What Happens with a Bet if a Match Goes into Extra Time?

As most bettors recognize, betting on soccer is a little different from betting on other sports. For starters, it’s possible for matches to end in a draw, which means there are three possible outcomes for every match rather than two for football, basketball, and baseball. Of course, this is further complicated by the possibility of extra time during the knockout stages of tournaments like the UEFA Champions League and international tournaments like the World Cup. Anybody betting on matches during one of these tournaments should be aware of the rules involving a draw that sends the match to extra time. In this situation, what happens to your bet?

The General Rule

At a majority of sportsbooks, soccer bets will be settled after 90 minutes. Of course, this includes any stoppage time that’s added to the end of the 90-minute match, but it doesn’t include the additional 30 minutes that are required if a knockout stage match ends in a draw after 90 minutes. In this sense, you’re not necessarily betting on what team you expect to advance. You need to place a bet on what you think the result will be after 90 minutes. 

The same holds true for the total number of goals, the total number of corner kicks, the number of bookings in a match, and any other prop bets you might place on a soccer match. Everything is shut down after 90 minutes, and all bets are settled. Unless the sportsbook explicitly says otherwise, assume that all soccer bets will be settled after the end of the 90 minutes, even if the match is proceeding to an additional 30 minutes and possibly a penalty-kick shootout.

For example, if the semifinals of a World Cup match ends in a draw between England and Croatia, the match will officially be a draw for betting purposes. Even if Croatia ends up winning the match in extra time, those who bet on Croatia to win will lose their bet because Croatia didn’t win the match in 90 minutes. Of course, those who bet on the match to end in a draw will win their bet because that was the result at the conclusion of the 90-minute match.

Things for Bettors to Know

During tournaments, bettors need to keep in mind that underdogs will be more likely to play for a draw, almost hoping the game goes to extra time and ultimately to penalty kicks. This can change the approach that bettors take to these matches. In fact, the moneyline for a draw might be higher than it would be otherwise.

Of course, for bettors who made futures bets, those bets will be unaffected by individual match bets ending after 90 minutes. The only thing that matters for futures bets is what team ends up hoisting the trophy at the end of the competition. Even if they win matches in extra time or even win the final in penalty kicks, it only matters that the team you bet on wins the tournament.

Other Markets

It’s also worth noting that there are some sportsbooks that are willing to take bets based on the outcome of a knockout stage match regardless of whether or not it goes to extra time. This takes the possibility of a draw out of the equation. Whether the match ends in 90 minutes, there is a winner in extra time, or there is a penalty shootout, the only thing that matters is what team advances.

Just keep in mind that the moneylines will change from the traditional moneylines because there are only two possible outcomes. At the same time, markets that offer bets that include extra time and penalties will have other betting options available. For instance, bettors can wager on a specific team winning the match in extra time or winning the match in a penalty-kick shootout. This helps add to the variety of bets available for matches that go to extra time outside of picking a team straight-up to advance.

However, remember the markets that allow bets to extend beyond 90 minutes are separate from the mainstream sportsbook. Finding these betting options will take a little bit of digging. Unless a sportsbook clearly states otherwise, assume that all bets will be settled after 90 minutes.

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