What Does it Mean to Bet a Money Line for a Particular Quarter?

Sportsbooks offer money line bets for gamblers to wager on different quarters before starting the game. Often, bettors place their bets on a team that wins a specific quarter in a match. But most sportsbooks have improved the money line offering for forthcoming quarters once the game is on.

A bookmaker may offer a money line wager for the second quarter immediately after a first quarter. For instance, during halftime, money lines are spread through the third and fourth quarters. This means that the player only wins the specific quarter.

Such a money line offer will be regarded as a single bet apart from the fourth quarter. In the fourth quarter, in case a game ends in a tie, the overtime scores will be added to the overall scores of the fourth quarter money line.

Converting Money Line Odds

Money line odds are regarded as American odds because players from outside USA have a hard time comprehending. This will be a simple breakdown of what should be understood in terms of money line betting.

The crucial aspect of money line betting is converting them. The odds are usually indicated using a (+) or (-) sign. When you see a (-) sign, the amount stated is what you should bet to get a $100 win.

For example;

  • Team X +130
  • Team y -150

From the illustration, team Y is not a favorite compared to team X. the -150 bet means you will have to bet $150 to get $100 in winnings. If team Y wins the game, your payout will be calculated as (100/150) x $100. The resulting amount will then be added to your stake amount for a payout. 

Team X has a (+) the +130 shows how much money you get from a $100 bet if you win. So to calculate your expected winnings, use the formula (130/100) x 100. 

What is the Meaning of the Plus (+) Sign?

From our example of Team X= +130 and Team Y= -150. It means that Team Y is expected to lose the game. The plus sign indicates the amount of money your bet should payout.

What is the Meaning of the Minus (-) Sign?

This is the bet for underdog teams. It is improbable that underdogs will win the game. So if you want to bet on the team likely to win, you will have to select the one with the plus (+) sign.

What Do Money Line Betting for Quarters Mean?

1st Quarter bets

This bet is placed for the team that will win in the first quarter. A player chooses between home, away, and draw. The best are settled based on the set price.

2nd Quarter bets

This bet is placed on the winning team for the second quarter. The bets will be settled once the quarter is completed, and betting is for home, away, and draw.

3rd Quarter bets

You place a money line bet for the team to win the third quarter. You bet on home, away, and draw markets, and payouts are delivered once the quarter is concluded.

4th Quarter bets

This bet is placed on the team that will win the fourth quarter. The selection is for home, draw, or away winners. The bet will be settled at a respective price. If the game proceeds into the overtime, your winning will be determined by the overtime results.

Money Lines in NBA

NBA money lines have become quite popular and can be placed on home and away teams only. Money lines are offered for the first, second, third, and fourth quarters. You bet on the team to win a particular quarter, and if the quarter ends in a tie, your wagering amount will be refunded.

Money Line Parlays

Money line parlays are now widely used in the gambling market. A parlay features one bet that encompasses multiple bet results. The payout on a parlay is bigger than placing a bet on an individual bet on a particular game.

The payouts can be very massive, and they are mostly preferred because it is easy to select multiple winning teams. 

How Do You Determine Results in Money Line Bets When the Game Draws?

If you did not place a money line bet on a 3-way game, the bet would automatically be considered a push. In such a scenario, your stake will be refunded. However, if you had bet on a 3-way money line, the draw would be counted as a win if you bet on the game to draw. 

NBA and NFL games do not count draws, save for the proposition bets.

A draw would automatically be a push, and your stake would have to be refunded. 

Money Line Bets vs. Point Spreads

Money line bets have not been widely considered in sports such as the NFL and NBA. Such games favor the points spread due to the higher scores being recorded. Therefore, the over and under bets are more reasonable. 


Now that you have an idea of how money line bets function, you can place a few bets to see how they payout. Pick the best money line function that works best for you and stick to it.

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