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Lately, favorites in the AFC and NFC championship games either have covered or were close, but with Super Bowl places just a win away upsets are always possible – that’s exactly why you need our experts’ NFL Conference Championship predictions. Divisional Round thrillers pave the way for further spectacle in the NFL's version of the Final Four and How To Bet is here to help you benefit from any mistake the sportsbooks make with their odds. Our experts forecast matchups based on analysing advanced data, exploring relevant trends, and taking into account the latest and most important team news, topped off with their innate hunch for the game. This is the recipe that continuously brings success for our NFL picks in general and our newest NFL Conference Championship picks make no exception. And here’s the best part: you get them for free!

So don’t waste precious hours doing your own research for each game and looking around for the most attractive odds. Quit staying glued to the screen 24/7 waiting for any breaking news that could endanger your wager. Stop taking harmful risks with your bets because of your team or player bias. Just leave it all to our experts – they’ve already done the job for you with their NFL Conference Championship predictions, unearthing the hidden value on the odds market and offering you the best bets on a plate. All it takes is just a few minutes of your time to read our picks, place a wager and enjoy sports betting and, most of all, winning. On this page, on top of breaking down both matchups, you will also see the odds movement and the schedule of games in the 3rd and penultimate round of the postseason.

It’s the NFL championship weekend – let’s get straight to winning like true champions!

NFL Conference Championship Predictions in Detail

49ers @ Rams – NFC Championship Predictions and Picks

The Niners own the LA Rams. Not the way Aaron Rodgers owns the Bears but who can argue against six wins in a row? They did it at home in November (31-10) a week after losing against the Cardinals’ backup QB. They did it earlier this month (27-24) erasing a 17-point deficit and earning a playoff berth. Can they do it for the third time this season? Definitely yes, especially if you look at the records.

Since the 1970 AFL/NFL merger 22 times two teams met in the postseason after one of them swept the regular season series. And 14 times that team went 3-0 for a 63.6% win rate. Just because “the Rams are due for a win” doesn’t matter they will get one. It doesn’t work on roulette and it doesn’t work in football, too.

On January 9th SoFi Stadium was turned into a sea of red by the traveling Niners’ fans. To prevent such occurrence on Sunday, the Rams blocked sale of tickets to non-Greater LA area residents. But you can’t stop the Niners these days, you can only try to contain them. According to the research at least 65% of the attendees will be in red in gold. In other words – there will be no home field advantage for the Rams.

LA is sweating about the status of their left tackles. Veteran Andrew Whitworth missed the win against Tampa Bay with a knee injury. Backup Joseph Noteboom suffered a chest injury and hasn’t practiced this week. Just imagine, Bosa, Ebukam, Omenihu and the nine-man DL rotation against a depleted OL! In Week 18 SF generated 46.8% pressure against Matthew Stafford rushing only four men. Thus, they did not need to blitz and, as it has shown in other instances this season, Rams’ QB struggles with accuracy against seven-man coverage.

Niners’ LT Trent Williams is questionable with an ankle sprain. He went through a lot in his career to miss the chance to play in a Conference Championship Game even on one healthy leg. But what if he’s unable to play? Well, he missed Week 18 with an elbow sprain and with Colton McKivitz replacing him SF gave up just three sacks.

The Niners are not the first #6 team to advance to a Conference Championship Game. They wouldn’t be the first to reach a Super Bowl. When making your NFC Championship predictions keep in mind that the Niners went 8-3 away from home this season and all the losses were in one possession games. And they gave up just 88 points combined the last six weeks.

Our Expert NFL Pick for This Game: 49ers +3.5 (-111); Under 46 (-109)

Bengals @ Chiefs – AFC Championship Predictions and Picks

For the fourth year in a row the Chiefs are hosting the AFC Championship Game – an event without a precedent in league history. And if they win another piece of history is waiting. The Chiefs are 60 minutes away from becoming just the third team ever to play in three consecutive Super Bowls!

A week ago KC was dead and buried. With just 13 seconds left they were down by 3 and on their 25-yard line. What ensued will be etched forever in the Chiefs folklore. A 49-yard FG by Harrison Butker and an 8-yard OT TD pass to Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes covered the spread yet again!

This is the biggest talking point this week. Since he took over as a starter, Mahomes led the Chiefs to a spread cover in all but one home playoff games he finished. He was knocked out of last year’s Divisional game against the Browns and lost the AFC Championship Game in 2019 against the Patriots but in every other instance he did it.

