What is Multi Goals Betting in Soccer and How to Bet?

Multi goal betting entails predicting the range in which the total number of goals will fall in a soccer match. For instance, if your selected range is between 2-4 games, your combined goals for the two teams should not fall below 2 or above 4. It has to be 2 or 3 for you to win. 

What is Multi Goal Betting?

In this market, the gambler has a wide range of goals to choose from. They bet on the sum of goals from the match and whether it will fall within the selected range. The scores are calculated within 90 minutes of playtime.

It is of no concern in this kind of bet if your bet wins or loses as in the full-time result market. Even though multi goal betting is not widely used, there are some impressive rewards from different bookies.

How Does Multi Goal Betting Work?

These bets are offered in many different ways. A few sportsbooks offer multi-goal options for halftime scores, while some only offer full-time results or both. In the case of a full-time multi-goal market, attention will not be paid to the Half in which the goal was scored or the scoring team.

The main focus is the overall goals that will fall within your selected range. For example, you bet on a game between PSG and Monaco. After looking into their lineup, form, and previous game results, you may settle on scores to range between 2-5 goals.

The game is expected to give either 2, 3, 4, or 5 goals in total. Your bet could only be lost if;

  • There is no goal scored in the entire match
  • The game ends with less than 2 goals
  • The combined goal outcome is beyond 5 goals

SubTypes in the Multi Goal Bet

There are so many variations of the multi goal bets. For example, you have the freedom to bet on the first half multi goal or the second half multi goal. Additionally, there is the option to choose a multi goal line for either the home or away teams.

Home Or Away Multi Goal

By wagering on an individual team, you predict that the total number of games to be scored by your selected team falls within a particular range. For example, if Chelsea is playing Leicester, you might choose Chelsea to score between 2-4 goals.

At the end of the game, Chelsea should have scored either 2, 3, or 4 games for you to win. The goals scored by the other team are not of any importance. The team that wins the match does not count in this bet. What matters is your team getting the goal range you had selected.

1st Half And 2nd Half Multi Goals

In this bet, you need to accurately determine the possible goal outcome in either the first or the second Half. For example, if Liverpool is facing Arsenal and you select 2-3 goals for the First Half, it means that both teams should have a total of either 2 or 3 goals for you to win. 

What goes on in the second half does not concern you unless you bet on multi goals in the second half? If you had placed a bet on the second Half, your winning combination would be determined from the 46th minute to the 90th minute.

Benefits Of Betting On Multi Goals


The market has a wide range of options that you can choose from. You are not required to predict the exact number of goals. Your wager should only fall within the selected range, and you will be good.


Your bet is expected to fall within the selected range, whether you bet on a full-time, First Half, Second Half, home, or away. Once your scores have won, whatever happens in the rest of the game will not affect you in any way.

Game Stats Always Give An Advantage

By looking at the team statistics, you could quickly determine the power of the teams scoring a particular range of goals. For example, you can check the First Half, Second Half, and home or away winning power of the teams. You can then use these findings to choose the appropriate range and hope for a win.

Some teams need you to bet on a high range, while others are okay with a lower range. Betting on multiple goals can be simpler than betting on Asian handicaps, correct scores, and many more.

Tips For Betting On Multi Goals

  • Consider the weather at the time of gameplay
  • Consider the formation of the teams playing
  • Factor on the game, whether it is a friendly match or league game
  • Listen to the news and updates from the team concerning injuries, suspensions
  • Look at the lineup for top players, substitutions, and goalkeepers
  • After the first half, you can compare shots on target and ball possession


As much as this bet is easy to learn, it goes deeper than what is on the surface. If you know how to use stats to your advantage, then you would be lucky. On the other hand, its simplicity makes it easy for new players to try out whether it is beneficial. 

With the many markets, players get so much flexibility which is beneficial for all kinds of punters.

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