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Monday Night Football Odds for Successful Bets

Monday Night Football odds are a cornerstone in online NFL betting every single week.

There’s a unique focus on the NFL’s weekly standalone contest and various elements that impact the Monday Night Football odds and betting lines. Landing one or two winning Monday night football bets gets the working week off to a great start and can set things up for even better things to come.

This page has been created to help you find the best Monday night football odds and make the best Monday night football bets. We'll provide an overview of the most popular markets for MNF bets (including MNF spread, MNF over/under, and MNF prop bets), highlight the best NFL odds this week and also discuss how to watch the action live on TV.

Monday Night Football Odds for This Week

New England Patriots (8-4) at Buffalo Bills (7-4)

If you can find me ANYONE that thought the New England Patriots would come into their National Football League Week 13 battle with Buffalo AHEAD of the Bills in the standings, I will give you a prize.

Maybe it will be a scarf from my travels to Manchester (if you like football), or something else, but not even esteemed colleague Daryl Fein, a New England fan, could have imagined this.

But here we are, and Mr. Hoodie himself (after me, of course), the genius that is Bill Belichick, has the Patriots at 8-4, a half-game ahead of the Bills in the AFC East standings.

By the way: what is it about geniuses and hoodies? Me, Belichick, Elliot Alderson: in fact, I am sure if Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer lived today, they would be seen running around Princeton in some type of hooded sweatshirts.

That is a discussion for another day, though: right now, we have one of the better Monday Night Football games of the season on the horizon.

New England is white-hot right now, and this might be a heat check game for them. If the Pats can go out in primetime and beat Buffalo, you might have to start taking this team for real (if you haven’t already). With six wins in a row coming in, and victories over Tennessee, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and then potentially Buffalo, the tiebreaker scenario looks pretty good for Beilichick’s charges.

I have no idea what to make of the Bills at this point. Sometimes I watch them and think they are unstoppable, while other times they look like a middle-of-the-road team: but I guess that is all of the NFL in 2021.

But, if Buffalo can get this game, and then win again in three weeks, the Bills could be set up for home field in at least one game, and maybe two, once the playoffs roll around in January. How will they deal with the loss of a huge defensive piece, though, as they move forward into the final six games of their season?

This is a very big game, and there is some great value for bettors, especially if you like the Pats.

NFL Week 13 Monday Night Football 

  • Matchup: New England Patriots (8-4) at Buffalo Bills (7-4)
  • Time: 8:15 p.m. EDT, 7:15 p.m. CDT, 6:15 p.m. MDT, 5:15 p.m. PDT 
  • USA TV Channel: ESPN and fubo.TV
  • Last Week’s Results: Buffalo beat up on a banged up Saints team 31-6. New England is the hottest team in the NFL, and blew out the Titans 36-13.
  • Opening Moneyline Odds: New England +140, Buffalo -160
  • Moneyline Odds: New England +140, Buffalo -147
  • Opening Point Spread Lookahead Line: Bills -3.5
  • Point Spread Lines: Bills -3.5
  • Opening Over/Under Total: O/U 44.5
  • Over/Under Total: O/U 44.5

🤕 Injury Updates:  while the Bills are not banged up too much, they just lost a MASSIVE piece on defense. CB Tre’Davious White is out for the year with a torn ACL, and he will be a huge loss going forward in 2021 and maybe into 2022.

New England still has some players out, but is relatively healthy right now.

Check the injury report daily in the days leading up to the game, as the COVID-19 protocols could change the lines quickly if players are out.

  • Head To Head:  the Bills won both games in 2020, but prior to that, it was all New England. The Pats had won seven in a row dating back to 2016, and 15 of 17.
  • What To Watch For: are the Patriots for real, and/or are the Bills frauds?

These two questions could be answered in so many ways this Monday night. Mac Jones lit up the Titans in the second half for 20 points, as New England turned a close game at the break into a blow out. Jones threw for 310 yards, and is turning into a big game QB. Wait until this team starts finishing drives with TDs instead of FGs.

The Bills dominated a weakened New Orleans team, as Josh Allen threw for four scores and 260 yards. No one questions the talent on this team: it is only a matter of their consistency, which has not been there in 2021.

