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How to understand betting on NASCAR

NASCAR is one of the more interesting sports to bet on simply due to the nature of the risk involved. Primarily popular in the south, people cannot look away when they see cars flying at crazy speeds.

Those drivers are moving at risky speeds and have to have excellent reaction times to avoid wrecks and to continue up the race ladder. NASCAR betting online has steadily risen over the years since sports betting has increased in popularity.

NASCAR betting deserves some attention due to the simplicity of the bets and how easy it is to understand the sport. Driving in a circle at high speeds is arguably the harder task at hand, but it makes for interesting betting opportunities. The top five best tips for betting on NASCAR are:

  1. Sportsbook suitable for you
  2. Betting strategy 
  3. Reading the odds 
  4. Qualifying and Practice 
  5. Anything else 

Sportsbook Suitable For You

Find a few sportsbooks that you like and compare them. Decipher how the odds are cast for each one and make a pros and cons list for each. When narrowing your list down, check out the recent reviews and see what other bettors are saying about the sportsbook. 

Betting Strategy 

When coming up with a strategy for yourself, you need to keep a few things in mind. One thing for sure is that the best racers do not win every single event. The best ones do, however, find their way to the top and have consistent places at the end of each race. 

Some drivers may excel at a particular track due to either being mentally or emotionally prepared. Deciding on who to bet on is a preference of who is the most consistent and potentially on a hot streak. Experienced drivers usually have the upper hand, but that is not always the case. 

Reading The Odds

NASCAR is primarily a moneyline event, which means you bet on who is going to win. In reading the odds, the odds will usually have a plus sign or a fraction. The better the odds are, the better indication of a favorite. 

For example, let’s say Jimmie Johnson is listed as the betting favorite to win the Daytona 500 at a four to one. 

This will be listed at a sportsbook as either 4/1 or +400. A bet of $100 will win you $400 if Johnson wins the race. 

Qualifying and Practice Event

Qualifying runs are important to keep in mind as a bettor because they have a significant effect on the race. Their starting position can be important, but it is mostly relative to each racetrack. 

Some tracks, like Bristol Motor Speedway, only have one groove of racing. This makes it difficult for racers to pass one another, so it is important to get a good start on the action. 

Teams will have the chance at multiple practice sessions each week. Their speeds, fastest lap, and best overall averages will then get posted to the public. The one to keep an eye on is the final practice since this is the last time the driver and his team will be tuning up for the race. 

Anything Else

There are three main types of bets for NASCAR that you will see on sportsbooks. These three types of bets are race winners, driver matchups, and props. 

It would be best to see how each driver has performed at certain events and to see if they are consistent with that event. However, past performance does not always indicate a repeat or consistency at an event. 

  • Race winners are simply a bet on who will win the event. 
  • Driver matchups are bets placed on a head-to-head matchup between the placing of two drivers in an event. 
  • Prop bets are like over/under bets. You are betting if a particular driver will place at a certain rank, either higher or lower than the given betting number. 

Another bit of information to look for is if anything is going on with a specific driver. They may be going through an emotionally tough time or a really bad losing streak. Things like this may alter their focus and could affect their driving ability.


Is there another way to find the best racer?
NASCAR has a ranking system in place. The 2020 standings are divided into three rankings of the Cup Series, Xfinity Series, and Gander RV Truck and Outdoor Series. Each one is specific to one’s category of racing, so you would need to find your favorite driver and look up where they rank at.
Where can I find the best NASCAR news and odds?
If you have found your sportsbook, these should have news and updated betting odds. Sometimes, to get the most recent events updated, you would need to do a search online and find an article based on your needs.
How to bet on NASCAR races this weekend?
If you are looking to bet on NASCAR races soon, then be sure to have everything you need in preparation for your bet. If you know the event you want to bet on, look it up on your sportsbook and locate the event. Then, make a bet on any of the three varieties discussed above.
How can I practice my betting strategy?
If you would like to practice your betting strategy, find a driver or event, and make a note of everything you would bet on. Instead of using money, make a list of bets and see how your success has turned out. If it went the other way, you have not lost anything, and you can learn from your bet choices.