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With just four weeks left to go in the 2021 National Football League campaign, there is very little that has been decided yet.

In fact, hardly any teams have even been eliminated from the postseason heading into Week 14. 

Basically, if you are out of the playoff race in the AFC (the Jets, Texans, and Jaguars) or the NFC (the Lions, Giants, and Seahawks: the latter two are not out of it mathematically, but they are not making the playoffs), you suck. That is just six of the 32 teams, all with records of 4-8 or worse, that are out of the running with one month of the season left. 

What does that mean for the other 26 teams?

Well, it will be a crazy four weeks, with the playoff race probably changing multiple times each weekend.

What does that mean for bettors? 

Well, there are once again a lot of smaller lines between teams that are between 5-7 and 8-6: there are six such games this weekend on the slate, and another two pitting more “elite” teams against each other. There are also a couple lines that will be double digits by the time of kickoff, and each has a team that is near the top of their conference’s Super Bowl futures betting lines.

With so many division games down the stretch, and the races for playoff spots tight, you are going to have to pick and choose your spots here. We are past the point of trends with some of these middle of the road teams battling for playoff spots: some of them I could not figure out if you gave me Michael Atiyah and a room full of quantum computing devices (if someone can make this happen, please email me; I would love a quantum computer for Christmas.)

There is money to be won, though, on every game. Sometimes, you have to go into the prop bets, or team totals, but you don’t always have to look at the spreads or moneylines; I would actually argue that it is easier to find a prop bet to play than with some of these games, which are getting more tough as we go.

Here is a look at all the odds and games for NFL Week 14.

NFL Week 14 Odds

Here are your updated NFL Week 14 odds, all in one place. Check back daily to see updates.

NFL Week 14 Opening (Lookahead) Spreads 

  • Pittsburgh Steelers +4 at Minnesota Vikings -4
  • San Francisco 49ers +2 at Cincinnati Bengals -2
  • Dallas Cowboys -4.5 at Washington Football Team +4.5
  • Baltimore Ravens -1 at Cleveland Browns +1
  • Seattle Seahawks -6.5 at Houston Texans +6.5
  • New Orleans Saints -6.5 at New York Jets +6.5
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +9 at Tennessee Titans -9
  • Las Vegas Raiders +10 at Kansas City Chiefs -10
  • Atlanta Falcons +3 at Carolina Panthers -3
  • New York Giants +7.5 at LA Chargers -7.5
  • Detroit Lions +8 at Denver Broncos -8
  • Buffalo Bills +3 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3
  • Chicago Bears +11.5 at Green Bay Packers -11.5
  • LA Rams +2.5 at Arizona Cardinals -2.5

Week 14 Schedule

Thursday, Dec. 9

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5-1) at Minnesota Vikings (5-7), 8:20 p.m. EDT (NBC and fubo.TV)

While this is another intriguing Thursday Night contest (once again, bravo schedule maker), it is also akin to a playoff game: maybe more for the Vikings, but the point holds for BOTH teams. 

Both teams need this win desperately to make a run at the playoffs. Even though Pittsburgh is in much better shape after its win over Baltimore, a loss here would undue all of that work, in what is turning out to be a tight AFC playoff battle.

Read more about this game in our Thursday Night Football Best Odds & Bets guide.

Sunday, Dec. 12

San Francisco 49ers (6-6) at Cincinnati Bengals (7-5), 1 p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

I will start the Sunday previews with two teams that I would not trust down the stretch with someone else’s money. Both of these teams came into last Sunday in prime position to strengthen their playoff chances, and in Cincinnati’s case, maybe win a division title. 

But as has been the case ALL SEASON, neither team was able to handle success. Now this sets us up nicely for a massive contest, with the winner back on track, and the loser in trouble. You are going to see A LOT of games like this over the coming weeks.

Dallas Cowboys (8-6) at Washington Football Team (6-6), 1 p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

Well, well, well, are we actually going to have an NFC East title race on our hands? If the Football Team can win its fifth in a row, we most certainly will have one. Washington does not win pretty, but it wins: the Cowboys need to win this to put some distance between them and the trailing pack. But wouldn’t it just be like the 2021 NFL season for WFT to win here?

Baltimore Ravens (8-4) at Cleveland Browns (6-6), 1 p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

Are the Ravens running out of players? Has the offense once again become predictable? Something is clearly wrong right now, and the defense (and the rest of the division’s constant faltering) is the only reason they are still in first place.

Two weeks ago, Cleveland made Lamar Jackson look awful, but could not take advantage. After a bye week, the Browns get a second shot in a row at Baltimore, and also get a chance to get back into the playoff race. Can Baker Mayfield have a big game in a huge spot?