Prediction: the loss of White is huge for the Bills, and will affect their chances to win the title. But Buffalo is going to be in the Wild Card round if it can’t beat the Pats here in the next few weeks at least once. I don’t see it, though; I am going to take the Pats 28-21.

🏅 Best Prop Bets For Monday Night Football:

  • Patriots ML (+150)
  • Patriots race to 20

Monday Night Football Bets

Finding the best possible value is an important key to successful sports betting, so it makes sense to look around for the best bets and the most generous Monday Night Football odds. Fortunately, it isn't at all difficult to do that, especially when you use our free Live Odds widget. 

Not all online sportsbooks are available in all states, but almost all will give their customers a wide range of MNF bets to choose from. This includes the biggest operators around, such as Caesars, DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM, all of which are well known for their odds.

When you're exploring the odds and the MNF bets, be sure to keep a lookout for special offers. You could get enhanced MNF odds or boosts for MNF prop bets, to mention just two possibilities.

If you want to get more of your betting each week, make sure to check our NFL Predictions page. Our experts love to share their best picks with you!

Monday Night Football Odds: The Markets

When you come to make your best bets for Monday Night Football with any sportsbook, you'll have much more to choose from than the Monday night football line. You can make a bet in the Monday night football spread market, tackle the MNF over/under, or even try your luck with one or two MNF prop bets which offer even bigger Monday Night Football odds. Let's take a quick look at each of the main Monday night football betting markets in turn:

Monday Night Football Line

Also referred to as the Monday Night Football betting line or MNF line, this is the moneyline market that allows you to bet on which team you think will win the game. You'll be presented with Monday Night Football odds for each team, with the team that the sportsbook thinks most likely to win offered at the shortest odds. Simply decide which team you want to side with and place your best bets for Monday Night Football at the MNF odds available. If your team succeeds, your bet will win. This is as straightforward as MNF bets get.

Monday Night Football Spread

Many football fans like to predict not only which team will win, but also how decisively they will win. The Monday Night Football spread market (which is also known as the Monday Night Football point spread) gives you the chance to bet on exactly that. The sportsbook will do their homework and come up with their prediction on how the game will end, and then you can see how your own opinion compares and place your MNF bets accordingly. The Monday night football odds in the MNF spread market will usually be a bit more generous than in the Monday Night Football line, and so the spread tends to be more popular.

Monday Night Football Prop Bets

MNF prop bets can help you to land some of the best payouts of all thanks to their generous Monday Night Football odds. That's because they require you to make predictions about things that may or may not happen within the game, and the result of the game itself is irrelevant.

For example, you'll find Monday Night Football prop bets that allow you to bet on which team will score first, or name a player to score the first touchdown of the game. There are many more MNF prop bets that you'll come across too, and some will offer eye-watering Monday Night Football odds. However, because they can be more difficult to win with than bets in the MNF line or spread markets, you might want to view props as supplementary bets and keep your stakes low.

Over/Under Monday Night Football

There may be some games in which you really can't be confident about who you think will win. In those games, you could consider placing a bet in the over/under Monday Night Football market. This doesn't ask you to pick the winning team, but simply decide whether you think the total number of points scored in the game will be over or under a figure quoted by the sportsbook. The oddsmakers will usually set the quoted total at a point that enables the sportsbook to offer the same Monday Night Football odds (usually -110) for both teams. That will give you a chance to make a profit from your over/under Monday night football predictions even if you have no idea about which team will fare best.

Other Monday Night Football bets will be offered in addition to those just discussed, but the Monday Night Football line, the Monday Night Football point spread, and the MNF over/under are the most popular. And MNF prop bets, with their exaggerated Monday Night Football odds, are ones that many bettors will place for a little extra excitement even if their main interest is in the other markets we have looked at.

Monday Night Football Bets & Odds: Odds Breakdown

Best NFL Betting Sites

The best bets for Monday Night Football (and the greatest range of Monday Night Football prop bets) will, as you might have guessed, be found at the best NFL sportsbooks. All of the big names are worth checking out, so take a look at our online sportsbook page to explore the full range or visit one of our top recommendations below. Even better, visit two or three and compare the Monday Night Football odds that are available.

