What is the Most Important Stat When Betting NBA Basketball?

Betting on basketball is an activity that millions and millions of folks partake in during the season. Whether or not it’s the NCAA, the Olympics, or heck, even the NBL. There is a huge crowd trying to make money off of results. The NBA is the biggest for that, given the length of their season and magnitude of all the games.

And so, many things are taken into account when placing wagers. With that being said, which specific stat is the most important? In the modern game, it would actually be the three-pointer. Wait, what? Keep reading.

Making it Rain

In today’s NBA, so many things are taken into account by betters when looking to cash in. But, one specific stat that reigns supreme is the three-point shot. Checking out the box scores from the NBA playoffs, the team who wins the deep-ball battle is usually going to come away with the win. The shot provides the most points, and those who can do it better will generally get more points.

Teams like the Bucks and the Nets are so dangerous because of how many shooters they have. Any time Giannis can hit a three or two, Milwaukee is probably going to win the game. Every member of Brooklyn’s big three and the majority of their guards can all fire it up. The very reason they signed Patty Mills is for his electric shooting ability from behind the arc.

And the Phoenix Suns, who failed to win an NBA title, had a few quiet performances in the three-point game during the series. Devin Booker’s best performance saw him make zero. It is not the be-all, end-all stat, but it made a huge difference when they were not connecting from out there.

Why Does It Matter So Much?

Being able to make threes is something most guys are learning to do today. Brook Lopez didn’t fire any long balls for the first nine years of his career. And all of a sudden, he came out firing. The same can be said of Marc Gasol, though he would take a limited number. These were the first guys to alter their game to extend their careers in the modern era.

Because of how analytics are now run, Mike D’Antoni had his team only shooting triples and lay-ups during his time in Houston. They tried to eliminate the mid-range shot, though it has come back in a big way across the league in the past couple of seasons. This article is not about that specific shot but the long ball. Still, teams need the full complement to win every night.

Making a shot from deep, as most folks know, is worth three points. The best teams in the league get 42-51 points per game off these shots. When you have so many readily available weapons, it’s not too hard. But when the opponents are making 8-12 triples, the points they’re missing can often cost them a victory.


Teams that can make the most 3-balls can usually win because they can halt runs with them. The spot where guys are frequently open, look at Gary Trent Jr., for example. He shot better than 55% from distance during the bubble for Portland, and it eventually turned into a $54 million deal in Toronto.

Joe Harris secured a $72 million deal from the Nets in 2020. And Duncan Robinson got $90 million from the Heat. All Robinson can do is spread the floor and make threes. He isn’t a great passer or rebounder and is a defensive liability. And yet, look at the money he just got. For one special skill. That is the thing running the league right now.

Back in the day, it was all about defensive intensity and rebounding. The big bucks often went to those centers which can be bullies and the power forwards who could own the glass.

Remember the Three-Ball

When betting on basketball, many factors come into play. But, there is no more stat that matters more than the three-pointer. Betting on the Grizzlies during the Grind City era is the only dose of evidence to the contrary. Atlanta has shooters everywhere. Boston will light it up from distance this season.

It’s important because you are simply choosing the team that you expect to score more points. And it’s generally the one doing the most from behind that line.

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