Online Gambling in Oklahoma

Oklahoma online gambling is a bit tricky to discuss as there aren’t really any set rules at this point. The state doesn’t specifically prohibit online gambling, but there aren’t any laws that allow for it either.

Technically, online sports betting is currently allowed in Oklahoma, but there aren’t any online sports betting sites. This has turned into a complicated legal matter, and it doesn’t appear that there is much hope for other forms of Oklahoma online gambling.

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Online Gambling in Oklahoma: Quick Facts

  • Legal Oklahoma online gambling options? N/A
  • Legal gambling age: 18 (21 for Casinos)
  • Who regulates Oklahoma online gambling? N/A
  • Legal mobile gambling? No 
  • Do I need to be physically located in Oklahoma to gamble online? N/A
  • Do I need to be a resident of Oklahoma to gamble online? N/A
  • Sports available to bet on: N/A

A Brief History of Oklahoma Online Gambling

Oklahoma is a state that does not have any specific rules pertaining to online gambling, and that is the case with several states. Gambling laws were in place before the invention of the internet, and the laws simply haven’t been updated.

Native American tribes control most of the gambling scene in Oklahoma. There is no mention of online gambling in the previous compacts. Those compacts have since expired, and there has been discussion about legalizing online gambling moving forward.

It does appear that sports betting would be the first form of gaming expansion, and online sports betting could be offered. This would be a process that can take some time. 

It does appear that Governor Kevin Stitt is looking for gaming expansion. He is willing to negotiate online gambling into new gaming compacts with the Native American tribes. This does give some hope to online gambling in the future. However, it’s unclear if the tribes will get on board. 

Oklahoma Online Gambling: The Current Law

  • The legal gambling age is 18 by law, but most casinos require guests to be at least 21.
  • Native American tribes are able to offer casino gambling on their land.
  • Horse racing is available in Oklahoma.
  • Poker is available at casinos in Oklahoma.
  • There are no online gambling sites live in Oklahoma.

Things really start to get a bit confusing when discussing legal sports betting options in Oklahoma. Governor Kevin Stitt has given the power to a pair of tribes to offer sports betting. However, that decision is being challenged in the courts.

The Comanche Nation and the Otoe-Missouria Tribe both signed new compacts with Governor Stitt, and sports betting was included. Not only was sports betting included, but online sports betting could be offered.

These two tribes have still not been able to launch an online sportsbook as the decision is now tied up in courts. The rest of the tribes in Oklahoma have yet to sign a new gaming compact, even though Stitt has offered sports betting.

It does seem like sports betting is coming at some point, and online sportsbooks will likely be included. At this time, sports betting is still not offered in Oklahoma. 

Sports Betting in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is not a state with a huge background in professional sports. But it’s located next to Texas, and that will help. This is also a state with many casinos, and that could lead to some terrific retail and online options. 

Betting on the NFL will become the biggest market in Oklahoma if sports betting is available. This is the case throughout the US, and it will be the same in this state.

The other major professional sports (NBA, NHL, MLB) along with the top international competitions will also bring in some action. When sports betting is finally offered in Oklahoma, here are some of the top betting options that you will see offered:

Sports betting has currently been the main topic of discussion in Oklahoma, and it has been that way since the beginning of 2020. There has not been any mention of legal online casinos in Oklahoma, and the Native American tribes are okay with that.

These tribes rely on casino revenue to help fund projects and the government, and they are not looking to take things online. The current gaming compacts also don’t mention online casinos, and negotiating a new gaming compact has been a struggle.

The Winstar World Casino and the Choctaw Casino Resort are the two biggest in the state, and they could lead the way when it came to online casino gambling. There is also a Hard Rock Casino in Oklahoma, and this is a popular name in the iGaming space.

Poker is in a similar spot as online casinos, and there hasn’t been any discussion about this form of iGaming either. Online poker sites don’t have to be tied to online casino sites, but it would make things easier. 

Launching an online poker site in Oklahoma would come with some serious opposition from Native American tribes as this would hurt their revenue. Lawmakers in Oklahoma have stayed away from this topic in the past and likely won’t approach it anytime soon. 

Poker can be played at the Native American casinos in Oklahoma, but all of it must be done in person. 

How to Set Up an Oklahoma Online Gambling Account

At some point, online gambling will come to Oklahoma, and it could become a very large market. Residents and visitors of the state will rush to create an online gambling account, and you could be one of them. 

If this is something that you are interested in doing, you will be happy to know that this is not a very complicated process. You can complete all of the steps in 10 minutes or less, and this can be done from a mobile device as well. 

You will first need to provide the online site with this information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Social Security Number (Or last four digits of SSN)

This personal information will allow the sites to verify your identity and let them know if you are able to sign up for an account. This can be done quickly, and you will then be asked to create a username and password.

When you choose a username and password, you don’t want to pick anything that is generic. This information should be kept private, and you will want to write it all down so that you don’t forget it or get locked out of your account. 

Once you are able to log in for the first time, you can then visit the banker and make your first payment if you choose to do so. Some sites will allow for additional security measures, and it is always a good decision to take advantage of that option. 

Oklahoma Banking Methods

Another feature of online gambling sites that you will be impressed with is the banking methods. Online gambling sites have really improved the banking options, and they have also improved how quickly these are processed. 

Each online gambling site will be able to offer its own banking options, but the list is usually much longer than you would expect. You can still make a payment with a credit card, but this is no longer the most common option. 

Using a payment method such as PayPal can make the entire banking process easier as it can be used as both a deposit and withdrawal method. Money can be sent quickly and easily, and you won’t have to wait for the money to show up in either account. 

You will still notice that there aren’t as many withdrawal options available to you, but you should still be able to find one that works well. Some of the withdrawal processes will take longer than others, but you are usually told that information before making a request.  

The Future of Online Gambling in Oklahoma

The future of online gambling in Oklahoma is a murky one, and it is one that could ultimately be decided by the courts. The fact that Governor Stitt is on board helps, as that is not the case in other states.

If online gambling in Oklahoma is passed, look for online sportsbooks to be the first to launch. This could lead to other forms of online gambling, but the tribes will determine if they want that to occur. 

Online Gambling in Oklahoma FAQ

Does Oklahoma have online gambling options?
There are not any online gambling options in Oklahoma unless you can’t horse race betting apps. Oklahoma does not have any laws prohibiting online gambling, but a law hasn’t been passed that allows for sites to launch.
Are there at least casinos in the state?
Yes, Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association has announced that there are currently 102 tribal casinos in operation. This does make Oklahoma one of the biggest states in terms of casino gambling, but all of the bettings must be done in person.
Can I bet on sports in Oklahoma?
It honestly depends on who you ask. Governor Kevin Stitt says yes, but the Attorney General says no. You won’t find any sportsbooks in the state of Oklahoma, and that could remain the case for the foreseeable future.
Has online gambling been discussed?
Online sports betting has been included in a pair of gaming compacts, but those have yet to be approved. Other lawmakers have not mentioned online gambling due to the fact that this is not something that Native American tribes want.

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