Cincinnati is in the AFC Championship Game for the first time in 33 years. Despite QB Joe Burrow getting sacked nine times the Bengals shocked the top seed Tennessee Titans on a 52-yard last second FG. But their OL, especially the right side, looks worrisome. Kansas City’s defense is not a good one but with maulers like Frank Clark and Chris Jones on the DL they are dangerous.

The Chiefs are waiting for S Tyrann Mathieu to clear the concussion protocol and all the signs are encouraging. “Honey Badger” was seen practicing with the team on Thursday and should be good to go. While the Bengals listed DE Cameron Sample (groin) as a non-participant in their initial injury report.

The Divisional round was one for the ages. With four thrillers decided in the last second (and even after it). What it didn’t have was a good old-fashioned beating. It’s hard to argue with Mahomes’ playoff record and my NFL Conference Championship predictions are for the Chiefs to cover in a high scoring game.

Our Expert NFL Pick for This Game: Chiefs -7 (-111); Over 54.5 (-108)

Expert NFL Conference Championship Predictions: Why Trust Them over Your Own Picks

Before we answer this important question, let’s clarify what NFL expert picks are: selected betting predictions made by people with a particularly high level of knowledge and experience in uncovering the best bets in the league. Go this way and and you’ll get detailed and perfectly reasonable suggestions on how to bet on carefully picked games that give you the highest chance of winning. If you decide in favor of this approach next weekend, you will follow the same path as a huge army of punters that trusts these selected NFL Conference Championship expert predictions.

Needless to say, the option to bet on your own judgement over experts’ view is also a viable one. Go it alone and you will be fully responsible for both winning and losing, so there will be no one else to blame in case of failing. It’s your money at stake, after all.

While this is a relevant point, there are still numerous reasons why the majority prefers expert picks and considers them to be the art form of NFL betting. These are the most important ones.

  • They save you precious time – Sacrificing up to six hours of your precious time for making just one well-researched pick is totally needless. Your life would be way more complete without digging through tons of data, stats, and news reports. Leave the dirty work in the hands of the specialists who devise professional NFL Conference Championship predictions.
  • They are based on highly sophisticated betting models – Different experts have their own recipes based on blending sciences like mathematics, informatics, physics, and others to get to the ‘one’ pick that will win you a bet. Our team behind NFL Conference Championship picks apply their own betting models and algorithms which have been developed over many years with immense success. If you don’t have the time nor the ideas to create your own, just check ours.
  • They are counting on access to hardly accessible sources – To uncover the NFL Conference Championship best bets, experts are required to dive into advanced statistical data that is really complex to access, process and analyse. What’s more, these information sources would cost you a lot of money while our team does it for free!
  • They follow the latest news reports 24/7 for an instant reaction – Totally unexpected events like major injuries, health issues, head coach changes, etc. can switch the odds massively. That’s why it’s mandatory, when making your NFL Conference Championship predictions, to take into account all the breaking reports on crucial circumstances. And experts do it for you! How To Bet is following the latest league and team news from all types of high authority sources day in, day out.
  • They are completely unbiased – When you trust expert predictions, blind team or player loyalty won’t bury ahead of time your chances of a career as a successful bettor. Our NFL Conference Championship picks are provided by 100% professionals who all have a hunch for the game but will always support it with statistical and empirical evidence.

Explaining The Main Betting Types

Now that you have decided in favor of following the experts’ advice with their special selection of NFL Conference Championship predictions, your next job is to know and understand the specifics of the betting markets. The three most popular among football betting fans are:

  • Moneyline
  • Point Spread
  • Over/Under

All three will most certainly be offered to you by every online sportsbook so let's look at each one of these markets and explain how they work. After that you will have a complete understanding of the matter and you’ll be 100% ready to explore the best bets we have in line for you with our experts’ AFC & NFC Championship predictions.

NFL Conference Championship Picks Straight Up

The straight up or moneyline betting market is probably the simplest to understand. Here you will be offered odds about both of the teams involved in a NFL game and your only job is to place a wager on the team that you think will win. If your prediction is correct, your bet is a winning one and it will be settled at the odds you took. In a nutshell, with NFL Conference Championship picks straight up you will be offered lots of opportunities for easy wagers. See the following example:

San Francisco 49ers+150
Los Angeles Rams-170
NFL Conference Championship Picks Straight Up Example

Let’s say you fancy San Francisco to win the game against the favorite Los Angeles Rams. You could bet on the 49ers at odds of +150 and a stake of $100 would therefore give you a profit of $150 if they succeed. Conversely, you have to wager $170 on the Rams and they have to win the game for your profit to be $100. This is as straightforward an example as you would find – now you should be ready to take advantage of those selected NFL Conference Championship picks straight up.