How to Watch Monday Night Football

When you've helped yourself to the best Monday Night Football odds around, you will probably want to watch the game. Every week, the Monday Night Football game airs on ESPN at 8:15 p.m. ET. A pregame show, Monday Night Countdown, airs before the game at 7:30 p.m. ET. 

Every MNF game can be seen on ESPN and on the WatchESPN App with a cable or satellite subscription. Most streaming services also carry ESPN in subscription packages. You'll therefore have plenty of ways to see how your best bets for Monday Night Football perform.

Monday Night Football Schedule

Sep. 13Baltimore Ravens @ Las Vegas Raiders8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Sep. 20Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Sep. 27Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN & ABC
Oct. 4Las Vegas Raiders @ Los Angeles Chargers8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Oct. 11Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Oct. 18Buffalo Bills @ Tennessee Titans8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Oct. 25New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Nov. 1New York Giants @ Kansas City Chiefs8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Nov. 8Chicago Bears @ Pittsburgh Steelers8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Nov. 15Los Angeles Rams @ San Francisco 49ers8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Nov. 22New York Giants @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Nov. 29Seattle Seahawks @ Washington Football Team8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Dec. 6New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Dec. 13Los Angeles Rams @ Arizona Cardinals8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Dec. 20Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Dec. 27Miami Dolphins @ New Orleans Saints8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Jan. 3Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers8:15 p.m. ESTon ESPN
Monday Night Football Schedule

Monday Night Football Betting Tips

The final game of the week is often a highly-anticipated affair, especially with high-profile teams. To stay ahead of the curve on MNF games, check the schedule, the standings, and the injury reports.

Find out if one of the teams had an extra day of rest and practice time, or maybe even a bye week. Bye weeks can be a blessing, especially for the home team. On the injury report, having the extra day of rest can get questionable players ready for a Monday game when they might have missed a Sunday contest.

Is either team battling to keep their playoff hopes alive? Has one team already been eliminated from playoff contention? Knowing the specific scenarios for each team will allow you to make a more educated bet. Knowledge is power.

You can also bet like a shark by going against the public. Expect to see the Monday game line move during the week, and especially on Sunday as the public bets to recoup losses. Value can be found going against the public and betting the line back down on Monday.

Monday Night Football FAQ

When does Monday Night Football start?

Monday Night Football will begin on Sept. 13. Outside of Week 1, every week of the NFL season has one MNF game, except for Week 17 (where all teams conclude by Sunday night of that week). The games from Week 2 to Week 16 kickoff at 8:15 p.m. ET.

How do I stream Monday Night Football?

Monday Night Football can be streamed on ESPN+ and Services such as Sling TV, PS4, FireStick, Roku, and XBoxOne can be used with an ESPN+ subscription or a cable/satellite sign-in.

What is the highest-scoring Monday Night Football Game ever?

The highest-scoring Monday Night Football game ever was a 54-51 win by the Los Angeles Rams over the Kansas City Chiefs on November 19, 2018. The game was initially scheduled for Mexico City but moved to Los Angeles due to poor field conditions. The teams had six lead changes, combined for 1,001 total yards, and is the third highest-scoring game in NFL history.

Who are the Monday Night Football announcers?

The MNF booth broadcast crew is new in 2020 with Steve Levy, Brian Griese, and Louis Riddick in the booth and Lisa Salters on the sidelines. Levy replaces Joe Tessitore as the play-by-play broadcaster, while Griese and Riddick are the analysts replacing Booger McFarland. Salters has been the sideline reporter since 2012.

Who were the original Monday Night Football broadcasters?

The first-ever MNF broadcast team was Howard Cosell. Keith Jackson and Don Meredith on ABC in 1970. A year later, Frank Gifford replaced Jackson.

What are the Monday Night Football best bets?

All bettors are different, so the Monday Night Football best bets will vary depending on what you’re looking for. What we can tell you is that the best bets Monday Night Football fans tend to focus on in terms of popularity are the Monday Night Football spread, Monday Night Football betting line and the over/under Monday Night Football markets.

What is the MNF betting line?

This is the Monday Night Football moneyline market, although many people use the term ‘MNF betting line’ to refer to the Monday Night Football odds in general.

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