Seattle Seahawks (4-8) at Houston Texans (2-10), 1 p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

Seattle picked up a big win over the 49ers, to keep its (VERY) slim playoff hopes alive for another week. A win here could set up a Miami Dolphin-like sprint to the finish.

The Texans are now in the running for the top pick, after the Lions won a game. One more win for Detroit could see Houston finish with the worst record, if it loses out; should the Texans tank? Will next week’s game with Jacksonville be the Tank Bowl?

New Orleans Saints (5-7) at New York Jets (3-9), 1 p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

The Saints have been crushed by injury. They were 5-2, and looking like a force in the NFC, when the wheels came off the wagon. With Russell Wilson (maybe) on the way, it might be getting better next year. They could win this game, though, because the Jets stink.

New York let Gardner Minshew score on seven straight possessions for the Eagles, who got well playing the Jets. Can the Saints get back in the race the same way?

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10) at Tennessee Titans (8-4), 1 p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

The Jags got blown out again this week, which most likely means this could be close. Jax has alternated playing tight games and losing big almost all season, and gets the reeling Titans this week.

Tennessee needs this game just to stabilize the ship here. The Titans are still in the race for top seed and a bye, but have looked awful now for the better part of a month. A big win here could be just what they needed to get things going in the right direction.

Las Vegas Raiders (6-6) at Kansas City Chiefs (8-4), 1 p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

The Raiders were smothered at home by the ever-growing Washington defense, tallying just 15 points in a massive game. Now, they have to go up against one of the most surprising units in the NFL, the Kansas City defense.

The Chiefs have turned it around thanks to their defense, which held Denver to just nine points: in the past four weeks, Kansas City has held Green Bay, Dallas, and now Denver under 10 points. If this offense wakes up…

Kansas City just blew out the Raiders by the way, 41-14 two weeks ago.

Atlanta Falcons (5-7) at Carolina Panthers (5-7), 1 p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

I guess this is like an elimination chamber match, right? Loser is out, while the winner stays around for a couple more weeks?

Both of these teams are Meh, but I think I would have more trust in the Falcons to do something in Week 14, because the Panthers are finished. Both might be finished, but I just think Atlanta is slightly less finished.

New York Giants (4-8) at LA Chargers (7-5), 4:05 p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

The Giants stink. Every season of late is the same thing. It is like Groundhog Day. Why did you draft Saquon Barkley if you aren’t going to run him?

The Chargers might be my least favorite team to try to pick. You just know they are suckering people in right now after mauling the Bengals, and getting ready to throw out a dud at home to make bettors rip up their tickets (or smash their phones). LA probably rolls here, but how can you trust the Chargers?

Detroit Lions (1-10-1) at Denver Broncos (6-6), 4:05 p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

I am very happy for Detroit fans, and bettors who have seen this team play well at times only to lose. But you got your one win, and now it is time to tank.

Denver is still in the playoff race, and has played much better than I thought they would. The Broncos could be dangerous in the AFC with a QB, and need to address that this winter. I don’t know if they should be a near double-digit favorite here, though; that seems like a lot against a team that might actually have some momentum for once.

Buffalo Bills (7-5 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-3), 4:25 p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

For Buffalo, this is one of its last tests on the season: the Bills have the Jets, Panthers, and Falcons left, along with the Pats one more time. If they can get this game, it would be a huge boost for playoff seeding.

Tampa Bay keeps rolling along, and the Bucs aren’t playing particularly well all the time. Could it be that they are cruising into the playoffs? This one is very big, though, for playoff seeding, especially with the NFC West battle on Monday night.

Chicago Bears (4-8) at Green Bay Packers (9-3),  8:20 p.m. EDT (NBC and fubo.TV)

Just remember, when you are betting all the props and spread bets on the Packers here, that someone thought to flex this game into this spot, or leave it here.

Oh well, their loss is our gain, right? No way the Bears show up here against the Packers in primetime under their lame duck coach, right? With all those injuries, right? 

Read more about this game in our Sunday Night Football Best Bets & Odds guide.

Monday, Dec. 13

Los Angeles Rams (8-4) at Arizona Cardinals (10-2), 8:15 p.m. EDT (ESPN and fubo.TV)

They once again saved the best game for last, with the Monday Night Football encounter basically the NFC West title game. 

If the Rams can win, there will be a race to the finish. However, if the Cardinals win, LA is out of the title race, and then has to hang on in the Wild Card race. 

Read more about this game in our Monday Night Football Best Odds & Bets guide.

NFL Betting Lines Week by Week Index

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