AFC and NFC Championship Picks Against the Spread

Learn the fundamentals about NFL picks against the spread Conference Championship edition

People look for AFC and NFC Championship picks against the spread because the straight up odds for the two teams in a particular game may be quite differing in magnitude. By trying to even them up, all sportsbooks offer point spread markets that impose an artificial handicap on the team in the role of the favorite. The spreads give the underdog team an equal and opposing advantage, and consequently the odds available tend to be much more balanced. As a result, picks against the spread are in such demand. Check this example:

San Francisco 49ers+3.5-110
Los Angeles Rams-3.5-110
AFC and NFC Championship Picks Against the Spread Example

Here you see San Francisco being given an advantage of +3.5 points, while the favorite Los Angeles have a handicap of -3.5 points. If you place a wager on the Rams, they will need to win by 4 points or more for you to succeed. Bet on the 49ers and you will only lose if they lose by 4 points or more. With these conditions in place, the sportsbook is able to offer even odds for both teams (-110).

When turning to expert predictions, you will most probably run across many NFL picks against the spread Conference Championship edition. Just wager on the named team in the point spread market and you’ll have your winning bet served on a plate if the pick is correct.

NFL Conference Championship Over/Under Picks

As this is the third main betting market, you will undoubtedly find many sources for NFL Conference Championship over/under picks as well. Here you only have one job: to predict whether the total number of points scored in the game by both teams combined will be Over or Under a total figure quoted by the sportsbook. Unsurprisingly, that’s why this is also known as the Totals market. Take a look at the following example and you will surely get a grasp of the concept:

GameSportsbook TotalOdds
Cincinnati Bengals @ Kansas City ChiefsOver 53.5/Under 53.5-110/-110
NFL Conference Championship Over / Under Example

You will now see that over/under betting is just as simple as moneyline betting. Even more so if you have access to free expert NFL Conference Championship predictions and picks to help guide you through the process. In our example, all you have to do is decide whether you think there will be over or under 53.5 points scored in the game by both teams combined. If you go for Over, there would need to be 54 points or more for your wager to succeed. Go for Under and there would need to be 53 points or fewer for your bet to win.

Do you understand the concept now? If you do, find the best bets available within our NFL expert picks Conference Championships edition for totals, but also for ATS and moneyline, and place your winning wager now.

NFL Picks & Predictions Week by Week Index

Check out the success rates of the NFL predictions provided by our experts to be 100% convinced in their value. See also what lies ahead in the future.

NFL Conference Championship Predictions FAQ

What expert NFL Picks are?
These are the expert’s betting choices for a NFL game and are based on hours and hours of research. You can either choose to follow these predictions or trust your own judgment.
Where can I find NFL Conference Championship expert picks?
There are many places where you can find NFL expert picks for the Conference Championship. Not all experts are equal though, and most will charge you money to receive their predictions. The NFL Conference Championship picks here at How To Bet are provided by some of the best specialists we've found in our extensive search. And the icing on the cake is that you can benefit from them completely for free!
How to make winning NFL Conference Championship predictions and picks?
In order to benefit from the NFL Conference Championship best bets on the market, you need to do lots of research. You must check stats, injury lists, coach changes, weather forecast, and anything else that could affect the game. Most of all, you need to be able to analyse this information properly and also to read the game before all the action unfolds.You can also follow expert NFL picks from Week 1 all the way to the Super Bowl. And it’s totally free here at How To Bet!
Which expert has the best record for NFL Picks?
ESPN and CBS are regarded as the top of the pops for NFL picks among the big media outlets. But don’t hesitate to check How To Bet’s picks too. We have a great winning percentage that equals and many times even betters the success rates of some of the most popular experts.
Is there a guarantee that all NFL Conference Championship predictions and picks provided by experts are winners?
Our NFL Conference Championship predictions are expert picks based on solid data and analysis, but they are still only predictions. There is no guarantee that NFL picks from any source will win, and form upsets can occur at any point during the season. The only guarantee is that the expert picks have a much higher chance of winning because of the amount of work, knowledge, experience and advanced data access these specialists have. So always obey the golden rule of betting and never wager more than you can afford to lose in a worst-case scenario.

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