skill and likelihood to win, predicting who will be the last man standing can often be hard, reflecting with the inflated odds.

How to Bet on Futures

Fortnite Future betting is essentially outright tournament betting. This type of bet is very similar to Moneyline bet, only here you are not placing a wager on which player/team will win a given match, but instead the whole tournament.

Fortnite tournament betting odds are often available long before the event begins. This is important to know since odds offered well ahead of time are usually significantly higher compared to how they look when the event is around the corner. 

This gives you an excellent opportunity to place a wager at more favorable odds, which present a higher potential payout.

How to Bet on Props

Props are also known as Proposition or Special bets, which are available at almost all esports betting sites and allow you to bet on a very specific event that could happen during a Fortnite game.

Some of the most common Fortnite prop bets are:

  • Top three finishers - Which three players will remain the last three standing.
  • Region of a winner - You predict which regional server the winner hails from (Asia, Brazil, Europe, North America East, North America West & Oceania).
  • Solos betting - Which solo player will win the match (similar to Moneyline).
  • Duos betting - Which two players will come out on top (similar to Moneyline).

How to Bet In-play

With in-play bets, you are placing bets while the match is played, which adds some more excitement to any form of betting. Since Fortnite betting world is still developing, however, in-play betting on Fortnite is not yet available.

It remains to be seen when this type of bets will become available for Fortnite matches. Still, with the development of the esports betting industry and rapid growth of Fortnite's popularity, it's only a matter of time before Fortnite in-play betting will become a thing.

Where to bet on Fortnite

With the basics of how to bet on Fortnite covered, all there is left to do is look at which are the best bookmakers for your Fortnite betting adventure. While Fortnite esports betting is still developing and is still lacking in some areas compared to some of the most popular esports titles, there are a plethora of esports bookmakers that will offer odds on Fortnite tournaments.

Here are a few of the best Fortnite bookmakers you should check out:


GG.Bet has quickly become known as one of the most popular esports bookmakers in the world. The website offers markets on any esports title, including CS:GO, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Rocket League, Hearthstone, and more.

Odds offered on are very competitive to other major esports bookmakers and also offers live scores, news from the esports world, and other features that will come in handy when betting on any esports title.


Like GG.Bet, Arcanebet has become one of the best esports bookmakers currently available. With its wide selection of payment methods and fast payouts, Arcanebet is also one of the most accessible esports bookmakers in the world,

Unlike most other bookmakers, Arcanebet also offers odds on almost all Fortnite tournaments, including some lesser-known events worldwide. You can rest assured that by using Arcanebet, you will never find yourself empty-handed when looking earn some Fortnite bet money.


Bet365, one of the most popular bookmakers for traditional sports, also offers coverage of esports events, including Fortnite. Although it won't offer you the features some other esports bookmakers do, Bet365 prides itself with competitive odds and wide coverage of esports events, which are two crucial features any good bookmaker should have.

Betting Strategies and Tips

Now that you're equipped with the knowledge about Fortnite bet types and which bookmaker to pick, all that is left to do before you can say you have learned the basics about how to bet on Fortnite is to look at a few tips and tricks that will help you pick smart bets.

Be on the hunt for promotions and bonuses

This is a more general type of tip, but an effective one nonetheless. Many sportsbooks will offer its customers and those who have yet to create a betting account special promotions and bonuses for deposits. 

While those deposits often require you to turn them over several times, you're essentially getting free money to bet with, so there is really no reason not to take advantage of the offer.

Watch Fortnite streams

There is no point in studying all 100 players set to compete in any given Fortnite match, not only because it is nearly impossible, but also because there is no real benefit from doing it. Instead, focus on the favorites, which usually includes about five players.

The best way to study Fortnite players is by watching their streams. All top-tier Fortnite players are also very successful streamers, meaning you can, in a sense, watch their preparations for the events while they stream. 

This will give you a great insight into their form and how well prepared they are for the challenges ahead.

Do your own research

Doing your own research about the players will always benefit you more than listening to predictions provided by any online personality. While taking note of what other pro players say about their opponents can provide you with crucial information, listening to betting predictions and using them instead of doing your own research is generally a bad idea. Listen to the crowd - but don't follow it.

Follow the game updates

Fortnite often receives game-changing updates that can have massive effects on the competitive landscape. Weapon nerfs and buffs, map alterations, and other changes are an integral part of Fortnite.

That's why it makes sense to follow the developer patch notes to get a better understanding not only about how the game's meta but also which players will excel under changed circumstances.

How to Bet on Fortnite FAQ

Is it safe to bet on Fortnite?

Betting on Fortnite is as safe as betting on any other esports or sports title, although it entirely depends on picking a safe and reliable esports bookmaker. Do your best to avoid any shady-looking bookmakers or those you have never heard before.

Your best bet is to do thorough research and look up esports bookmaker reviews, which will help you pick the best esports betting website. Or pick one of the bookmakers we have provided in this guide.

How do you bet on Fortnite World Cup?

Fortnite World Cup is the biggest Fortnite event of the year, which not only draws in masses of viewers but also action-hungry bettors, who look for betting opportunities. Betting on Fortnite World Cup is the same as any other Fortnite tournament betting.

However, unlike some minor tournaments, the Fortnite World Cup betting markets receive much greater coverage and, due to the sheer size of the event, also offers more betting opportunities.

Is it difficult to learn how to bet on Fortnite?

Learning how to bet on Fortnite is very easy, especially since its betting markets are not complicated. Understanding the basics of betting will go a long way. Following the game, players and the industry is the only missing piece to turn your Fortnite betting journey into a profitable one.

Playing the game can also help you understand the mechanics and other small elements of the game, but until Fortnite in-play betting is available, knowing the basics and doing your own research about the players will be more than enough to start betting on Fortnite.