What Is a Total Throw In Betting?

What Is A Throw-in?

A throw-in is granted when a player kicks or touches the ball and goes beyond the touchline. It can either be on the ground or in the air. The opponent team of the last player to touch the ball will be the one to throw in the ball. The throwing player must have both feet on the touchline or outside the touchline for a throw-in to be valid. The rest of the players need to be two meters away from the spot of taking the throw-in.

What Is A Total Throw In Betting?

A total throw-in betting is a bet type that lets gamblers predict the number or range of throw-ins to be attained in a game. The advancement in online gambling has created a possibility where bets can be placed on "incidental" factors in the game. Such as throw-ins, goal kicks, offsides, yellow cards, corners, and more. It appears that this trend may continue to evolve to give players a wide range of options to make their money from a single game. Throw in bets have become a favorite among several players, but advisors have different thoughts about it.

How Total Throw In Betting Works

Throw in betting is only available in selected sportsbooks, so the options are limited. You can bet on total throw-ins during the first half of gameplay, the second half of the full 90 minutes. In a full-time bet, your bet will be calculated on the throw-ins for the whole match. For the first or second half bets, the bet will be determined by the number of throw-ins in the respective half. 

You can also bet on the total throw-ins for a particular team. By this, you can select the throw-in range for each team individually.

Types of Total Throw In Bets

Fulltime Bets

In this bet, you have to predict the total number of throw-ins at the end of the game. The results should be a combination of the throw-ins by both teams, and they should be over or under the predetermined amount. For example, you bet on Tottenham vs. Chelsea to get over 22.5 throw-ins. It implies that the combination of throw-ins for both games should be 23 and above at the end of the match. If the total is 23 and below, then you lose the best.

1st Half and 2nd Half Bets

This bet requires you to predict the total throw-ins to be accrued in either the 1st half or the 2nd half. If you bet on the 1st half of total throw-ins, your results will be determined by the number of throw-ins in that half. The second half results do not have anything to do with your bet. This applies to the 2nd half, and the 1st half results do not come into play. 

For example, when you bet on 1st half total throw-in to be at under 10.5, it means that your bet wins when the score is below 10 total throw-ins. Regardless of the number of throw-ins to be made in the second half of the entire game, they do not affect your bet. This applies to the 2nd half too.

Home Team and Away Team Bets

Home and away throw-in bets need you to predict the number of throw-ins made by a particular team. You can choose between the home team and the away team. If you bet on the home team, the results for the away team do not affect your bet. Same case for the away team.

For example, if Arsenal is playing Southampton and you place your bet on Arsenal to get over 16.5 throw-ins, it means that the Arsenal has to get 17 or more throw-ins for you to win. If they are below 16, you lose your bet. 

Can You Bet Throw In Accumulators?

Total throw-in bets are like any other market in your sportsbook. There is no harm in betting accumulators, but it is crucial to approach with caution. Accumulators, also known as "Acca" bets, are a good way of boosting your winnings. 

You have to have more than two games on your bet slip to get an accumulator bet. Throw-ins do not carry enormous odds with them, especially for the most probable outcomes. You, therefore, have to combine a few selections to make the payout bigger. Before you do this, there are tips that you need to consider;

Tips For Betting Accumulators

  • Have a reliable betting strategy
  • Consider the odds for each game
  • Focus on the strength of the teams playing 
  • Consider whether it is a competitive game or a friendly match
  • Do not add so many games on your bet slip. Two or three is better
  • Wager an amount you are comfortable losing


Throw in bets seem to be a market yet to be explored by punters. There are betting sites that have already implemented such in their sportsbook. You can therefore go through them to find which option works for you. All factors considered, try to approach this market with caution because you have fewer winning chances.

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