What is Corners Three-Way in Football Betting and How it Works

Corners three-way betting in football (soccer if you are in the United States) comes under the category of under/over wagering. The difference with a three-way is that in addition to betting on whether the game will have more or fewer corners than the bookmakers' line, you can also bet on a tie.

Often indicative of how a soccer game is going in terms of which team is controlling play, a corner kick occurs when the ball rolls over the end line and is last touched by the defending team. The attacking team then takes a corner kick from the corner of the field that is closest to where the ball went out of play. Corners are important in soccer because they give a team time to push additional players forward and place them in a position nearer the defending team's goal.

The reason some bettors may prefer to make a 3-way bet on corners stems from the fact it gives them three choices as well as higher odds and payouts for getting the exact number correct. Furthermore, it lowers the odds on the over/under picks because there's now a potential third outcome.

When making a bet on the number of corners in a football game, bettors should keep in mind the way a game unfolds may often correlate to the number of corner kicks. If a team is dominating play, chances are the number of corner kicks it accumulates will go up. Since soccer is such a lower-scoring game, however, the number of corners may not be reflected in the number of goals.

There are two ways of betting on corners in soccer. One is by using the traditional over/under bet in which you bet on whether the game will have more or less goals than the line set by the bookmakers. The other is when you bet on a number of corners for each particular team. This is similar to handicap betting in other sports where one team is assigned a plus (+) sign next to its name and the other is assigned a minus (-) sign. As an example, if the Arsenal football club in England appears as a -3, it must have more than four corners than the other team to produce a winning bet.

Obviously, the chances of the teams ending up with the same number of corners increase if the teams are more evenly matched. If one team is clearly better than the other, betting on a tie is probably not the way to go, unless you are looking for a big payout because of the high odds.

Other considerations when it comes to guessing on the number of corners includes the home field advantage. As a general rule, home teams in soccer tend to have more corners than the away team.

Also take a look at a team's attacking style. Teams that like to play the ball wide, tend to get more corners because their crosses into the box are often deflected by the defending team out of play and over the goal line.

Also, look for how the game is unfolding. If a team gets up by a goal or two early, it might be content to take a more defensive posture and commit fewer players to attack. This could result in fewer corners in the game. In-play betting on corners is available with some sportsbooks so you might adjust your bet on the number of corners as the game goes along. If the teams are tied or close to tied in the number of corners and neither one is dominating play, the chance of the game ending with a tied number of corners will go up.

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