Online Gambling in Nebraska

There is no online gambling in Nebraska right now, but the state isn’t completely opposed to that changing at some point in the future. This article provides an overview of gambling in Nebraska, summarizing the current law and what might be legal in the years ahead.

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Online Gambling in Nebraska: Quick Facts

  • Legal Nebraska online gambling options? N/A
  • Legal gambling age: 21
  • Who regulates Nebraska online gambling? N/A
  • Legal mobile gambling? No 
  • Do I need to be physically located in Nebraska to gamble online? N/A
  • Do I need to be a resident of Nebraska to gamble online? N/A
  • Sports available to bet on: None

A Brief History of Online Gambling in Nebraska

Nebraska online gambling is currently illegal. But Nebraska has had an interesting history when it comes to gambling in general, as all forms of gambling were prohibited until 1934. At that time, lawmakers decided to allow betting on horse racing events, but that was it.

Other smaller forms of gambling were added to the state constitution up until 1988. But that was the last time the state had a change in gaming laws. Since the internet was not around back then, there was not a law put in place to either prohibit or legalize these options.

Nebraska is a state that does not have any commercial casinos, but there are a handful of tribal casinos available. The gaming industry is small, but it became clear in 2020 that voters wanted to see new forms of gambling offered.

A gaming expansion referendum was approved by voters in 2020. That gave lawmakers the power to come up with new legislation. Lawmakers decided to allow casino gaming at race tracks and also retail sports betting.

There was some discussion about online sports betting, at least, but that was eventually removed from the final bill. Without any commercial casinos, online casino gambling was not discussed. 

It seems clear that residents in the state want online gambling options. However, that could still be a few years down the road. 

Online Gambling in Nebraska: The Current Law

There technically is not a law prohibiting online gambling in Nebraska. But there also isn’t a law in place to allow these sites to launch. Online gambling was a topic of discussion in early 2021, especially as it pertained to sports betting.

Lawmakers agreed to revisit the topic in a few years after seeing how the retail industry was working. This could also allow lawmakers a chance to take a look at allowing full-fledged iGaming. 

Legal sports betting in Nebraska should start by the end of 2021. Even so, this is not going to be a large sports betting market. Racetracks and tribal casinos will be able to offer betting, but online sportsbooks in Nebraska are not authorized to launch. 

These race tracks are going to be busy as they are now able to offer casino-style gaming as well. Sports betting seems to be the top priority. But it will likely be a slow process for the first few months. 

The tribal casinos will likely get a jump on the race tracks, and there will be some operators looking to launch in the state. These operators will be needed to partner with a property that is able to apply for a sports betting license.

Lawmakers made it clear that they would explore online sports betting at some point. However, there was not an exact date or time frame given.

Sports Betting in Nebraska

There are some restrictions to the new Nebraska sports betting laws, and betting on in-state college teams is banned. Professional sports such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB are expected to be the most popular betting markets in the state. 

Here are some of the top betting options you will see when sports betting is officially available:


There is not much to a money line wager. It is simply picking which team or individual you think will win a certain game. Each team is given betting lines that determine how much the payout is if you are lucky enough to win. 

Points Spread

A point spread bet is usually reserved for the NFL or NBA. But sportsbooks will offer this for other sports as well. With this type of wager, you not only have to get the outcome right, but you also have to pick how close the final score will be. This adds a degree of difficulty, but the payouts are usually better. 

Totals (Over/Under)

A totals bet is usually referred to as an over/under in the sports betting industry. This bet has nothing to do with which team wins the game. Instead, it focuses on the total number of goals, points, or runs scored in that matchup. 

Prop Bets

Prop betting is a fun way to bet on sports, as this takes the focus completely away from the final result of a game. Instead, prop betting focuses on individual or team achievements, and you can find plenty of fun and exciting markets available. 

Future Bets

A future bet is usually made on which team will win a certain championship or picking the player that will win an award. Odds for this type of bet are constantly changing, but you can lock in the price when you make a bet. 

Parlay Bets

A parlay bet is simply combining several smaller bets into one large wager. This type of bet has started to become extremely popular as bettors continue to search for a large payout. Of course, there is also more risk involved, but that is the nature of sports betting. 

