What is a Double Chance Bet in Soccer?

A double chance bet implies that a player can get two outcomes from a single bet. Most punters are aware of the 1x2 betting strategy, which is also known as the 3-way. However, there are sometimes difficulties when it comes to choosing a winner, especially for teams that have similar gameplay and equal shots at winning.

Therefore, instead of placing on a 1x2 bet that would most likely lose, a double bet will let you go for two of the three choices in one bet. If you think the double chance bet is your best shot at getting more money, you must equip yourself with some knowledge about the ins and outs.

Things to Note About the Double Chance Bets

  • The bet only applies to the 1x2 bet option, also known as the 3-way
  • Instead of one outcome, you choose two
  • There is a 67% chance that your bet will be successful
  • You have an extra choice after betting on the game with the more enormous odds
  • The betting option favors all gamblers, even beginners
  • It minimizes the risks involved when betting 3-ways

How Do You Break Down the Double Chance Bet?

Home And Draw

Your bet will be successful when the home team either wins or draws in the match.

Away And Draw

Your bet will be successful when the away team either wins or draws in the match.

Home And Away

Your bet will be successful if either the home or away teams win in the match.

For example, arsenal vs. Chelsea. If you want to bet on double chance arsenal and draw, then if arsenal wins or draws, your bet will have won. On the other hand, if Chelsea wins, then your bet is lost. Generally, double chance gives you some leeway on your bets, minimizing the risk.

Advantages of Choosing Double Chance Bets

The double chance bets are associated with many benefits for the gambler. For one, the market allows you to play two options, with one bet carrying the possible outcomes of your predictions. 

So, apart from getting some confidence in playing, you can also get a chance at hedging your bets somehow. 

Double chance bets are also used to spread the betting risks over the available options. As you do this, you are significantly improving your chances of winning. Compared to other betting options, you have fewer risks at hand and more winning chances.

However, since double chance bets come with lesser odds compared to the 1X2, the overall bet loses some of its value. For some reason, many seasoned punters might find options such as accumulator bets, system bets, among others, to be worth considering. However, they are much more complex compared to double chance bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can the Double Chance Bets be Played?
Almost every online sportsbook offers the double chance option. However, it would be best if you remembered that not every market features this option. This happens when the combined odds do not seem to add any value to the bookmaker.
Does a Double Chance Bet Have the Lowest Risk?
Compared to all the other available markets in the sportsbooks, the double chance appears to be the one with the lowest risk. This factor can be based on allowing you to bet on two options out of three. If this is not promising, you can settle on two-way bets that have a 50/50 winning chance.
Is the Double Chance Available in all Sports?
Not every sport can support this option, but it depends on your choice of bookie. Only a selected number of bookies can offer such variety for their customers. Nevertheless, expect to see a double chance in all bets that have an outcome of 1x2.
Who Can Bet on Double Chances?
In line with the low risks involved in this bet, the market seems to favor many punters who prefer online gambling. Many people try it out of curiosity, considering it has not gained so much traction for various reasons. However, it is generally a good choice for high rollers or risk-takers willing to stake massive amounts. High staking is the only way the returns could please the gamblers.  
When Should I Use a Double Chance Bet?
If you know how teams perform when playing against each other, you can use the double chance bet. If you find that one team is stronger than the other, stick to the 1x2 bet for more returns. If the teams seem to be at the same level of gameplay, then use the double bet strategy.


Double chance betting is an effective way of lowering your risks when betting. This is true, especially when betting for teams that you cannot tell who is likely to win or draw. Although getting a draw from a game is not common, with double chance bets, you can get lucky.

This type of bet is primarily used in soccer. Therefore soccer enthusiasts have a good shot at trying out.

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