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Useful tips on how to bet on The X-Factor

If you’ve ever wondered how to bet on The X-Factor, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve taken a closer look at the best ways to wager on the hugely popular TV show with a look at both the US and UK versions of the program.

The majority of online sports betting sites will have a wide variety of The X-Factor bets available each year, and we’ll point you in the direction of the best markets and methods of wagering. Simon Cowell’s hugely successful TV show is always looking to unearth the next big thing.

With The X-Factor judges desperate to see their singers win the competition, the public vote will help catapult one of the many hopefuls to potential stardom. Those who are successful when it comes to The X-Factor betting tend to follow every single minute of the show and have the ability to spot an underdog before the betting markets can react appropriately.

There are several different wagering options, and although The X-Factor winner betting odds are the most popular, other markets are undoubtedly worth checking out, so it’s always worth keeping your eye on the latest developments.

The X-Factor Series To Bet On 

The X-Factor was created by British music producer Simon Cowell and was seen as a direct replacement for ITV-hit show Pop Idol. The format has been adapted and reformatted across the world with countries such as the Netherlands, Armenia, and Brazil all airing the show in recent years. 

The majority of markets and The X-Factor betting tips will revolve around the UK and US versions of the show, with many of the competition's former winners subsequently enjoying successful careers in the music industry. 

In a typical 12-month period, there will be at least one series broadcast in the UK, which is handy for those who are learning how to bet on The X-Factor, as this creates ample wagering opportunities throughout the year. 

The X-Factor USA was canceled in 2014; however, rumors have persisted that Simon Cowell is planning a reboot of the show in the near future.

A version of the show which featured household names was also aired in 2019, and this spawned many Celebrity The X-Factor betting markets. These proved incredibly popular with fans of the show. 

The UK version is regularly aired in the USA, and shows can also be streamed online, so there's no excuse for missing a single minute of the action. 

The X-Factor Betting Types

Those who are wondering how to bet on The X-Factor could be forgiven for believing that there is just a single market available per series. However, this could not be further from the truth. Throughout the contest, there are several decisive moments such as judges' houses and boot camp with online betting sites providing The X-Factor betting odds to support these pivotal points. 

Each week, online bookmakers will provide multiple opportunities to bet on The X-Factor, with the most prominent of these markets focusing on the next elimination. 

The X-Factor Betting Next Elimination 

If you're still learning how to bet on The X-Factor, it's important to note that this market is not available throughout the entire series. These odds will become available once the live shows begin, and this market could be vastly different week-to-week. Typically, this market is available until the voting gets underway. 

This is one of the most straightforward markets currently available as you are simply required to select which contestant will be eliminated from this week's show. Don't forget to double-check the date of the show before confirming your wager. 

If your chosen singer is voted off the show, you will be paid out. In the rare event of a double elimination, online bookmakers will pay out on both contestants. 

How to Bet on The X-Factor Winner

Although there are a number of The X-Factor betting odds available, the series winner market is easily the most popular. If you're wagering on this market, your chosen contestant must be successful and secure a record contract at the end of the series. 

This tends to be available throughout the entire series, and if you can spot an underdog at an early stage, this is hugely advantageous and has the potential to result in a fairly sizeable profit. 

Those who are learning how to bet on The X-Factor should be aware that you will not be paid out on this market until the series has concluded. 

How to Bet on The X-Factor Winning Judge

Each of the four judges will be responsible for a team of singers, and they will be required to coach them throughout the remainder of the series. These categories have been altered once or twice since the show was launched, although the majority of singers tend to be split into sections such as 16-25s, over 25s, and groups. The series producers will decide which judge will be responsible for each group. 

This betting market will require you to decide which judge has the strongest suit, and if any of their contestants can triumph and earn a record contract, your bet will be paid out. 

It is an excellent way of hedging your bets. If you feel as though one of the judges has several talented singers and a better group of contestants at their disposal, then you should back them in this particular market. 

The X-Factor Betting Winning Gender

Another popular The X-Factor betting market is winning gender. This could be viewed as a 50/50 market, and occasionally, the odds will reflect that. However, there may be a strong set of female contestants one year, and this is likely to skew the betting odds for The X-Factor in favor of the girls. 