Outside of a few tribal casinos, the entire casino industry in Nebraska has been non-existent since it became a state. Casino-style gambling is coming, but it will only be offered at the racetracks.

Without any major casinos in the state, launching online casinos in Nebraska could prove to be a challenge. Online-only operators could ultimately launch in the state, but they will struggle to attract customers. 

It does seem likely that legal online casinos in Nebraska are coming at some point, but it’s hard to predict when that will be and what property or operator will become the leader. 

If you are someone that enjoys playing poker, then Nebraska is not the state for you. Currently, there is just one poker room in the state, but that number will increase when casino-style gaming comes to Nebraska.

Nebraska lawmakers could legalize online poker without launching online casinos, but this will make the process more challenging. Online poker is usually included at online casino sites, and that would be an option. 

This is not on the minds of lawmakers in Nebraska at all yet, but it could eventually become a point of discussion if the state looks closer at iGaming. 

How to Set Up a Nebraska Online Gambling Account

Even though you won’t be able to set up a Nebraska online gambling account anytime soon, it is expected that this will be an option at some point. This guide will walk you through the most basic steps, so you are prepared when looking to create an account.

Online gambling sites will ask for your name, date of birth, and your social security number right away. This information must be accurate so that your identity can be verified before you proceed.

Remember that any online gambling site will be regulated by the state, and there will be plenty of safety and security features involved. Most sites will also ask for an email address, and you will have to verify your information before moving on to the next step.

The next step allows you to choose a username and password, and this is how you will log in to the site each time. In order to be safe, choose unique usernames and passwords and don’t share this information with anyone else. 

After you are able to log in for the first time, you will then need to visit the banking section of the online site. This is where you will go to make your first deposit so that you have funds in your account to gamble with.

Most sites will allow you to create a two-step verification process when logging in, and it’s always a good idea to use that feature. Usually, you will be sent a code through text or email, and you will have to enter that code before accessing the site. 

Nebraska Banking Methods

In the previous section, we discussed visiting the banking section to make your first deposit, but you also need to know what options will be available to you. When Nebraska online gambling sites launch, you will be impressed with how many banking options you can choose from.

You will also notice that most of the payment options listed will put money into your account immediately, and that has improved over time. It’s important to choose a payment method that works well for you but also one that is efficient.

PayPal is a great payment option, and this can also be used when you want to make a withdrawal. By linking both accounts together, you can send money back and forth quickly and securely. 

You can also use a credit/debit card to make a payment, but you usually won’t be able to receive any money back on that card. An online bank transfer is another option that is available to you, but you need to ensure that your bank won’t block this transaction.

You will typically see some delays when making a payout request from an online banking site, but it won’t be longer than a few days. Most sites have gone away from sending a check through the mail, but that could still be an option.

Again, all of these banking processes are safe and secure, and you won’t have to worry about any money being lost or stolen. 

The Future of Online Gambling in Nebraska

Even though online gambling was not included in this latest round of gaming expansion, it seems likely that it is coming at some point. There were several lawmakers looking to include it on the most recent bill, but there just wasn’t enough support.

If Nebraska is going to reach its full potential when it comes to the gaming industry, then it will have to allow for online gambling. Especially when looking at sports betting, and that will likely become the first online gambling option in Nebraska. 

Online Gambling in Nebraska FAQ

Are there online gambling casinos in Nebraska?
No, Nebraska is actually a state without any commercial casinos at all, but racetracks will soon be able to offer casino-style gambling. All of that action must be done in person.
Can I make a sports bet on my mobile device?
No, sports betting is set to become legal by the end of 2021, but only in retail form. You will have to visit one of the licensed sportsbooks to make a wager.
Can I bet on the Cornhuskers?
No, when sports betting is available, you will not be able to place a bet on the Nebraska Cornhuskers. College events featuring in-state teams cannot be offered by sportsbooks according to the law.
What is the legal gambling age in Nebraska?
The legal gambling age for sports betting and casino gambling is 21 years of age. The legal age to bet on horse races used to be just 19 years of age, but that was changed to 21 with the gaming expansion package.
Do I have to live in Nebraska to place a wager?
No, when sports betting and casinos launch in Nebraska, they will be open to residents and visitors of the state. You will have to physically be present to participate in either form of gambling.

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