Tennis Betting System: Which are The Most Popular?

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Tennis Betting Systems

Betting on tennis is a skill that has to be practiced, but should not be as difficult as playing the sport at a high level. There are many reasons why tennis remains a popular betting sport.

Many sportsbooks offer various opportunities to bet on tennis. This is due to the many outcomes that could happen in a match. It also depends significantly on one player and not a team, unless you bet on doubles matches.

Finding the best tennis betting system is going to be different for everyone. But finding a combination of the best tennis betting systems that work is what will help you long term.

Tennis Betting Systems Tips

When looking into betting on tennis, you are going to find a handful of different strategies that promote the best of the best. However, you need to find one that fits your style of betting. 

Tennis is very favorable to place bets when it is live. This is because the action is always going, and it is fast-paced. This allows bettors to stay connected to the action and make adjustments to their game plan as needed 

For tennis betting systems, it would be best to have different ones at play. These include handicapping the outsider, placing bets on either the underdog or favorite and the total under. 

Handicapping The Outsider

For the handicap betting system, it is best applied in live play. You would need to find a two-set match between the favorite and the underdog (outsider), where the underdog is already losing 3-0. 

This is where betting on the positive side of the handicap of a +5.5 comes into play. This is taking into account that one set consists of at least six games. So this means that one game is bound to be won by the outsider and that the favorite will not win all of the games in the set. 

Placing Bets On The Favorite Or The Underdog

Betting on the favorite is very easy to do. As such, if you have a highly ranked tennis player going against a good but unranked player, the chances are high that the favorite will win. 

With a tennis underdog betting system, you are looking to find the right matchup of two players where the favorite is not likely to win. This works only if the matchups play out just right. 

You have to do your research on both sides. There are many factors that could influence these outcomes, such as recent injuries or the type of court they play on. 

Looking At The Total Under

This is another example of in-play betting, where you would look at a tennis match in real-time between two players. This system is one where you are trying to find the over/under on the sets. 

If the first set ended with 11 games being played total, odds are that the next set will be less than 11. This means that you will see something like 10.5, and you want to bet the under, less than 11. 

The reason the odds of the next set being less than 11 are unlikely is that these two players just finished a very long set of games. Fatigue, at some point, has to settle in. 

Tennis Betting Systems FAQ

How can I practice one of these tennis betting systems?
There are many different tennis betting systems out there, and these are just some of the most popular but basic ones out there. As such, if you want to test out your research and see what system works best for you, you can do one thing. You can make predictions of an event and write them down. If there are multiple events or systems you want to try out, this would be a good time to make your bets on paper rather than using real money.
What is the best tennis betting site?
The best betting site is going to vary by taste for each person. First, it has to be legal, so keep it simple with U.S based ones or if you are overseas the use your respective one. Next, you would need to find one that has the best odds. If you have more than one sportsbook, this would be great to shop around to see who pays out better than the other.
Does the court influence a match?
A huge factor that influences gameplay is the court. If you have a betting system and want to put it to use, you need to factor in the type of court the players will have the match on. Clay courts offer difficulty for some and appear slower, whereas grass offers faster play. You should see where players perform at their best and try to bet when they are on their favorite courts.
How do I read decimal tennis odds?
Most likely, but depending on your sportsbook, you will see either fraction, decimal, or moneyline odds. If you see odds listed in decimal form such as 1.75, this means they have a 57.14 percent chance at winning or whatever the odds are geared toward. To get the percentage, you divide one by 1.75.