If you wager on this market, the winning contestant must be from your chosen gender in order to receive a pay-out. 

Live The X-Factor Betting Markets

The show is broadcast live in the UK on a Saturday and Sunday night, and most online betting markets will have live odds, which will fluctuate throughout the course of the contest. You have to be quick to bet on these markets as it's a fast-moving show, and a lot could change in the space of a few minutes. 

Where to Bet on The X-Factor

Now that you've learned how to bet on The X-Factor, you'll be wondering where to find the latest odds. Markets become available once all of the contestants are through to boot camp, and the majority of online betting companies will have odds available straight away. 

There are several online bookmakers who have The X-Factor betting odds, and these can usually be found in the "TV/Specials" category. 

Best Online Sportsbooks and Betting Sites


Bet365 offers a huge variety of betting markets, and they also price up several TV specials throughout the year. With their generous welcome bonus, newcomers and those who are still learning how to bet on The X-Factor odds can get a head start by using their free bet credits on any of these markets. 

Caesars Sportsbook

William Hill also offers copious live betting markets for popular TV shows, including The X-Factor and Celebrity The X-Factor. They price up numerous markets each week, including the next contestant to be eliminated and winning judge. 

The X-Factor Betting Tips and Strategy

If you're wagering on the show for the first time and you're wondering how to bet on The X-Factor, there a plethora of tips and strategies that will help you make a profit each year. 

Who Will Have the Most Appeal to the General Public? 

With the voting process being handed over to the general public, The X-Factor winners must have plenty of charm and charisma. Previous winners and runners-up have been extremely likeable as well as reasonably attractive. 

Although this may seem like a fairly cynical approach, it is a system that has been very profitable in previous series, with Matt Terry, Matt Cardle, and Ben Haenow all fitting this criteria. 

Winners tend to be favored by the UK press, and if they have a sob story to fall back on, this will also help them become increasingly voteworthy. If you can work out which singers will appeal to the public, this will be extremely advantageous every week. 

Avoid Betting on Over 25s and Groups 

Statistically speaking, these two categories have a very poor strike rate on the UK show. The majority of the previous winners have been solo acts who are aged between 16 and 24. Little Mix and Sam Bailey are exceptions; however, in 14 series of The X-Factor, there have been few winners that have fit into either of these two categories.

Young solo acts have a much better record on this show, and with the general public in charge of picking the winner, this isn't likely to change anytime soon. 

Don't Write Off the Early Favorites 

Although the show does tend to throw up one or two surprises, the early frontrunners have a decent record of success on this show. Many early The X-Factor bets will help skew the market, and it's worth paying attention to significant changes in the odds. 

Matt Cardle was favorite from the second week onwards, whereas runners-up Little Mix were also frontrunners throughout series eight in the UK. In the US version, Alex and Sierra were always towards the top of the betting and justified that support back in 2013. 

How to Bet on The X-Factor FAQ

When do The X-Factor betting markets become available?
This will vary depending on your chosen online bookmaker; however, the majority of betting sites will price up the winner market for The X-Factor once the auditions have been completed. Once the contestants have qualified for boot camp, the general public will get to know the various characteristics and personality types involved in the show. Other bookmakers may choose to wait until the live shows get underway.
How do betting sites decide who is favorite?
Those who regularly bet on The X-Factor will have spotted that the majority of the favorites in the UK version are the singers with the highest number of public votes. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that they will be successful. The public perception can change on a weekly basis, and one wrong move or a below-average performance can quickly dampen enthusiasm.
What is the best The X-Factor betting market to wager on?
There is no definitive answer to this question; however, it tends to depend on how quickly you would like to be paid out. If you want to know your fate within seven days, then wagering on the weekly elimination market is strongly advised. If you don't mind investing your money and waiting until the end of the series, then betting on the series winner or winning judge markets is considered to be a much better option.
Do I have to watch The X-Factor to wager on it?
If you're wondering how to bet on The X-Factor, then we strongly advise watching the program to familiarize yourself with the format. This will help you understand how each of the betting markets fits into the narrative of the show. Although there is no obligation to watch the program, it is certainly advantageous as you'll be able to garner public perception and familiarize yourself with each contestant's characteristics.