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How to bet on MLB

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How To Bet On MLB

Sports betting seems like it is rapidly growing every day. With more states welcoming it and an endless amount of sports varieties, you can find just about anything to bet on.

Whether you are familiar with baseball or not, betting on MLB has constant opportunities since there are over 2,000 games in a season. This provides a steady flow of chances to work on a strategy every game day.

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Top Five Popular Tips For MLB Betting

For MLB sports betting online, it should not be overly complicated. From one bettor to another, you will get different opinions on how to bet properly. There are five main bettings tips that I like to follow, which are:

  1. Find The Right Sportsbook 
  2. Manage Your Bankroll
  3. Avoid Bias or Favorites
  4. Check The Weather
  5. Look For “Division Dogs”

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Find The Right Sportsbook 

This one is a little self-explanatory. You want to find the best sportsbook that offers you the best payouts and the best features. It is important not to limit yourself to one betting site. As others compete, they will have better payouts for certain sports. 

Do your research on the one that is best for you. Some will have quicker payouts or better overall website designs. Others will have more in-depth information on their website for sports. Whatever the case is, each bettor will have their preferences. 

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Manage Your Bankroll

How much money are you willing to lose? Not a lot of people are comfortable answering that question because no one wants to lose money. This is gambling we are talking about here, so there is always a risk. 

Find a happy medium on how much you can afford to bet and potentially lose so your finances are not in jeopardy. Set a budget if you have to or make a set of rules to follow each day for bets. With this in mind, you can safely set yourself up for future gains and not worry about going broke. 

Avoid Bias or Favorites

Avoiding biases towards teams is very important. Even though your home team is doing great this year and has a history of good seasons, it does not mean they are out there going to win you money personally. Also, betting against a certain team because you hate them is foolish as well. 

Another reason to avoid your favorite team or a popular one is that the markets tend to overprice them. The average person betting on these teams will bet regardless of how much the odds are for that team. You are paying a premium if they win, but lose far more if they lose. 

Check The Weather

Depending on where the MLB event is at, which is almost always outdoors anyway, the weather will play a huge role in batting averages and other various stats. The one you definitely need to be concerned with is the wind. 

When the wind blows in, it will turn normal home runs into warning track outs. This is a plus that benefits unders. On the other hand, when the wind blows out, it will turn fly balls into homers, and then it benefits the overs. Check the local weather stations or online weather updates for where the event is taking place to get a good idea of how to gauge this. 

Look For Division Dogs

When looking for a consistent level of play within the MLB, you should focus your attention on each division. Teams will play each other in their division at least 19 times a year. By looking at the outcome, you can see a familiar trend with certain teams since they tend to know each other more. 

The market tends to overvalue the home team when division rivals meet. This creates betting opportunities when you choose the visiting team. However, do not always go with the visiting team. Do your research to see if the value is there and the matchups are worth it. 

How To Bet On MLB FAQ

How does over/under work in baseball?

The over/under bet is very common in a lot of sports. Baseball over/unders are measuring the number of runs scored by the two teams that are going head to head.

The actual bet is whether the total score of the two teams will go over or under a projected number. This number is usually already on a sportsbook betting site, so the numbers will vary from one to another.

For example, a reputable sportsbook is offering an over/under betting odds on the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs.

  • Over 7.5 -120
  • Under 7.5 +140

For this scenario, you are betting on whether the score will be over or under the total runs of 7.5. If the final score happened to be 3-2, then the total runs would be five, which is lower than 7.5, so the under bet would win.

If the score had been 5-3, then the total runs would be eight, which is higher than 7.5, so the over bet would win.

Based on the odds above, this is how to read the odds. If you are betting that the score will be over 7.5, then you need to bet $120 to win $100. If you are betting that the score will be lower than 7.5, then you need to bet $100 to win $140.

The importance of the .5 is to show that you are betting for either seven or lower for your under bet and higher than seven for your over bet. They do this to avoid a tie or a “push” for an event.

Why is my sportsbook over/under bet just a whole number?

Sometimes sportsbooks may not use a decimal in their number (7.5). Instead, they use a whole number (7).

Using the same scenario above, let’s say the game ends at 4-3. Your total score of runs is at seven, and the over/under bet was seven. In this case, the event would be called a push.

When a push happens, the sportsbook has to return the bets made to the bettors. There is less scoring typically in baseball, so every run is a huge impact compared to basketball or even football.

What does F5 mean in baseball?

F5 is a symbol for a line on the first five innings of a baseball game. Some bettors prefer the five-inning bet because the pitching is less predictable over the entire game. This is due to the impact of relief pitching and taking the starters out roughly after the sixth inning of the game.

The team I want to bet on has a lot of injured players. Should I still bet on them or against them?

Betting for or against a team that has been plagued with injuries is a difficult task. Several factors impact the roster greatly, such as chemistry, the quality of players, coaches, and tons of other descriptive details.

The main thing to worry about is what the stats tell you and who the player is relieving the other injured player. Remember, these are all professional baseball players, so they have to at least have some talent.


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